Evening of Romance

Wow, Wow, Wow

Wow, wow, wow, and wow some more baby. I knew I had to meet her. I love models, and Jewels Star is really

peerless as an all universe and all world super model that provides. Jewels has graced the covers of most of the best, finest, and most famous Men’s magazines in the world that you can think of, and has been a multiple time centerfold and cover babe. She is a freaking hot super model 5’11” tall with a perfect hour glass body, legs that are long and taut, stomach that is flat, pearly white teeth, and tanned smooth baby skin. I looked hard to find flaws in Jewels. I just could not find any. This young girl is freakishly awesome in looks, personality, and performance. She looks a bit like a 20 years younger and better looking taller version of Kim Guilfoyle. I’ve never seen a provider on either coast or in between that can compare in looks or performance. Her perfect smile, baby blue eyes, awesome tits, and mile long legs are just something a serious gentleman hobbyist has to behold once. She is 29 years young.

Getting a date with Jewels Star is not easy, and is expensive. She only accepts multi hour dates and exclusive overnight affairs and weekends. Her screening is heavy and multiple good references are a must. She will check them. The rewards with a Jewels Star experience (JSE) is just freaking wow wow wow in exquisite looks and performance. The very highest accolades are due her, and if you want perfection and the very very best, a JSE- Jewels Star Experience is for you.

The Juicy Details

I set up a 4 hour date with flawless Jewels Star, and she promised me that she would make me cum more times than I had cum since I was a teenager. I thought that was bravado and BS on her part. She would prove me very very wrong. She wore gorgeous lingerie that she had worn in a men’s magazine centerfold photo shoot (my request), and had on 4″ heels that made her long long sexy legs look like a mile. Jewels greeted me at her luxury apartment with a massive DFK with her lengthy sexy tongue down my throat. I was hard instantly. She insisted we shower together ( I asked for this this), and she undressed me slowly licking my nipples, and now erect dick and balls. She sucked my engorged balls so skillfully that I thought I would blow my load instantly. She teased me, I undressed her, and we made our way to the shower. Jewels promised me her “Hungarian Special” which I found out was a DTBBBJCIMNQNS experience where she sucks your cock like a Dyson vacuum, swallows your cum, and refuses to let you go soft, and then blows you again to a 2nd orgasm in her throat. I have never ever ever had a blow job like this or had a girl who could make me cum freaking twice in her throat without me going limp. She is that skilled. We did this in the shower as the warm water sprayed over us. I was going to need a rest after this . We dried off from the shower. and I was still shaking from cumming twice spasmodically in the shower. She offered me fine Champagne and I accepted as we moved to her kitchen naked.

I took Jewels to the bed and we toasted and clinked glasses, and I told her I had heard she squirts from sex and DATY. She asked me if I was ready to be soaked. Jewels has a perfect tiny pink clit and a very tight bald pussy and I ate her clit and fingered her special spot joy button, and she shot girl cum in my face almost immediately. Tasty delight and part of the JSE – Jewels Star Experience. She moans and screams when she squirts and it is so sexy and erotic. I told Jewels I was going to make her cum and squirt until she was spent and dry. I stopped counting after 10 massive squirts/orgasms in my face, but her shaking and cumming went on for a long time. We drank more Champagne, and I was hard again and face fucked Jewels. She asked me If I wanted her asshole now? Yes ma’am I did. She applied a Magnum rubber on my dick, and some strawberry lube to her fine ass. I ate her ass, and fingered it before fucking her ass hard in many positions. She enjoys anal and her tight ass was heart shaped and amazing. I came hard, and she pulled off the filled rubber and went to discard it. She came back and asked me if I would enjoy her licking my ass and eating it? Lord yes. She ate me like I was her last meal and so so skillfully.

I ate Jewels pinkness again, and got her tasty tight pussy wet and got her to squirt again, and she literally begged me to fuck her pussy now. She applied another Magnum rubber and we had amazing vaginal sex in multiple positions. She squirted during sex and that made me cum in a way that made me weak. We had so much sex in our over 4 hour romp that I was in pain in my groin. My dick throbbed with so much soreness from her tight ass and pussy. She can squeeze a dick with her tightness like no girl I ever fucked. There is much more to this evening, but some of it shall remain private. We really liked each other a lot and the 4 hours were more like five. I’m a gentleman and she is some ultra special one of a kind exquisite girl/lady. I will say most emphatically that any man that can afford her, and can pass her tough screening should have a JSE – Jewels Star Experience at least once in a lifetime. The JSE is an amalgamation and fine blend of PSE, GFE, Squirting and class. Jewels thanks Baby and I will see you again soon. I’m addicted to ya already. Your are my new drug in a super model body.


The Diamond Standard of This Industry

Having seen Jewels a number of times since my previous review of her, I thought it would be necessary to update my review, because with all truly great things in life, the experience changes and improves. Jewels’s drive for perfection shows, and she is even more gorgeous than the last time I met her. I consider myself very lucky in life, and I have experienced many fine things in life and in this hobby, but no matter what, Jewels is always the standard by which everyone else is judged, and nothing else comes close to measuring up to the perfection that she exhibits. Others may try to imitate her, but no one can ever duplicate the Jewels Star experience. It is that special.

Jewels is in the best shape of her life, which is an amazing thing to say, since she has always been a world-class beauty. Words can only go so far in describing the full Jewels Star experience, which starts from the moment you meet her and does not end until well after your encounters with her, as the memories of those moments are priceless. Jewels is a truly successful glamour model in addition to being the best elite companion in the business, and she is a three time International Playboy Centerfold and cover model (including some very recent covers). Every time Jewels opens the door, I am reminded that I am in the presence of true greatness, where physical perfection matches her charm, human and intelligence. Our last encounter took place at her new midtown incall location, which was easy to get to. I had not seen her for a little while, and I was more blown away by Jewels this time than I have ever been before.

The Juicy Details

Jewels opened the door and greeted me with trademarked, sensual kiss, and once again, I was back in my special, happy place. Our tongue’s explored each other, and from that moment on, my heart and mind raced, as I remembered what I was in for. Every time that I have seen Jewels, she has surprised me with a new, sexy outfit and this time was no different. Her body is such perfection, and her Agent Provocateur lingerie hit her curves perfectly, like they had her in mind when they designed her outfit. Jewels’ body has to be seen to be believed. She is a three time playmate for a reason, and many women in this industry would kill for her body, which amazingly keeps getting better. Her breasts are huge and full and hang perfectly from her frame. She has an ass to match, which is to say, she has an ass that blows my mind when I see it. Full, perfectly round and soft, it is the product of countless hours at the gym paying off and very healthy dieting and is worth the price of admission on it’s own. She is tall, with statuesque legs, a tight flat stomach and slim waist. She is a true glamour and bikini model, and looks like she stepped right out a magazine cover and into your greatest fantasy. She is a true dream girl. We often talk about our workout routines, and hers is paying off as her amazing curves and toned body just keep getting better and better.

Jewels’ body is just part of her total package. She has the stunningly beautiful face of the cover model that she is. She has crystal clear blue eyes, full and soft lips and stunning features and a perfect smile. We began chatting and catching up while Jewels fixed us a couple of drinks, and I could spend hours talking to her, as she is charming and intelligent and a truly interesting person. She specializes in extended dates and I know why – a few hours with Jewels never seems like enough once you start to get to know her. After chatting with Jewels for a bit, I could no longer contain myself, and the real fun began.

Jewels is a sexual dynamo, and her lingerie came off in short order and I explored her body, from her breasts down to her shaved, sweet pussy, which is the tightest I have ever encountered. As I began licking her slowly, Jewels was very responsive and communicative, something that I like, and you can tell she’s not faking it. I could have spent our entire time together licking her, but Jewels would have none of that, and before I knew it, my dick was in Jewels mouth as she began a sensual blow job, which is pure ecstasy. It started slowly and sensually, but built up and it took everything in my power not to lose it there! But I had to make sure that I saved myself for the main event, and Jewels slipped on a condom and we started.

Just like with the blow job, things started out slowly but our mutual passion grew, and things got more intense quickly. Jewels rode me hard, and we went through multiple positions, as I had to see her experience her amazing body from every angle. From missionary to doggy and back again, I hung on for dear life as our intensity grew and grew until I could not hold it anymore and lost my first load. Jewels cleaned me up, and we chatted for a bit, but Jewels made it clear to me that she was not done with me – oh no, not by any stretch of the imagination. Jewels got me hard again with another great blow job faster than any woman on the planet could, and told me in no uncertain terms that I was not leaving until I experienced her ass as well. Another condom on, I entered Jewels ass slowly as she is unbelievably tight, but once again we worked up a rhythm and once things got going I lost myself in the moment, and realized that this was the definition of perfection. I could not contain myself any more and I lost it. I collapsed, completely drained and we laid together for a few perfect minutes. It had been too long since I had seen Jewels, and I promised myself that I was never going to let that happen again, so I got out my calendar right then and made my next appointment. And the one after that and the one after that, too!

Other women should stop trying to compare themselves to Jewels. It’s pointless because she has reached a level of perfection no one else can ever attain. She is the perfect combination of class, beauty, sensuality and charm and the diamond standard in this industry. Jewels, you are truly the best and I am already planning for next time!

The Total Package

Have you ever wanted to see a provider that was so Gorgeous, Sexy, Stunning, elegant, fun, passionate, and the total package, and at that same time one who cares deeply for making sure that you are 200%+ happy and satisfied? Well you just Found Jewels Star from New York. She is a tall Hungarian and Italian Woman who is just fabulous. Several months ago I saw Jewels ad on GLS (Gina’s Little Secret) -Web site and was blown away by her beauty, sexiness, all her accomplishments, and her wonderful and caring attitude.

I contacted her and asked if she ever came to Los Angeles as I really wanted to see her, but unfortunately she said no as she is mostly on the East coast where she lives. But Jewels said she would be delighted to have me come to Manhattan to see her. Well unfortunately that is not in the cards for me, at least right now, but I wanted to get to know her anyway, and have access to her personal web site, so I sent her all my screening and contact info and picture. If you want to see Jewels just be forth coming and up front with your screening information. Screening is mandatory and very important to Jewels, but the process is not complicated and is easily accomplished. I was approved and the rest is a wonderful and exciting story and a dream fulfilled by this wonderful and exciting woman Jewels.

I never give up on a Dream, So I kept watching her GLS website and emailing her. She is a great communicator, very articulate, and tons of fun to e-mail and text. Then a few months ago I saw that she was coming to Las Vegas in early November for the SEMA Show, so I contacted her again and asked if she was by any chance going to be going home through LA?? She was not, but she said just come to Vegas and I would love to see you. So I am only 1 hours away by plane and 3hrs driving so I opted to fly. Well that was one of the best decision I have ever made, and the beginning of my Fabulous Dream to see Jewels. Dreams do come true if you are patient and do not give up. So I made my flight reservation and set the date with Jewels and was on my way to one of the Best appointments I have ever had!! After a few more e-mails I then ask her if she would give me her cell number. She did, as I was screened and ready to go. We had so many great text messages that I felt I had known her for months and years before our date.

Jewels is a must see, and you are a fool not to go see her. She is fabulous – treat her well, and then heaven is waiting. Such a great and fabulous time was waiting for me; I just did not know how fabulous our time would be!! VIP’S read on. . . . . . 

The Juicy Details

So I flew to Vegas the morning of our date, and then we kept in contact as I landed and made my way to her 5 Star Hotel. The Hotel requires elevator keys so she told me where to meet her. Out of the elevator comes Jewels a tall stunning, beautiful, sexy and elegant Supermodel-WOW my heart stopped. She gave me a great hug and a kiss to say hello and then back into the elevator for a ride to Heaven at her place. She has a gorgeous face, beautiful sparkling baby blue eyes-that will melt your heart instantly, beautiful Jet black Hair, Wonderful 34-DDD boobs-so yummy, and she does not have an ounce of fat on her anywhere. Her entire body is extremely toned and tan all over-So delicious and Yummy Yummy!!. She had on a nice sweater top and jeans and stiletto heels. She opened the door for us and when closed is was the most passionate welcome and kissing you will ever have or want. We were like newlyweds and exploring each other bodies while passionately kissing for several minutes. Her lips are so soft and sweet and she will also melt your heart with her passionate and wonderful kisses. I had brought her some gifts which we save for later. I then helped Jewels slowly get undressed and she did the same for me. Again she is a Supermodel and has a body to die for from her head to her toes. WOW so hot and sexy!! I excused myself to the bath room to freshen up while she read the card I had written for her to say how much I love being with her and this date. I came out totally nude with Thunder growing rapidly and she loves Thunder and gave his a warm welcome. We lay on the bed and continued our DFK kissing and exploration of each other while she wrapped her long legs around me and played with Thunder. She is an awesome and amazing Lover in every aspect-the Total Perfect Package for sure. Do not miss the fabulous Jewels for any reason. She is one of my very top ATF Gals to see – Such a total Sweetheart, and a Fabulous Lover!!

Next it was kissing Jewels amazing sweet lips-what a wonderful kisser. I could have stayed there all day and been totally satisfied. Then down a little to her amazing DDD boobs and very erect nipples – Her wonderful boobs are so natural feeling that you would never know she has implants. Then down to DATY –How Sweet it was and so delicious!! I stayed there for some time as Jewels expressed her extreme satisfaction with my tongue, and she came twice all over my face – So Yummy. I then told Jewels I wanted her to squirt for me, so she had me put one finger in her pussy while she played with her clit and a vibrator and Squirt she did – Just fabulous all over me-again So Yummy!! 

Next it was Jewels turn for her famous and wonderful BBBJ while I again played with her amazing “DDD” boobs. She really got me going quickly and I exploded in her mouth and she took every drop in like the champion she is. We took a short break and then she said I want you inside me so she got the cover and we were off to the races again in cowgirl. We love this position as I can kiss her, play with her fabulous boobs or her wonderful butt cheeks, and watch Thunder going in and out of her tight wet pussy-So Exciting. Jewels has a beautiful, sexy, and firm bubble butt which fits her awesome figure perfectly and to a tee, and it is a ton of fun to play with and grab while making love to her and kissing her. Her butt is so firm, bubbly, and wonderful that it made me hard in seconds-Yes so yummy-WOW!! 

We kept this cow girl up for some time and I could feel her body beginning to vibrate as we both came together. What a fabulous feeling to CUM together. We just lay there and savored the love and warm passion and chemistry we had generated. She then got a warm wash cloth and cleaned us up, and then another cover and it was on to Missionary where we again came together for another electrifying and passionate experience with total amazing chemistry. It does not get any better than this ever!! Then I got another cover and on to Doggy, another favorite of ours, as I can reach under and play with her fabulous boobs while pounding away and she came again. By now I had lost track of how many times she came but it was many many times. Jewels is the CUM-PLETE total package guys!!

We took another break and Jewels opened her gifts that I had brought which she truly loved-Trying them all on for me and WOW how sexy and elegant she looked in each of them. My time was coming to an end, and yes I did not want to leave at all-She is that Special, Perfect and the Total Passionate Package. I said we have to take a shower together and Jewels was all smiles. So off to the shower while we cleaned each other up while passionately kissing and then Jewels knelt down and gave me one last BBBJ while looking at me with her gorgeous Baby Blue eyes and smiling as I came in her mouth!! Wow what a fabulous finish to the most amazing 4 hours I have ever had in my life. Again I did not want to leave our trip to Heaven-and yes it was Heaven from start to finish. Love you Sweetheart –So amazing and Perfect!! All I can say is Guys do not miss Jewels and her Trip to Heaven and the Perfect Hungarian Experience. Seeing Jewels is worth twice the price for this fabulous and experienced Supermodel and Playboy Centerfold. She is the Total Perfect, Precious, and Passionate, Package, and Is an Incomparable Supermodel!! She is not a clock watcher and is generous with her time, as long as you respect your appointment arrangements. I will be back again, again, and again Sweetheart – For sure. Miss you so much!! XOXOXO until next time – Love U. Thunder.

The Gold Star Standard of This Hobby

I am not someone that frequently indulges in this hobby. I believe the last time was almost 5 years ago (doesn’t help that I live half way around the world). However on my latest trip to the US in November / December, I felt the urge to push my personal boundaries and experiences. One thing that I did know, was that that I wanted to spend my limited time in NYC with the best.

This was where the resources of TER had come in handy. Throughout the process there was one name that truly stood out in what I was looking for, and that was Jewels Star. I reached out to her by e-mail and I received a quick response. Further communication and we had locked in two 3 hour incall dates within the span of three days. Looking back, this turned out to be quite ambitious on my part, as Jewels will leave you satisfied for days to come.

I am not going to lie, I was ridiculously nervous from the anticipation of meeting Jewels for the first time. I had flown into NYC the same day and was a bit rushed. After checking in to my hotel and getting fresh, I took a taxi to a nice bar which was next to her building and waited for her to come down. This was for her own safety reasons, and I completely understand and appreciate the process. Shortly after, in came this statuesque beauty in designer jeans and heels, looking absolutely stunning. I was blown away, and I am sure many others at the bar were too as their eyes carefully followed her as she walked towards me, kissed my cheek, and sat right next to me. We had a quick chat, had a drink, and then we were off to her place.

In terms of physical attributes, performance, and personality, Jewels was everything that I could have asked for and more. She really is incredibly gorgeous, sweet, and a blast in bed. In fact, I blame myself for not being able to take full advantage of what I now personally find to be the gold star standard of this hobby. I already have plans to book an overnight with her sometime in February, hopefully I can fare better next time around! VIP’s read on…

The Juicy Details

Jewels held my hand and took me to her charming apartment. As soon as the door closed, she turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a soft LFK. She is delightfully tall and with heels she was eye level with me (6’3), her lips were super soft and they tasted great. The night had already started so well. I excused myself to wash my hands and take care of her gift, while she went and change into something else for me.

Jewels came out looking spectacular in a sexy mini dress. This woman kept blowing me away! She poured us a couple of vodka redbulls and we got to know each other for a little bit more on her couch. She asked what I was looking for with our time together which was quite refreshing. Next thing I know, the glasses are down, and we stark LFK again, slowly turning into DFK. She grabs my hand then leads me to the bedroom. She climbs on the bed and instructs me to drop my pants because she wants to suck my cock. Those were her words, and I was seriously turned on. I did as I was told, and immediately she grabs my cock and starts stroking me, with her tongue and mouth soon to engulf it. Having her tongue and mouth on my cock felt amazing,she is incredible at giving BBBJ. For whatever reason, I had only cum once in my life before from a BBBJ. Jewels took this as a challenge, and with determination, skill, and commitment, she is now the second person to ever make me cum this way. She is that good, and she swallowed my load like a champ.

As i recovered, she went to bring a fresh towel and helped clean me up and had we another glass of vodka redbull. We then got back into bed and started DFK again. This time i wanted to taste her, and I wanted to taste her bad. She took off her dress and she was wearing nothing underneath. Jewels has a body that you can only believe when you see it. Her breasts are works of art, an incredibly flat stomach, and legs for days. I kissed and licked down her body, paying special attention to the girls. They really are spectacular, the entire time I could not help but grab and squeeze them and pinch her nipples. Eventually I started DATY on her. She tasted amazing, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Jewels knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you, a quality that I love. I followed her instructions and with guidance slowly led her to her first O. I was relentless and kept licking, I wanted to keep doing that until my tongue and jaws were sore and couldn’t keep up anymore. I switched it up a bit and started DATO (a first time experience for me). It was something i immediately loved and i kept switching between DATY and DATO, occasionally bring a finger into the mix. I believe (or at least i’d like to) she had a few more O’s until she made me stop, get on my back so she can suck on my cock again.

Jewels told me in her sexy European accent that she wanted to fuck me. In any other circumstance, I would be hard as a rock. Unfortunately I made the mistake of setting the date on a day where I had lack of sleep, long distance travel, mixed with a little alcohol. It just wasn’t meant to be on our first date, and it is a mistake that I will not make again! Instead, we decided to try something different. Jewels was going to squirt for me and I was going to assist. This was another first for me. I followed her instructions and together we made her squirt at least 5 or 6 times. We were on the quest to make her do a big squirt, and maybe on the 6th time we achieved it. It was an eye opening and sexually charged experience, and once again, it was nothing short of amazing. Of course, every time she would squirt I would clean up with my tongue and she tasted delicious as always.

After about a 5 minute break, we started DFK again and she was back down to giving me an incredible BBBJ. It was wet, dirty, warm, and quite possibly the best BBBJ experience that I’ve ever had. The best thing about Jewels is that she never gives up and she is incredibly determined to satisfy her partner. She was giving me a BBBJ for almost 20 to 30 minutes before I couldn’t help but blow all over her face (with warning of course). By this time I was significantly over time but she was very relaxed about it. I didn’t want to take advantage so I excused myself, with Jewels giving me a DFK to remember for our next date. It was an incredible night which could have been better If i was up to task.

Two days later it was time for my second date with Jewels. Over the 2 days, Jewels was sending me provocative messages of how she couldn’t wait for the amazing date and how she couldn’t wait to have me in her ass. As you can imagine, this drove me wild the entire time. The date simply could not happen soon enough. When it was time, I directly went up to her apartment and knocked on the door. She opened wearing this incredibly sexy outfit. I believe she was wearing a bra, thong, garter, and fishnet stockings. I wasn’t paying too much attention as I was more fixated on how amazing she looked in it. The rest of the night was similar to our first date, except we mixed things up a bit. This time however, we included several positions included missionary, cowgirl, doggy, and I even had my first Greek experience. Jewels pussy and ass are so tight that I could not last too long. It was just a mind blowing experience. During the evening I was already cursing myself on why I never booked an overnight instead.

The two dates were in early December. It has been a couple of weeks since, but the memories are still fresh and I can’t wait to see her again. Jewels is incredible at what she does. She takes pride in her work and it really shows. Over the two dates, I had a series of first-time, or almost first-time experiences. I couldn’t ask anything more of her, in fact, I really need to up my game and take advantage of the Jewels Star Experience the next time I see her for our overnight!

Smiling Forever!

Jewels is your ULTIMATE ELITE EXPERIENCE of your life. Yes for sure!! I just saw my Sweetheart Jewels, the very Beautiful, Hot, Elegant, Passionate, and very Sexy Playboy Centerfold Supermodel, for the second time in less than 3 months. Jewels is based in NYC but travels worldwide. My first fabulous visit with the wonderful Jewels was in early November 2013 in Vegas. She then returned again to Vegas in January 2014, so I doubled my time with her and booked an amazing, passionate, precious, exciting, and wonderful 4 hour meeting with her. I actually set that up a few days after my November date with the awesome Jewels. Then we kept in contact with each other through text messaging almost every day until Jewels returned to Vegas. Jewels is a great communicator, easy to talk to, well read, and has traveled extensively, and is a stunning and very elegant, while being an extremely Sexy and Passionate lover. By the time we met again you would have thought I had known her for over 20 years, but that is because we have great and fabulous chemistry, and Trust for one another explicitly.

Jewels looks like and is a Supermodel, and is the sweetest girl I have met in this business. Jewels truly Loves what she does and also this business. Jewels also cares deeply for each of her clients and does everything possible to make you happy and totally satisfied. She puts out 1000% for you each and every minute of your date, and it is a trip to heaven with no return anticipated. It can’t get any better than that-For Sure!! Jewels is the total package and is every man’s Dream come true!! Her accent is also extremely sexy, and her tall perfect statuesque figure gives her massive and extraordinary sex appeal and makes her one of the most beautiful and elegant women in the world. She is truly an incomparable Supermodel, and ranks tops in her business worldwide, not just here in the US. Jewels will rock your world for sure and you will be smiling forever!!
VIP’s read on . . . . .!! 

The Juicy Details

So I flew to Vegas the morning of our date, and then we kept in contact as I landed and made my way to her 5 Star Hotel. The Hotel requires elevator keys so she told me where to meet her. Out of the elevator comes Jewels a tall stunning, beautiful, sexy and elegant Supermodel-WOW my heart stopped. She gave me a great hug and a kiss to say hello and then back into the elevator for a ride to Heaven at her place. She has a gorgeous face, beautiful sparkling baby blue eyes-that will melt your heart instantly, beautiful Jet black Hair, Wonderful 34-DDD boobs-so yummy, and she does not have an ounce of fat on her anywhere. Her entire body is extremely toned and tan all over-So delicious and Yummy Yummy!!. She had on a nice sweater top and jeans and stiletto heels. She opened the door for us and when closed is was the most passionate welcome and kissing you will ever have or want. We were like newlyweds and exploring each other bodies while passionately kissing for several minutes. Her lips are so soft and sweet and she will also melt your heart with her passionate and wonderful kisses. I had brought her some gifts which we save for later. I then helped Jewels slowly get undressed and she did the same for me. Again she is a Supermodel and has a body to die for from her head to her toes. WOW so hot and sexy!! I excused myself to the bath room to freshen up while she read the card I had written for her to say how much I love being with her and this date. I came out totally nude with Thunder growing rapidly and she loves Thunder and gave his a warm welcome. We lay on the bed and continued our DFK kissing and exploration of each other while she wrapped her long legs around me and played with Thunder. She is an awesome and amazing Lover in every aspect-the Total Perfect Package for sure. Do not miss the fabulous Jewels for any reason. She is one of my very top ATF Gals to see – Such a total Sweetheart, and a Fabulous Lover!!

Next it was kissing Jewels amazing sweet lips-what a wonderful kisser. I could have stayed there all day and been totally satisfied. Then down a little to her amazing DDD boobs and very erect nipples – Her wonderful boobs are so natural feeling that you would never know she has implants. Then down to DATY –How Sweet it was and so delicious!! I stayed there for some time as Jewels expressed her extreme satisfaction with my tongue, and she came twice all over my face – So Yummy. I then told Jewels I wanted her to squirt for me, so she had me put one finger in her pussy while she played with her clit and a vibrator and Squirt she did – Just fabulous all over me-again So Yummy!! 

Next it was Jewels turn for her famous and wonderful BBBJ while I again played with her amazing “DDD” boobs. She really got me going quickly and I exploded in her mouth and she took every drop in like the champion she is. We took a short break and then she said I want you inside me so she got the cover and we were off to the races again in cowgirl. We love this position as I can kiss her, play with her fabulous boobs or her wonderful butt cheeks, and watch Thunder going in and out of her tight wet pussy-So Exciting. Jewels has a beautiful, sexy, and firm bubble butt which fits her awesome figure perfectly and to a tee, and it is a ton of fun to play with and grab while making love to her and kissing her. Her butt is so firm, bubbly, and wonderful that it made me hard in seconds-Yes so yummy-WOW!! 

We kept this cow girl up for some time and I could feel her body beginning to vibrate as we both came together. What a fabulous feeling to CUM together. We just lay there and savored the love and warm passion and chemistry we had generated. She then got a warm wash cloth and cleaned us up, and then another cover and it was on to Missionary where we again came together for another electrifying and passionate experience with total amazing chemistry. It does not get any better than this ever!! Then I got another cover and on to Doggy, another favorite of ours, as I can reach under and play with her fabulous boobs while pounding away and she came again. By now I had lost track of how many times she came but it was many many times. Jewels is the CUM-PLETE total package guys!!

We took another break and Jewels opened her gifts that I had brought which she truly loved-Trying them all on for me and WOW how sexy and elegant she looked in each of them. My time was coming to an end, and yes I did not want to leave at all-She is that Special, Perfect and the Total Passionate Package. I said we have to take a shower together and Jewels was all smiles. So off to the shower while we cleaned each other up while passionately kissing and then Jewels knelt down and gave me one last BBBJ while looking at me with her gorgeous Baby Blue eyes and smiling as I came in her mouth!! Wow what a fabulous finish to the most amazing 4 hours I have ever had in my life. Again I did not want to leave our trip to Heaven-and yes it was Heaven from start to finish. Love you Sweetheart –So amazing and Perfect!! All I can say is Guys do not miss Jewels and her Trip to Heaven and the Perfect Hungarian Experience. Seeing Jewels is worth twice the price for this fabulous and experienced Supermodel and Playboy Centerfold. She is the Total Perfect, Precious, and Passionate, Package, and Is an Incomparable Supermodel!! She is not a clock watcher and is generous with her time, as long as you respect your appointment arrangements. I will be back again, again, and again Sweetheart – For sure. Miss you so much!! XOXOXO until next time – Love U. Thunder.

Strikingly Beautiful

I like variety in lif’es experiences, so it’s rare that I will repeat an adventure I’ve already had. Jewels is one of those rare gems, though. I saw her for the first time two months ago for an hour, and had such a great time that I found myself thinking of her regularly ever since. She is strikingly beautiful, but not high maintenance like so many beautiful women. From the moment I met her the first time she was very relaxed, open, and engaging. She also has a wicked imagination… so when I received the email from her letting me know she was coming back to NYC, I did not hesitate to set up a meeting. This time for four hours, as I wanted to savor her beauty for as long as I could break away…

The Juicy Details

We scheduled our meeting two weeks in advance, and the anticipation was starting to get to me as I made my way to her hotel near Central Park. I was already sprung just thinking about the things she had told me she had in store for me when i finally received ther call telling me to come up to her room. I sprinted for the elevator, and tapped my foot inpatiently as the slowest elevator on the planet made its way upward. There was an older couple on the elevator with me, and the husband asked me if i left something in my room and was late for a meeting… I chuckled and said yes, exactly. after what seemed like an eternity on that damn elevator, i got off on her floor and made my way down the hallway and finally knocked on her door.

The door opened, and there was this tall vision i had been waiting to see. (She’s 5’11 in her stocking feet; I’m 6’3 and in her heels she looks me dead in the eye). She was dressed exactly as i had suggested – black thigh-highs, tiny black g-string, stiletto heels, and a demi-cup that could barely contain her heaving breasts. She took my hand, pulled me into the room, and before saying a word planted a kiss on me that felt like we were melting together. From there it only got better.

We chatted for only a minute to catch up, before she interupted to tell me I was overdressed… i took the hint and quickly shed my attire. She led me to the bathroom where she had already drawn a warm bath; i clembed into the tub, and she knelt beside it to sponge me clean head-to-toe, pausing periodically to hand feed me fresh fruit that she had asked to have delivered to the room, or to kiss me full on the lips. This woman has unbelievably soft and sweet lips, and truly loves to kiss. All the while this is going on, we are chatting away like long-lost friends.

When i had had enough of soaking in the tub, she dried me off and led me over to the bed. She had a very serious look in he eyes when she asked me what was the highest number of orgasms i had ever had in a single sexual encounter. I told her i had once cum 7 times one night… she looked at me and said today i will break that record. She had me so jazzed, that I insisted on going down on her to begin… she has a beautiful pussy, and I would have been perfectly happy to dine there the entire time. As it happened, i kept at it for a full twenty minutes, which ended when she had a trembling orgasm. She rested for a minute to catch her breath, and then knelt beside the bed and proceeded with a spectacular blowjob. Her technique is out of this world – lots of eye contact (goregeous, crystal blue eyes), lots of slurping, hand on the balls, alternating with stroking of the shaft, DT, tea-bagging… she kept at it while I stood there looking down at her. She made a real show of it – waggling her amazing heart-shaped ass, gazing up at me, moaning and telling me she wanted to swallow every drop of my come. I had other plans, however, and managed to pry my cock out of her mouth to unleash a geyser all over her unbelievable breasts. She gasped at the quantity, and told me she was glad she didn’t try to swallow that first load… without hesitating she pushed me down on the bed, crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees and told me she was not going to let me go limp until i had cum three times. She engulfed my still-hard cock again, and continued to suck away. All the while I am watching as my cum is running down her beuatiful full breasts and dripping off of her nipples onto my legs… an incredibly electrifying sight to behold. And she kept her promise… about an hour and fifteen minutes into the session, I came for the third time without losing that first erection… she had been sucking for forty-five minutes, and never once seemed to lose her enthusiasm.

As it turns out, she was just getting warmed up. I rested for a few minutes to regain my composure while we shared some fruit and laughed over this and that. All the while she is curled up next to me, running one hand lazily along my inner thigh, playing with my balls, stroking my cock. Soon enough, she mentioned that she was still intent on making me cum eight times, and that she wanted me to be inside her pussy for the next one. I could not say no. Guys – she may be a tall, statuesque beauty, but she has an amazingly tight pussy (must be her 5 day a week workout routine). When I say tight, I mean like a vise… even after she rolled th condom on with her mouht, and applied a generous amount of lube, it took few minutes for me to ease into her in mish. It was exquisite torture for me slowly penetrating her millimeter by milimeter, while all the while she is breathing is short, sharp panting and she is encouraging me to go slow, promising that once she has managed to (in her words), take in all of my big cock I would be in for the ride of my life. Again, she wasn’t kidding. Once she had accustomed herself to my raging hard-on, we went through a alphabet-soup of positions, both of us finally coming and collapsing in a heap as she pounded away on me in cow-girl. She reached up one hand to high-five me, and said, that’s number four… and we have two and a half hours left!

I told her i didn’t think we could reach eight, as I had a problem client who insisted that I be on a conference call at the most inconvenient time – right in the middle of our four hour date. She said she didn’t see why that was an impediment, with a twinkle in her eye. I didn’t pick up on her meaning.. but let’s just say it was the best conference call of my life, ending in a silent orgasm in RCG just as the call ended. The rest of the afternoon was just as amazing. She got her eight out of me… she is the all-time champ in my eyes. As we parted, she told me she already had some ideas to make our next meeting even more memorable. My mind is racing…

Even Better In Person

Contacted Jewels by email and she impressed right away by responding back immediately. We could not get our schedules to match before I went out of town for a couple weeks – and so then she impressed me even more with how responsive she was emailing back and forth for two weeks while I was out of town. I could tell right away that not only was Jewels incredibly sexy, she was very intelligent and sweet as well, and that she loves what she does and is very ambitious about becoming the best in the business. I arranged for a 4 hour dinner date for when I returned to NYC. When we were finally able to meet, I waited in her hotel lobby for her to come down, raging with excitement after two weeks of build-up to see if she was as good in person as she seemed in pictures and emails. Then the elevator door opened … oh my … she was even better. Then as we made our way to my driver and we began talking … yes she was even better in person! VIPs read on …

The Juicy Details

We went to a sexy restaurant in NYC and really got to know each other over dinner. I wanted to get to know Jewels to see if she was as engaging, fun, intelligent, and high quality as all her reviews say she is – and she definitely is. I could tell after the first half hour that this was a very high quality, high caliber woman, and that we were going to have a very sexy and GREAT time together. She was very laid back and easy going, a great conversationalist, and very easy to get to know.

After dinner we went back to my place, and went right to my couch and I went right at her with a proposal that I had been hinting towards with her for weeks, but didn’t reveal until we got to my place. She was surprised, but said she had done it a couple times before … and she was fully down for what I had in mind. Let the fun begin.

The dress she was wearing for dinner was so sexy that I almost was sad to see her take it off … until she did and revealed very sexy lingerie and a body that is so perfect it almost looks unreal, like a sexy Catgirl or WonderWoman – the kind you see in comic books as a kid but never seem to see in real life. Well, here it was, right before me, and I was instantly turned on. Jewel’s body goes beyond any description … she has amazing body with only 8% body fat – incredible. Her stomach was rock hard, and I could not feel even the slightest bit of fat anywhere on her body. You can tell she works out hard every day. And best of all … Her tits are huge and perfect, and begging to be grabbed and sucked. I could hardly wait to get my hands on them, and the rest of her incredible body.

The rest of the night was a bit of a blur – it felt like we were together the whole night. I was exhausted by the time we were done, and took work off the next day because of her 10++++ performance that left me very satisfied and with no energy remaining! She is definitely not a clock watcher, and she has so much energy that it is amazing how much you can fit into such a short period of time. So much happened that it is hard to list it all … suffice it to say that every 10/10 review of her is 100% accurate. She does it all, and loves it all. Multiple orgasms, both for her and you. Greek (and she is VERY into it). DATO. DATY. Multiples with other hot girls (which we didn’t do, but talked about for later). The Hungarian Special (you’ll have to see that one for yourself). She is an expert squirter, and will teach you how to do it … and she will do it over and over again, which is really hot, and tastes sweet. She gives mind blowing blow jobs, and takes the result of her amazing work all down in very enthusiastic and sexy swallows.

Guys, your only limitation with Jewels is your imagination. This girl LOVES sex, has a body built for sex, and can go all night. She has an almost unlimited amount of energy and unlimited sexual appetite. I wish there was a higher ranking to give other than 10 for looks and performance, because she deserves it. I will definitely be seeing her again.

In a League of Her Own

Last evening I verified personally what so many other reviewers have reported about Jewels Star, during a 6-hour encounter, that included three hours at her incall and three hours at one of most expensive restaurants in the Western hemisphere. I am an experienced hobbyist, and I can comfortably confirm that this provider is unique, arguably the best in my extensive experience. Very likely on a league of her own, actually. There are specific reasons for this: first, she is a sexual prodigy, a marvel, really, which ensures that time spent with her will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Second, her personality is unusually well suited for her line of work, as she is genuinely sweet and perfectionistic. She strives to please her partner and herself, and she is highly talented at both. Dinner later was delightful. The staff at the restaurant adored her for her charm, beauty and sweet disposition. So did I.

After an evening with her I woke up feeling like being good to others. Which leads me to recommend that men and women of the world contribute to a fund to force all world leaders to have at least one date with Jewels. The world would be a better place for all of us. And I am not kidding.

For VIPs, read on, you are in for a treat.

The Juicy Details

She opens the door to her apartment in a sexy lingerie and her hair down. All smiles and wonderful tongue kisses. Jewels is tall, close to 6 feet, and I am about 5’8’. We had been exchanging cute emails, so we have things to follow up on. Within 10 minutes we are naked in bed. She is wearing eyelashes that hide her gorgeous blue eyes, something she agrees to remedy at my request before we leave for the restaurant. Her figure is elegant, endowed with long legs, large breasts, pretty feet, and smooth skin. She kisses very well, and gets sexually aroused very easily. I spread her legs to find her very pretty pussy, and an obviously highly responsive clit, 

Her first orgasm comes within 10 minutes of cunnilingus. She has 24 orgasms in the ensuing 3 hours of sex, 18 of those preceded by intense squirting and accompanied by moans that still give me shivers as I write these lines. There is no denying that she is orgasming, not when her 18 squirts spread over, or bathe or directly SHOOT OUT onto my face, my cock, thighs, belly, hands. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me retrace the uniquely satisfying encounter, methodically.

After her first pretty normal orgasm, she and I begin to explore one another. I learn that she knows she will have great pleasure when she realizes that I intend to learn how to satisfy her. First order of business: After ensuring she is aroused again and wet, I determine with one finger where her g spot is, shortly an inch into her vaginal canal. I do this guided by her, as I come down on her again, gently licking and sucking her moderate size clit, when she asks me to insert only one finger into her vagina. I caress her g spot with a soft rocking motion as I avidly work my mouth on her clit and vulva. I know what I am doing, and she makes it clear that she is happy about it, with her first two squirting orgasms. She acts silly, actually, asking to apply a strawberry scent to her juices, as if she fears the taste! Hahah! I refuse, and proceed to lick and swallow her odorless, neutral lubricant juices, which come in spurts, in actual squirts, during each orgasm. I start counting them.

We do a 69 for the next 10 minutes, and she tries to concentrate on my cock, but soon gets distracted by her pleasure and a series of intense squirting orgasm, as I lick and stroke her g spot with only one finger.

She then asks to be fucked. I place a large pillow under her beautiful ass, and spread her legs eagle, and penetrate her, aiming my cock to stimulate upwards, towards her g spot and bladder, while pressing gently with one hand into her pelvis, right above her pubic bone. I see her face when she realizes I know how to make women squirt during intercourse. Let’s just say she is a happy camper. She asks to the strokes to be gentle, and slow, as she announces that she expects this to yield another chain of squirting orgasms. Indeed, very soon, within 5 minutes of stroking, a long session of squirting orgasms ensues, as she screams with pleasure for the next hour. Every orgasm results in another shower of warm secretions running down my thighs. I think of pulling out and watch her squirt outside but choose instead to stay in. We change positions a few times. She asks to be fucked in the ass, very gently and very slowly at first, as she gets comfortable. I win another lottery, as I realize she loves anal sex, and within another fifteen minutes I come amidst her pleasurable moans. 

We pause, and engage in a very serious conversation about my field of work and her interests. To my utter surprise, the deep nature of our conversation actually turns her on. She asks to resume love-making. Yes, this is less sex than actual love making now, and we bring the count of her orgasms to a total of 24. I try to come another time, as she is riding me and screaming hard with my cock in her ass, when I realize we are late for the restaurant! I take dinner very seriously, particularly when it is going to cost me more than $2000, but I actually think of missing it, for the sake of prolonging this extraordinarily fun encounter, but I know she is hungry, and she is looking forward to visiting this great restaurant.

Reluctantly I give instructions to get ready in a rush, and we take a shower together. She accommodates my requests to greatly tone down her make up, perfume and clothes – even though she is a perfectionist and wants to look like a fancy bombshell, but by now she and I are very comfortable and very friendly with each other. Dinner is extraordinary fun, by the way, and we eagerly plan our next encounter the following week.

As we leave the restaurant, looking for our car outside, we kiss lovingly, and I threaten her that I am going to write this review and a poem, inspired by my thoughts and feelings about her, and she begs me to hurry up and get both jobs done. So, I just finished the review, 14 hours after delivering her home. Now, onwards to the poem.

Statuesque and Beautiful

I’ve been an admirer of Jewels from afar for quite some time now. Being a man of modest means I knew that the planets would have to align perfectly for me to have the opportunity to spend some time with her. That opportunity has finally come and gone, so here I am writing to tell you all about my Jewels experience.
Knowing that this may be the only time I get to spend with Jewels I wanted it to be special. With this in mind I wrote a preview of our time to come and submitted it to TER. Of course a preview is nothing more than a fantasy and TER (rightly so) did not publish it. This did not deter me however – instead I sent my preview to Jewels herself.

Jewels loved the preview and did everything in her power to make my fantasy come through. Yes, she is statuesque and beautiful, yes her skin is tanned and smooth and yes, her breasts and eyes will captivate you, but most of all her personality will steal your heart and you, my friend, will have the time of your life. Given that 10/10 is the maximum score you can give it is impossible to differentiate Jewels from the other 10/10’s that I have given…..I guess I’ll just have to go back to my other reviews and reduce their scores now.

The Juicy Details

My night with Jewels began at the casino bar. I was casually drinking my cocktail when a runway model who had obviously taken a wrong turn on the catwalk appeared before me….wow! The first thing that struck me about Jewels, besides her beauty of course, was how she was dressed…..skirt, blouse and FMP’s…….exactly what I have in my profile. It is such a turn on when a woman spends the time to learn a little about you and what makes you tick. Jewels joined me for a cocktail and we immediately hit it off talking about Europe (where we are both from).

Of course the subject of my preview came up and Jewels told me how she loved it and wanted to make it all come through. There was one problem however…..she did not have a balcony in her hotel room……too bad we’ll have to cut out the balcony scene and improvise.

Soon enough we were on our way to Jewels’ room where Scene 1 of my fantasy became reality. This occurred in the doorway of her room where Jewels dropped to her knees, slowly massaged my cock through my pants until I was at full attention (this did not take long). Then Jewels started to bite my cock through my pants while she slowly unzipped me and proceeded to free little me from the confines of my boxers. What happened next was the most mind numbingly good BBBJ I have ever had. It was slow and sensual, it was fast and hard and it was deep and wet. It was all I could do, not to release right there.

Eventually we moved to the sofa for Scene 2 where Jewels sat on my lap and attempted to give me a tonsillectomy with her tongue. It was time to try and turn the tables on Jewels, so I flipped her onto her back on the sofa proceeded to DATY and DATO with fingers in both holes until Jewels released a powerful orgasm. I was so turned on by this that I had to take Jewels right there and then (both of us still fully clothed). First I entered her hot wet pussy and pounded for all I was worth and then with the juice from her pussy still on my cock I entered her ass (no lube required). At this point Jewels really started to ramp up the dirty language(s) and in no time at all I was ready to explode. Jewels insisted that I give her a facial and I was in no condition to argue, I released a load all over her face and hair. Some she was able to scoop up with her hand and drink it and the rest dropped down onto her glistening cleavage.

After we caught our breath, we moved to the bedroom for Scene 3. This consisted of a sensual oil massage. Jewels was very liberal with the oil and the massage almost turned into a body slide. It is amazing how Jewels can switch gears from primal lust to slow and sensual. The massage was so relaxing it almost put me to sleep, but Jewels had other ideas and with some stimulation of the boys and my ass any thoughts of sleep quickly became a distant memory. Jewels got me up on all fours and then proceeded to milk my cock while rimming my ass….holy cow, I was on sensory overload and needed a break. I can honestly say that this was two firsts for me. 1) I was too excited to cum, and 2) I have never asked for a break before.

“No problem” said Jewels. “You relax, I’ve got some cleaning to do” and with that Scene 4 began. Jewels quickly donned a French maid outfit and began to role play the part of a maid hired by my wife to take care of the house while she was working long hours at the office. As Jewels pranced around the room with her feather duster I began to pitch a tent under the sheets. It did not take Jewels long to notice the sheet defying gravity and she quickly came over to investigate. Before I knew what hit me, Jewels was cleaning my pipe while simultaneously grinding her pussy on my face. The final assault had begun and we continued with a frenzied sexual tour of the alphabet soup of sexual positions before I finally exploded again on Jewels’ face. Jewels again wiped the cum off her face with her hands and proceeded to lick my juice off her fingers…….just pure erotica!

There were two surprises for me in the second cup. First, the fact that it happened at all was amazing, it just does not happen for me anymore. And second, the volume I released was even more than my first cup and that was significant. There can only be one conclusion from this…..Jewels has secret powers that men are defenseless against…..if the US military could figure out a way to harness her powers then all other armies would be rendered powerless.

In our time together Jewels never talked about time or me leaving. In fact, I think she would have been quite happy if I stayed the rest of the evening with her…..but a gentleman never takes advantage. This was without doubt the best sexual experience of my life, yes I had to put my cock and balls on ice when I got back to my hotel…..but it was worth it ten times over. Thanks Jewels!

An Incredible Sexually Charged Evening

I saw that Jewels was coming to Las Vegas and knew she was someone I wanted to see. She is the epitome of the best this hobby has to offer. I reached out to her and she replied back very favorably. First, I want to say her communication was exemplary. I have not been accustomed to correspondence of such great magnitude and detail. It almost seemed like we were pen-pals. This extra effort on her part made a big difference when we first met on our date. This is just one of the many things she does which I believe contributes to her being the best of the best. Here’s what happened on that incredible sexually charged evening…

The Juicy Details

In an effort to provide a truly unique review of Jewels. I’m not going to mention a lot of things that are typical and redundant of her in prior reviews. I want to truly give a perspective from my end of the experience and what really stood out to me as unique and different in this encounter.

Jewels came down to collect me because of hotel security. I knew I would recognize her instantly, so I playfully hid from her view so I could sneak up behind her. I came up from behind and put my arm around her waist. We both giggled, had a quick hug and kiss and went back hand-in-hand to her room.

Once in the room, I freshened up and when I came out she was on the bed in some very sexy black lingerie. I hopped on the bed and it was very passionate DFK, hands roaming and so on for quite some time. Next, I was treated to an incredible rimming. What a sensation. Things heated from there to 69 and then a fantastic BBJ where Jewels made me cum two times in a row and swallowed it all.

She then asked me if I wanted to make her squirt. Of course I said yes. With instructions from her she would squirt. She had me enter at a preferred angle and rhythm for her. When she would squirt, I could feel the warm gush on my covered cock. Upon feeling her squirt I would immediately pull out and lick and eat her pussy. Then back in again and she would continue to squirt. I would pull out and lick that gorgeous pussy again. I was in a trance. Truly an incredible and memorable experience to say the least.

After a couple hours of playtime it was time to get ready for dinner. Jewels was telling me where and how all over the room she wanted to be fucked when we came back from dinner. That was hot! Okay so now Jewels is taking out a few outfits of which she wanted me to pick for her to wear to dinner. I opted for the silver Christian Dior (hope I got that right) ultra short, ultra tight, shimmering, sparkly short dress. You have to have a perfect body to wear this dress and she does.

I must say I enjoyed her showing me all the options of what she had to wear. That was fun. I had her wear a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo 4-inch heels that had a faded silver to black sparkle to match her dress and a black Gucci purse. So in she went to get dressed and when she came out – wow. I mean you would have to see it for yourself to believe it. Truly one of a kind.

I knew from her emails that she wanted to go out for dinner all dressed up like this. I certainly did not want to wear a suit or a tux. After all the years of wearing suits for work and getting dressed up for formal events. It’s really not my thing anymore. Not too worry as I had a well constructed plan myself.

All black baby. Sexy, stylish and goes with anything. Black slim-fit shiny jeans, black leather Affliction moto-jacket, black leather boots, and a tight charcoal shirt. We looked like a super hot couple who belonged together. Which is what we were trying to achieve. However I had no idea of what was to come.

As we proceeded through the casino on the way to dinner. What happened next is something I’ll never forget. With Jewels and I walking hand-in-hand. Everyone and I mean everyone just stopped whatever they were doing and stared at Jewels. In her outfit and standing over 6 feet tall with those 4-inch heels and that tight dress. It was a shocker. Even in Vegas to see such a statuesque beauty like that walk by you made everyone stop.

It was all eyes on Jewels. I was even surprised by all the attention she got. I was just an accessory but I felt good knowing that we did look super hot and look like we belonged together. Same thing as we walked in the restaurant to be seated. You could see everyone just stop mid fork going to mouth to look at her and stare in awe of Jewels. I will never forget it.

Dinner was most certainly enjoyable meaning the company first and then the food. From there we walked back through the casino and all eyes on Jewels again. We stopped because I wanted a double shot of espresso and Jewels wanted a latte. With everyone just staring at us, Jewels just starts DFK right there with me. I’m talking deep and passionate with everyone looking.

As heated as that was getting I can only imagine what was going through some of those other guy’s minds. That was another signature moment in my memory of my time with Jewels. Anyway, off to the room to finish the evening and for the second round of playtime.

It was even more intense and passionate the second time around. The passion was just unbelievable. More squirting, more eating that pussy and more of everything. We also did mutual masturbation while I had my male G-spot toy up my ass. With Jewels masturbating and saying how hot it was to see that toy going in and out of my ass.

Then we did doggy, mish, CG, and RCG (hope I’m not forgetting anything) then we did all the positions over again but this time in anal. I certainly do not want to sound impolite and meaning it as a true compliment to Jewels. But she is a non-stop fuck machine.

At one point during mish she closed her legs and had me move mine to the outside of hers and locked me into a non-stop DFK until she squirted. Knowing the drill I pulled out and was right back eating and licking that pussy.

It was just raw pure sex, sex and more sex. Jewels told me in her email she was going to rock my world. She did… obviously. Jewels is everything and more. She is the very definition of what I now look for in this hobby. Epic once in a lifetime sexual encounters.

Now with all of that aside. I want to also mention what a sweet, kind and wonderful human being Jewels is as well. I feel privileged to have spent the time I did with her. I wish her nothing but the best in all she does. This lady is a must see… but hey you already know that.

An Unbelievable Rush of Elegance, Beauty and Seduction

I’m not a frequent hobbyist, so I don’t write a lot of reviews. I tend to shop for low-volume, selective, high self-respect providers who have a life outside of the hobby, and who do what they do to supplement their incomes and add variety to an already full life. How odd then, that I have seen Jewels—who is among the most visible and sought-after courtesans in the world—once or twice a year for as many years. Why? Because she is the infrequent hobbyist’s ideal Top Provider; she treats you like you’re the only man on the planet, with a grace and class, cleanliness and freshness, and a down-to-earth exoticness (normally a contradiction in terms) that is so very rare in this activity. I first approached Jewels nearly two years ago via her Boston Eros ad, and we eventually spoke by phone. I didn’t have any references, was new to the hobby, yet she was still willing to see me once ID was verified through employment. (I own the company.) My timing was bad as it was her last day in Boston and she was flying back to NYC that afternoon.

Nevertheless, she took a fractional deposit and one week later flew back to Boston, took a one-hour cab ride to a hotel near my home, and followed my directions to discreetly let herself into the suite I had reserved for our 4-hour dinner date. I had left her favorite drinks on ice, along with some cheese and crackers, candles, even her favorite orchid and my favorite spa soap, and she got there several hours before our scheduled date and began to prepare. I texted her when I was headed over with dinner (an assortment of Thai, Italian, and Japanese take-out from 3 different restaurants in the same plaza), and again when I was entering the hotel from the rear and on my way up to the room. Later, I would ask her how she knew that an as yet unmet date would follow through, and how she could trust me to be who I claimed to be in our conversations. “I just knew. You’re a gentleman, a successful businessman, and you have a way of speaking, a confidence language that I relate to after years of dating similar men—except you don’t speak like a hobbyist, and that’s what really attracted me to you and why I knew I had to meet you…” Wow, I thought. World-traveled, among the most sought-after providers in the profession—and SHE had to meet ME. “In what world does THIS happen?” I knocked softly on the door to our suite, heard a rustle behind the door, and after a 5 second delay, the door swung open. VIPs, read on. Non-VIPs; you’re in for an unbelievable rush of elegance, beauty, seduction, carnality, and even romance.

The Juicy Details

As I entered the suite, Jewels was behind the door dressed in a stunning black dress and heels. The door closed and she threw her arms around my neck and immediately began LFK, pulling away to look at me admiringly, smile, and then dive right back in again. Her heels brought her to just below my eye level (I’m 6’4”) at around 6’2”, causing her to comment how nice it was to look up at a man for a change. We settled into the suite sitting opposite one another in arm chairs as she seemed to want to interview me before the fun began. I unpacked the food, spooned her up what she requested, and we ate from porcelain plates that I’d brought from home earlier that day. We got to know each other, shared our personal accomplishments, and found we had a lot in common in spite of our 20-year age difference. The whole time I’m sitting across from her I’m marveling at how incredibly beautiful and airbrushed PERFECT she was—yet she was so girl-next-door comfortable in her own skin—and she kept complimenting ME. She thanked me for putting so much effort into our date, complimented me on my smile, my “nice hands”, even my taste in clothes, and kept telling me how handsome I was. It was like reuniting with your favorite HS heartthrob 10 years later as adults, to find that she has since become a glamour icon and she still has the hots for you! After we finished eating, we cleared the food to one side, stood up and resumed kissing with wandering hands. She mentioned that she had brought me some special lingerie and asked if she could model it for me. “Of course,” I said smiling, and she retired to the bathroom where I had discreetly left the balance of her donation an hour earlier. Ten minutes later, she emerged in garters, stockings, a bustier and heels, with her hair pulled back in a pony tail. WOW. ]The next two hours were a blur of LFK, DFK, DATY, Mish, CG, doggie and my first and only Greek experience. I asked her if I could CIM and she smiled and said, “Of course; I love it” with that sexy eastern European accent. So I stood beside the bed with her head on a pillow and those smokey eyes looking up at me with her full pouty lips wrapped around my head, feeding her my engorged member until I filled her mouth with cum as she hungrily gulped me down to the last drop. What an amazing GFE/PSE experience! Since then, I have entertained Jewels at my home, even cooking a gourmet swordfish dinner for her, prior to a memorable bubble bath that lead to 2 hours of naked cuddling and conversation in front of my fireplace. Jewels is a chameleon on a date, someone who transforms herself into whatever you need or want, and a woman so intimidatingly stunning that she turns heads and drops jaws everywhere she goes. She’s in the Top Ten in the World on this medium, with 120 reviews over 4½ years, my once-or-twice-a-year treat to myself, an amazing catch in a league of her own, and a true one-in-a-million, world-class 10/10 provider. While our busy schedules don’t always align, I intend to see her at least annually as long as she remains active—or until some lucky bastard steals her away. Treat her well, gentlemen, as she’s worth every penny.

A Steamy Adventure

A Whole New Level

I saw her post on the Los Angeles board that she would be visiting so after checking out her website and reading the page after page of rave reviews I figured this might be a date to remember. Well, it turned out to be a date I will never forget. This amazing woman takes sensuality and pure raw sexuality to the stratosphere. Takes the word ‘provider’ to a whole new level. Can’t wait for her to visit LA again.

The Juicy Details

I called from the lobby of her Century City Hotel and she was ready for me right on time. When I got to her upscale suite the door was ajar and she’d told me on the phone to just come on in and close the door behind me. So I did, and that’s when I saw her. Standing midway in the candlelit suite was this DDG amazon with the face of a movie star and the body of Xena the Warrior Princess. I was literally speechless! I’d seen her photos, knew that she’d been in Playboy so I thought I knew what to expect but seeing her in person blew me away. Her face is similar to the actress Monica Bellucci, beautiful smooth Mediterranean skin, dark hair and sensual blue bedroom eyes. She slowly walked toward me like a tiger stalking its prey. We embraced and she brushed her luscious full lips gently against my face and whispered, –Hello, are you ready for me?– My hands began to explore her toned body and her prefect breasts as our tongues began to explore each other mouths. She offered me a drink so I opted for a beer and put the gift on the bar. She never mentioned it or looked at it. We sat on the couch for a few minutes getting acquainted and rubbing each other. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. My clothes flew off faster than Clark Kent could have done. Things heated up quickly and Jewels made love to my throbbing cock like it was a lifeline. Great eye contact and soft little moans, I was in heaven. I wanted to make it last but I lost all control when she said –I want to taste your cum –. Well that did the trick and I exploded in her warm wet mouth and she swallowed every drop. Being one who always likes to return a favor, I pulled her up to sit on my face. She was wet and her clit was swollen so my tongue worked its magic until she responded with a very vocal bucking orgasm. We caught our breath and within a few minutes I was hard again. She noticed and asked if I was ready to fuck. I said only if I can make you squirt. Well, she gave me a big smile and proceeded to let me know exactly what to do. I got on my knees and she lay back, put a pillow under her ass and had me push her legs apart and back towards her head. I slid into her tight wet pussy and I could immediately feel my dick pushing perfectly on her G spot. I guess I was a good fit because it didn’t take long to be rewarded with gushing warm love juice all over my legs and the bed. Now if I thought she was done, I was wrong. She flipped over and said –I want you in my ass– OMG, does it get any better than this? BTW, her ass is incredible. Firm and muscular from daily workouts and not an ounce of fat. That’s on the outside. On the inside, her muscles grabbed my cock like a velvet vice. The harder I fucked her the more she begged me to go even harder. I exploded deep in her ass for my second cup. She got a warm wash cloth and cleaned us both up. We lay on the bed entwined, kissing and sucking. I was up for a third round so we started in CG, then ACG, then RACG. She said she thought she could squirt again so we went back to mish, held her legs high and damn if she didn’t erupt again. This time it reflected up onto my stomach and hers. I licked it off her and it tasted like strawberries. She got me off one more time with a BBBJCIMWS. She’s not a clock watcher and I realized that I was already over my time. I took a quick shower dressed and was on my way. Her name is appropriate–she really is a jewel. A rare one in a million. I hope she visit LA again very soon. It was truly one of the most erotic sessions I’ve ever experienced with a woman who is as close to a perfect sex goddess as you can get. I highly recommend you see her.

An Experience You Will Never Forget

Some men search their whole lives looking for the perfect woman..i found her in Jewels..i love the finer things in life and if have an opportunity to enjoy them..i will with no hesitation..she is total elegance..her pictures are breathtaking..to actually see her in person is an experience you will never forget..i have wanted to see her for some time… I contacted Jewels when i saw she would be in town..our appointment was easily set up..i was to see the girl of my dreams and of so many others..just to be with her seemed impossible a while ago..dreams do come true..she is everything you see and more..vips read on..

The Juicy Details

She arrived athey 4 star hotel..I texted her the room number..it is funny, I felt like a high school kid on his first date..when I opened the door..i was stunned by her beauty..she had on a short and extreemly form fitting dress that just accentuated her breasts and long legs..her eyes are sensual..her long dark hair just adds to the aura she creates..pure sexuality..I had ordered a bottle of vodka for us to share beforehand and we sat on the bed for a few minutes to say hello and have a drink…I had traveled all day and needed a shower…when I returned here was this glowing beauty in a banding bra and panty set just waiting for me..i had to taste her lips..her dfk matches mine..warm wet..intense..we made out like school kids for five minutes before she suggested we move up on the bed..my shirt and pants magically disappeared while i very slowly undressed her..i wanted to see that exquisite body a little at a time..her breasts are large with perfect nipples..her ass is smooth and hard..i asked her to stand up so i could take it all in..she did..looked like playboy centerfold right in front of me..i had to taste her..she has the sweetest tasting pussy i have ever had plenty of DATY and DATO…wet juicy..i devoured her..kissing her..then fingering her pussy while sucking on her breasts..she was super wet by now and reminded me why i was there..i was so carried away pleasuring her i forgot about me..flipped me over and gave me an extended bbbj..i was harder than ever..69 was next..for some reason i just couldnt eat her pussy enough..she loves it..i had to be inside her..on went the hat..cg..long strokes inside her..her kissing me..me sucking her breasts..off came the cover..more bbbj and done with cup 1 …she asked how many times incould cum as her record was 7…she said she wanted me to be 8 and a new record…who was i to complain? More daty and 69 and she is now at two herself…by this time we were really into each other..another cover..mish this time..fucking her deep while looking into her seductive eyes..pure bliss..i was ready to pop…i had no idea how i made it this far without cumming..she said she wanted me in her mouth..who am i to argue with this gorgeous woman..i explode with a huge load..she enjoyed me and then cleaned me up…more talk and drink music and playing around and then off to the races again..this time she asked to go to Greece and again I said of course…she is amazing and has a perfect ass…loved seeing herself in the mirror by the bed…I started to gomtomthe islands but she is so tight I had trouble getting inside..from the she took me doggy and had me ride her until number 3 and she had one of her own..More of the same and we both had number 4…I could not go much further but she was ready and willing the whole time…next visit I will try to go for the record and have no doubt she will be there with me to do it… Jewels is amazing and for good reason..i just wish more men could have the enjoyment i found with her..she is an extraordinary lady..she is the object of a lot of men’s desires..just to be with her gives you a sense of fulfillment..that you just were with one of the most beautiful ladies in the world..that you will never let that opportunity slip away..i never would..i hope you don’t either..

The Best Thing to Happen

This woman is fucking ridiculous. She is everything you could ever want. She seriously is one of the best things to happen. Just understand that this is a true playboy centerfold that can handle a serious workout and gives attention back in all of the best ways possible.
Check out her pics. If you are into hot, sexy, soft skinned, big/soft lipped beauties with big beautiful tits, an athletic, fit and toned body with a tiny waist and a perfect round ass and fun personality – then line up boys…

Easy to converse with ahead of time and quite responsive to communication which makes for a much better experience.

Will repeat!

The Juicy Details

Got to her place and was wearing the outfit I requested – hot. Peeled her out of it – she was looking very sexy with her perfectly toned athletic body and her shapely, womanly curves. Playboy/Penthouse model material with full beautiful lips and a great attitude – loves her work and was locked in from moment #1.

So the tornado of a workout began with a long steady / toy assisted / leg teasing trip to DATY-land – beautiful lips and very responsive and a fun squirt to boot. She reciprocated and had me going with BLS/DT long licking BBBJ until and grabbed her and brought her up to me and went through the entire alphabet including a spirited go at her ass – mostly for the visual of drilling that beautiful body from every angle imaginable – long lean with a stellar ass and big tits – this girl is 5’10’ plus and will push back just as hard as you push into her. She is erotic and has a million suggestions and cup #1 was delivered after (her suggestion) she dropped her head over the side of the bed and let me face fuck her mouth until I spilled all over her tits and stomach.

Massage into round 2 with HJ, BBBJ back to a HJ and all over those tits again.

Must do double with her a friend next visit – check this box of your list.

Overwhelmed By Her Beauty

When Jewels opened the door I was overwhelmed by her beauty. Her pictures are her. Tall and beautiful. Jewels is great. She is exactly what a woman should be. She makes you her king for the day. she is thoughtful and yet erotic. She is so nice and caring you may forget why you are there.

The Juicy Details

She is a perfect 10/10 and obviously will repeat and recommend without a doubt You will love her. She greeted me at the door with a big DFK. We sat on the couch of her suite and she made us drinks all the while I was exploring her magnificent breasts and dfk. After I removed her sexy brasierre she suggested we go to her bedroom. I immediately went for DATY which I may add was delicious. she then reciprocated with a bbj which was wonderful. Jewels then suggested that we do Greek which surprised me.. I am not a big advocate of this however after experiencing it with Jewels my feelings may have changed, at least with her. She wants it and she wants it hard. Should I have denied her request. H–l NO! Before and after she gave a world class bbj and 69 was awesome and DATY was delicious. She is a great caring woman who wants to satisfy all your desires. Go see her I guarantee you will leave with a smile and will want to repeat.

A Must See

Wanting to connect with Jewels for the longest time. Finally got a chance on her recent travels. She is a real treat you will be floored how beautiful she is when you see her. Her energy and sexual appetite are unmatched. A must see.

The Juicy Details

Met Jewels at her upscale infall hotel. When she opened the door I was shocked how tall and beautiful this woman is. Her pics are accurate, but in person it is a sight not to be missed. She offered a drink. We chatted for a few mins with some nice DFK mixed in. She is very good at putting you at ease. Enough of the talking. Finally we were on the bed and just kissed and made out for a good time. She mixes slow and sensual with DFK. Amazing kisser. Finally made my way down to her chest and kissed her nipples. The were awesome. Worked my way down to her clean shaven pussy for some DATY. I could have stayed there forever. She tasted great. She had a few big O’s while down there or so it seemed. Finally it was her turn she went to work on me. Great BBBJ action. She flipped back over so we could 69. We both enjoyed that. Then she moved back down and worked me to my first release in her mouth. She swallowed all. She refreshened up and came back and shared more conversation on the bed. All the time we were touching and exploring each other. She gave a nice foot massage. Finally more DFK and DATY and another O for her. She covered me up and started cowgirl. Loved how she would bend over and tease me with kisses while riding. Finally I had to have her ass. Turned her over to doggie and started Greek. What a sight to be hold. Jewels has the best ass and to see me plunging in and out was amazing. I wanted to get her to squirt so we changed condoms and she said we have to be in MISH. So we went to standing MISH and I pounded away. That was the best feeling. I started to rub her clot while I was pounding, hoping that she would erupt. Her breathing got more intense and she said she was almost there. Just as I was about to lose it, she let out an amazing gush that soaked me and the bed. I followed not long after with an intense O. Talked some more. Jewels was open to Rd 3 but I was spent. She is a true sweetheart. I can’t wait to see her again.

Gorgeous and Accommodating

This is my second visit to see Jewels and the only issue I had was why did it take so long to see her since my first visit. Set-up was very easy and I had to change the day at the last second due to work and Jewels couldn’t have been more accommodating. I made my was to her nice 1-bedroom apartment and was once again blown away at how beautiful and classy she looked when she opened the door. She had asked in advance what I wanted to drink and welcomed me with it as we sat and spoke for a bit before starting the action.
For non-VIPs who can’t read what follows – you should know that there is no one I have met who is as gorgeous and accommodating and a pleasure to be with as Jewels and you are making a huge mistake by not treating yourself to the experience.

The Juicy Details

At the end of our last session – Jewels had suggested some role play and during the lead up to our encounter, we discussed a boss-secretary role play. In the scenario, she had been making too many mistakes and I was about to fire her – but she convinced me that there were other things she could do. She was dressed in a sexy secretary outfit (blouse and skirt) and she began kissing me and then dropping to her knees and unbuckled my pants and gave me the most amazing OWO. It was an incredible view and she looked up at me with here gorgeous eyes while taking me all the way. After some time – she stopped and took off her blouse and skirt and she looked divine in a sexy black g-string and panties combo. At this point – I took her into the bedroom and went down on her and made her squirt a couple times. On goes the condom and we start in missionary, with her incredibly long legs above my shoulders and DFK the whole time. Switch to doggy for a bit and I could no longer contain myself. She asked my to come all over her face – which I happily did.

I grabbed a quick shower to cool off and we immediately went back at it. Started once again with OWO – but this time she swung around into a 69. She then did something I have never experienced before – because she is so tall, she was able to keep switching between OWO and rimming. The effect felt amazing. Jewels then started riding me for a few minutes before telling me that it was time for Greek. We started with me behind and then her riding me. She is so sexy and it is such a turn on that she enjoys Greek as much as she does. We then switched condoms and I went back to missionary and was able to make her squirt all over me a few times before coming inside her. It does a lot for a guy’s ego to make such a beautiful and sexy woman come all over you like she did.

We then took another break and had another drink and chatted. Besides being beautiful – Jewels is also incredibly bright, is well traveled and is a keen businesswoman. We discussed how amazing it would be to go off to the Caribbean for a long weekend together – and this is something I need to make happen.

To further entice me – Jewels then changed into a sexy new bikini she just got for a photoshoot. Round 3 quickly commenced once I saw her in that and we started with her on her table, followed by doggy in front of the mirror and then on her couch. After making good use of her furniture, went back to the bedroom for another round of Greek and then finished in her mouth as requested.

I will finish up in saying that Jewels truly provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience. She is incredible company, is great to speak with and I can’t imagine anyone doing the things she does on the bedroom better than her. I can’t understand anyone (not that there are many in her 100 reviews) that don’t give her a 10/10 every time. I eagerly look forward to the next time I get together with her.

What a Perfect Woman

Found her add on Eros-NY.com. Contacted her via email and was surprised because she replied immediately with such nice messages. Unlike other providers she is very charming and discrete. She puts a lot of effort in meeting you. She is very intelligent, has incredible high social skills. After a short phone conversation she decided to give it a go and sent me her address. Before I arrived at her door she sent me naughty messages about her lingerie to get me in the mood. She lives in a huge fancy and modern apartment in downtown Manhatttan….. When she opened the door I couldn’t move or say anything anymore…. a statuesque and classy model, 5’11” in lingerie,high heels ….dropdead gorgeous…Let me take control honey..I like that ; she said…. Well..The night was long…intens….amazing….and she had more qualities than I expected…What a perfect woman !!

The Juicy Details

After entering her fancy apartment she really made me feel comfortable. She offered me a drink, asked me about my life and made me relax. After a while she invited me into her bedroom. She asked me what kind of experience I wanted…. Girlfriend , rough or all in the middle…. After my answer she started to dance…did a striptease and revealed her amazing DDD breasts. Enhanced but very natural looking. Then she started to kiss me all over and gave me a body to body relaxing massage…..Her blowjob started gently and ended in a pornstar style. Light S&M like I wanted. Sex with her is amazing…she wants to do many position and likes to try new locations in the bedroom/livingroom. Her appearance is stylish and gentle but when you turn her on she becomes a pornstar.

Jewels love anal and I was surprised that she could take my big cock into her tight ass and on top of that she really enjoyed it just as I did.

After many different positions our sweating bodies exploded and she made me come like never before. ( I explain later why) After a small talk with her I started to reenergize again….I felt happy, relaxed and satisfied…But looking at her beautiful body made me want to have more. However our session was over…. But since I was her last customer that evening she told me that the evening was mine…. The night started all over again….sparks…like I was in heaven. So if you want to meet this beautiful lady, ask for a time a the end of the evening .

To summarize my experience… Her pictures show that she is beautiful ….and she really is…But the most beautiful is her mind and performance. She is very dedicated….very sweet….very professional….very social….and much naughtier than I expected. She has pornstar qualities but the body of a model and the brains of a wall street banker.

She is one of a kind…… do not forget to ask for the Hungarian special….. Never seen it on XXX movies, it is her secret..The best I ever felt. Enjoy Jewels guys !!!

Off the Hook

Jewels is a once in a lifetime girl and the best experience I’ve had thus far with a provider. So much so that she may ruin other providers for me. I booked about a month in advance and after verification we had some nice back and forth over email which I really like. It really built up the anticipation for the day of. But in some cases the hype can be a let down though, not in this case, however. I met her at her hotel and when I opened the door I was stunned as to how tall and beautiful she was. You can tell she modeled with her great bone structure and height. I’m really into eyes and hers are amazing. And her body is just off the hook, she’s literally like a Barbie doll (except with dark hair). And her accent is super sexy. Needless to say I recommend her and will see her the next time she’s in town.

The Juicy Details

She was wearing the requested outfit (no panties), a sexy school girl thing and it really accentuated her figure. We started dfk right away and every once in a while said some words. We quickly moved to the bed and I went in right away for daty, she’s super sweet and tasty down there. Amazing. I stayed down there for a bit as I was really enjoying myself.

After a while, she pulled me in front of the full length mirror and gave a phenomenal bbbj, with lots of dt, bls, and tongue action. I was going to lose it in 2 mins, but she started just teasing me, prolonging the pleasure until I couldn’t hold it any longer and I exploded all over her face and mouth. It was the biggest, most intense, and highest volume orgasm I’ve had in a long time. Cum was literally flying everywhere. She looked so hot with it all over her face and mouth. A sight I’ll never forget.

We cleaned up a bit and rested then she went in for another bbbj and tried to coax me up again. She laid on her back with her head over the side of the bed and wanted me to fuck her face, which got me hard instantly. I was thrusting hard and deep and got ready for the cover. On came the cover and we rode doggy for a while, her butt is perfect, not small and not too big and perfectly shaped. We did this for a while and then she asked me to take her ass. Who was I to complain. I’ve never gone greek with a provider and boy was I missing out. Her ass was so hot and tight, it felt amazing. We stayed in greek doggy for a while until I started getting winded. So we switched to more bbbj and some Russian. Then she put another cover on and started riding me cg and acg, which was amazing to watch. She has amazingly long and slender legs and watching her pump up and down on my cock was beautiful. Then, to kick it up a notch, she pulls me out of her pussy and then puts me in her ass again. OMG, the sight of me sliding in and out of her ass with her pussy looking at me was too much, within a few mins I lost it in the bag.

We took a little break, she gave me a back and foot massage which was a nice touch and chatted a bit to get to know each other. She’s really an awesome person, and while everything physical about her was incredible, her personality matched perfectly leading to just a phenomenal experience. As we were chit chatting, I was really hoping I had it in me to get hard again. Little did I know, Jewels was thinking the same thing and was determined to get a third pop out of me. She flipped me over and started giving me an aggressive bbbj. Lots of DT, hands, spit and face fucking. Wow, I was getting hard again. She can really work the oral skills. I’m not sure how long it took, but she got me to another intense CIM. I was spent.

We chatted a bit longer then I excused myself to grab a quick shower. We chatted a bit more and I was out the door. Jewels is an amazing experience and a wonderful person. I’ll definitely see her again and hopefully many times in the future. She sets the standard for providers.

A Special Playdate

Jewels is the woman that you see in your dirty mind’s eye when you close your eyes and wrap your lubed hand around your growing shaft as a 15 year old. She’s the fantasy every man dreams of when his mind ventures to the naughtiest of places. She’s the vixen in your wet dream that you wish was there with you when you wake up in a sweat having spilled your load on the crisp bedsheets. Jewels is member of a very small club of hot, erotic women who cater to a man’s every wicked and dark desire, wish and whim with unbridled eagerness and enthusiasm. She strives to know what you want and she succeeds in every sensual way to make your nastiest wet dream cum true. She’s an impeccable planner and strives to grant all of your naughty wishes in a way that will leave you breathless and wanting to freeze time forever. We met in her conveniently located Manhatten playpen after weeks of back and forth emailing and texting on the day of our special play date. VIP’s drool on…

The Juicy Details

Her door opened and I’m met by a stunningly gorgeous and hot playmate who exudes erotic wantoness. She is dressed in the hottest of stripper outfits as I had requested and greets me with her hungry mouth and tongue, removing my coat and asking me if I wanted my favorite drink which she had just rushed out to get ingredients for. I quickly showered and donned my own special outfit for this very special stripper performance. She greeted me with my drink and asked me to take a seat for her very special dance. For not being a dancer by trade, Jewels really knows how to move that exquisitely sexy body of hers. Her body writhed sensually with the sexy music as she rubbed herself all over me. She teased me with her incredibly hard and sexy ass and pushed my hands away as a sought to explore the sexual cathedral that is her body. In rapid fire sequence she changed from one hot, sexy outfit to another, each one naughtier than the one before. She exuded nastiness as she gyrated and grinded against my body and cock, letting me taste her perky, hard nipples and the wetness starting to drip from her incredibly tasty pussy. She rubbed herself until her fingers were wet with her tasty juices and proceeded to paint my lips with her naughty fingers. She had placed a very naughty vibrating stirrer in my drink and invited me to place it in her during one of her ass grinding face massages. I slipped the lubricated anal toy into her and we searched for just the right rhythm as she straddled my lap and asked me to kiss her ass cheeks as she placed my thumb in just that most cherished place in her pussy and she rode it up and down, panting and moaning and begging me not to stop. In very short order – convulsions and spasms of joy as her warm, slippery love juices squirted down my hand and wrist and onto my lap. She turned and opened her mouth on mind and used me like a slip and slide, rubbing her sweet pussy all over my hot body. She begged me for more and we proceeded to the couch where my fingers worked their magic on her G-spot and she spurted forth like a fountain again a and again and again. She covered the slip cover and my face and body with the swettest of all initmate nectars and when she was done shuddering with ecstasy she stood up and pushed me back in my chair and gave me the naughtiest sexy look as she licked her nectar from my face and chest and body, sliding down to the special treat she’d been wanting. She opened her wet mouth on me and wrapped her incredibly sexy and pouty lips around my shaft and without flinching as her hungry eyes locked with mine she bobbed up and down relentlessly, no gag, lots of spit and drool, sexy as all hell. This went on for what seemed to be an eternity. I was locked in that wet dream I had as a 15 year old with the most beautiful and delectable and sexual of all creatures. She devoured me and consumed me, fucking me with her hot mouth and urging me on only to back off just a bit, just before and bring me back again and again to that most special of wet dream places where I remained as if in suspended animation until she had wakened me from the wettest of all wet dreams, gobbling every drop of me until I was limp with ecstasy. Jewels sighed and smiled as she took me from her gorgeous mouth, took my hand and said, ‘now we can go to my bedroom and really play’ …..OMFG! What followed was a series of wet dreams cum true. They all converged in an erotic blur of oral and genital copulation activities that were both acrobatic and playful at the same time. Finally, Jewels worked incessantly and feverishly to serve up yet one last cup…when all seemed lost, she picked out a porno on her phone and told me to watch it and her as she worked her magic, and magical it was. My mind tingled with excitement as she once again brought me back to that incredible, sensual, special place…Jewels is a wickedly erotic wet dream cum true. You can’t have her.

Sweater Than Chocolate

I like to think of myself as a man who knows a great thing when he sees it. I am fortunate to have been around and seen some of the most beautiful and highly rated women in this hobby, but from the moment I met Jewels Star, I knew I had found the woman who would stand above all others (literally and figuratively). Over the course of the last few years, I have seen Jewels more than 10 times, and while I have from time to time seen other providers, I always find myself drawn to Jewels Star.

Many things have been said about Jewels Star. I can tell you that the best of them are true, but those words, can’t do full justice to Jewels. She is that special. In our most recent encounter, she invited me to her gorgeous new west side apartment. She’s a tall, statuesque beauty who knocks me out with her charm, humor, and incredible sexiness. Every time when I open the door and see Jewels, have to pinch myself to just make sure I’m not just having the best dream ever and this beauty really is standing in front of me. During our latest meeting, she greeted me with lace lingerie perfectly hugged her curves. We chatted for a while, but then we moved on to the bedroom for some amazing passion which never let up. Jewels is a 100% keeper, she is sweeter than chocolate and much more addictive, too!”

The Juicy Details

From the second I stepped into the apartment, the kissing started with our tongues exploring each other. Jewels’ passion is there from moment one. If my sessions with Jewels ended just after our initial kiss, I would be satisfied. Even her kisses are full of passion and eroticism. This must have been the first five minutes and I haven’t even asked for a drink yet! Once we both caught a breath, she fixed up some Sugar Free Red Bull and Grey Goose cocktails and we settled on the couch as we looked out high above the New York City skyline. We had great conversation and we started kissing again, and soon enough we moved to the bedroom. The lingerie came off as she leaned back on the bed. I was awestruck. This was a body made for kissing and caressing.

I started with DFK. During that DFK, you can’t help but become lost in her face. While she blurs her face in her pictures for privacy reasons, I can assure you that her face is one of if not her very best feature. Her face is a face that is on par with Victoria’s Secret models. After getting lost in her face, I made my way to her large, gorgeous, soft breasts, tight and athletic stomach, and down to her shaved sweet pussy. And her ass. My God, her ass. Asses like that don’t just happen naturally. They take work and dedication, and Jewels’s ass is a masterpiece that was crafted through hours of dedicated gym work and training. When you take her full package, you realize that she is the pure definition of sexuality and beauty. All together Jewels’ beauty is world class. She is truly a Playboy model in real life, but in spite of her exceptional looks she is very friendly and down to earth. 

Shy and Jewels Star are not two things that belong in the same sentence, and she wasn’t shy about telling me how she liked it and I followed her instructions to a tee, licking her so very lightly and slow. As she moaned, I put a finger in and she was over the moon. Many women fake it, but you can tell when Jewels orgasms, she definitely wasn’t faking it. I then rolled on to my back and her mouth quickly found its way to my dick.

She did it all, slow and short at first, then building up faster and deeper. It was heavenly. I had to stop Jewels because we both wanted more as she slipped the condom on me and she climbed on top. She rode me hard and I gave her what she wanted till she came, but we kept going as I grabbed that perfect ass of hers. We switched positions and I got on top. I was so into it that I just went for it, burying myself in her hard and fast. We both climaxed at the same time. The timing was perfection. We talked a little more and caught our breaths. When we were ready, she went down on me and got me hard with to problem at all. She said she wanted anal, so she slipped a condom on and got on all fours. I started so slow, I had no choice because she was so tight. But we went at it and it felt so good! I told her I wanted to do missionary again, and it was just as passionate as it was the first time. By the end of it all, I was totally spent but it was spectacular. I did not leave until I had plans to feed my Jewels addiction again in the near future.

There is only one Jewels Star. Accept nothing but the original, and expect to have your mind completely blown like I did. I’d drop everything to see her again the next chance I get!”

Oh Baby Did I Have Fun

I came across Jewels profile on TER one night in the winter of last year while looking over the New York boards. While I am based in philly, I have noticed that sometimes the amazing New York talent will make a visit to my fair city. Her reviews were solid across the board and her photos were really hot. Long legs, great boobs, and fantastic ass. I thought, damn, those new yorkers really have some amazing women right in the heart of manhattan. I emailed Jewels just to say hello and let her know I had read her reviews and thought she was a total hottie. She emailed me right back and thanked me for the message. That started a really wonderful set of back and forth text messages in which we discussed her life and work as a provider. She was awesome to communicate with. I asked her to let me know if she ever planned to be in my town and she promised she would let me know if that happened. Lo and behold, a few months later she texted me to let me know she was planning a trip to in June. Schedules were a little complicated but we managed to find a time that worked for both of us. I had a mid morning meeting with Jewels at her downtown hotel. Ohhh baby did I have fun!

The Juicy Details

I got to Jewels’ hotel and texted her to let her know I was there. She immediately texted back and asked me for just a few minutes as she was putting final touches on her makeup and sexy clothing. I was not in a rush, so I said take you time and text me as soon as you are ready. A few minutes later I got the room number and off I went.

I knocked on the door and it opened and I stepped inside. There she was, standing behind the door dressed in a pink bra and garter belt set with an exposed pussy shaved to perfection. Jewels is tall. In heels she was 6 feet of oozing sexuality. I’m very tall myself so having a woman with her body looking directly into my eyes was totally hot. Her boobs were thrusting up against the bra, begging to be released. Her makeup was perfect, and her long dark hair reached down to her ass! She stepped up and put her arms around me and kissed me deeply with her tongue entering my mouth and entwining around my own tongue. We must have stood there for 5 straight minutes with our lips locked to one another and my hands reaching around to feel her warm, supple ass.

We moved into her bedroom where within seconds she had my pants down around my ankles and her mouth around my cock. Jewels knows what she is doing with a blow job. Wet, sloppy, slow, totally taking my cock down to the depths of her throat, all while sitting on the edge of her bed. She asked me to stand, in order to get a little better angle, and I complied. The feeling was awesome. She then stood up next to me and removed the remaining clothes I was wearing and we eased on to the bed. Her bra immediately came off and she released one of the nicest set of tits into my face. Her nipples got hard and erect and she invited me to lick and suck them to my heart’s content. Believe me, I didn’t need a second invitation They were heavenly. I knew that other reviewers commented on the fact that her pussy was delicious, she loved being eaten, and she was a squirter. I had to evaluate that myself. I lay her on her back, parted her legs and dove in for all I was worth. Those guys were right. She tasted delicious and as I flicked my tongue over her clit which swelled under my tonguing, she began to moan and quicken her breathing. Her pussy became sooooo wet! I told her I wanted her to squirt, and she told me to keep licking her pussy and insert a finger into her pussy and rub her g spot. i had no trouble finding it and rubbed away. Next thing I know, she erupts in a flood of fluid which I had to choice but to lap up…exquisitely delicious. She gave me a wonderful smile and told me it was my turn now. We switched positions, and she lay on top in a wonderful 69 position. Jewels has beautiful pussy lips and she lowered it directly on my mouth. I could have eaten her for hours. Meanwhile, she is making my cock rock hard. She rotated around and now took me fully into her mouth and down her throat. Gentle hand motion applied to my cock with her head bobbing over me and within minutes I could feel the cum rising up inside me. I let her know I was close, and asked if I could come down her throat. She smiled and told me I better! I let loose and a stream of hot white jizz erupted and she swallowed every drop. Finally she released my cock and licked up the last remaining drops. She smiled, told me it was delicious and got a warm wash cloth to clean us both up. I was spent. We snuggled for a few minutes and then she told me she would massage my feet.

I have never had a provider do that, and I wasn’t sure initially if I was going to like this, but I have to tell you, it was amazingly relaxing and totally erotic. She did this for about 10 minutes and we talked about her career and work as a provider. She totally loves what she does and wants to make sure every client walks away from an encounter having had the best time ever. Once the massage was over, I told her that at my age, one pop was pretty much it usually. She shook her head, and informed me that I had yet to enter her pussy and ass, and that I could not leave until that happened and I came once more. She immediately took me into her mouth and applied her tongue and hand in a very expert manner. Next thing I know, I have major wood. She smiled, and said ” I told you so” and slipped on a cover. She then lowered herself asian style onto my cock and I found myself in her wonderfully tight ass pumping away. She loves anal…loves it, and I have to say, I was having more fun than I have ever had. She then told me her pussy needed my cock, so I pulled out, switched condoms and plunged into her in the cowgirl position were she lowered her beautiful rack to my lips and we fucked intensely. I wanted her to squirt again and she let me know if only works for her in missionary so we changed positions and I fucked her hard on her back, and she again soaked me in her jizz. I pulled out, ripped off the rubber and she took me in her mouth once again and said she wouldn’t stop until I came down her throat. And of course I did. She swallowed every drop and I lay back in my own sweat completely and utterly satisfied. I had literally had my brains fucked out by a woman who is supremely skilled at the erotic arts and loves what she does.

We rested a few minutes, she gave me something to drink and I got dressed, sorry to be leaving this wonderful woman’s bedroom. She hugged me at the door, deeply kissed me and told me I should come back again as soon as possible. She has some modeling business she is doing that seems to be going well so if that really takes off, she may have much less time to provide as she is doing now. If you haven’t experienced her, I would suggest not waiting. It will be the experience of a lifetime!!!

Tireless Desire to Satisfy

Jewels Stars’ incredibly sexy & classy pics REALLY caught my eye and after reading her numerous, outstanding reviews, I realized that she was not to be missed during her short visit in the city close to me. Always preferring to be the 1st morning client, I emailed her requesting a 2-hr. a.m. appointment. She emailed back explaining that she needed to rest up after 2 overnights in a row, asking if I would be ok with being her 1st appointment, beginning in the evening. A little suspect and not wanting to wait all day, I declined and looked into a couple of other “options”, with no luck, and eventually ended up emailing her back several hrs. later, asking if the evening time frame was still available, but with a request for an additional 3rd hr. 😉 ~ Luckily, Jewels emailed back in agreement and I was certainly glad ! Well worth the all-day wait, and I truly look forward to seeing her again, whatever time of day ! Her absolute tireless desire to satisfy me, combined with her stunning body and beauty, and her very friendly and intelligent personality, explain why she gets the top scores from so many VIP’s, including me.

The Juicy Details

I arrived at her upscale hotel in the hub of the city and called her 5 min. before the agreed time, as instructed. She said that she would call me back in 5 min., which she did, with the rm. #, and I anxiously took the elevator on up. Knocked on her door, which she opened, giving me a view of her as I entered Paradise, where I quickly began to thoroughly enjoy 1 of the best experiences in my 20 yrs. of hobbying ! No sooner than she closed and locked the door, the incredibly hot Jewels Stars & I were locking lips in a long, passionate DFK. Seperating, we smiled at eachother while chatting a little, as she stooped down in front of me, unzippering my pants, pulling out my cock, and started giving me a very nice BBBJ for several minutes, as I leaned back against the wall and looked down into her eyes while watching her. She really loves sucking cock, wasting no time ;-)…and after a few minutes of it, she rose and we walked into her suite’s main rm. and enjoyed some more great DFK’ing, while I grabbed her huge tits and played with her nipples, as she continued stroking my erection. It wasn’t very long before we were finally completely undressed and had moved on into the bedrm. where the incredibly satisfying experience just got better and better on the bed. Jewels picked up where she had left off, sucking and licking and stroking my hard-on & balls with vigor, and with steady eye contact. ~ Her eyes are truly gorgeous, by the way. While thoroughly enjoying her amazing oral skill, I let her know that I hadn’t cum in 12 days and was just going to explode in her mouth, which she mmmmm’d eagerly to while looking straight into my eyes…until I ultimately blew the biggest of my 4 loads that evening down her throat. She even complimented me on having such sweet-tasting sperm. I was now more than anxious to return the favor, as we switched around, she now on her back…and I proceeded to lick her luscious, wet pussy, while slowly & steadily inserting a finger in and out, bringing her to multiple orgasms, all of which she was quite vocal about and very satisfied by, complimenting me again on my own skill. From there we spent some very pleasurable time in the various positions of CG, Mish, Doggie, and eventually me pounding away on her anally while she stimulatd her clit with her vibrator, until O’ing once again. Being well rested and thus now very sexually energized, she just couldn’t get enough, and so neither could I ! She said okay, now I’m going to squirt for you…as she laid on her back and I drilled her in Mish for a good 15 min., ultimately getting her hot pussy juices squirted at me, and on to the bedsheets, of course, and me not letting up until eventually blowing load #3 in the very satisfying process ! 😉 We were both in need of some refreshment during a little break, and had some interesting conversation on various subjects…as part Hungarian and Italian with a noticeable accent when she talks, Jewels is quite down-to-earth and has good, solid ambition toward her future professional endeavor, once she is done with being a Provider in a couple of more years, which impressed me. With the time remaining and having told her that I might still have 1 more pop left, with 4 being my personal best, she was all for trying to make it happen, which could only be accomplished by a very vigorous hand job. While I laid back on the bed with her lying between my legs facing me, she stroked as fast as she could for awhile with each hand, until I eventually took over, and shot what few drops of giz that was left in me, into her open mouth…after swallowing it, with 1 quick lick of her lips, she smiled and expressed her satisfaction in seeing me completely spent. We both got up off the bed, fairly drained…I dressed and then we sat on the couch and talked for about 10 min., before we hugged, kissed, smiled, said good byes, and I headed for the door. I can truly say that the session with Jewels is the BEST I’ve EVER had and certainly look forward to seeing her again, for another Incredible experience.

Gorgeous and Fun

Jewels and I had emailed each other a few months ago about meeting and our schedules didn’t work. When she visited Chicago this most recent time, I moved a work trip a few days and took advantage of seeing her. Screening was easy with my references. Jewels was responsive with email and would email cute/straight dirty messages all the way up to our visit. She really is amazing. Day of the date got to her place and she texted me to come up. Jewels is gorgeous and fun to talk with. I think she is my ATF and I can’t wait to see her again. I can’t recommend her enough. VIPs read on.

The Juicy Details

Jewels was wearing a great floral pattern bra and panty set when she let me in the room. You hear how tall she is but Jewels is tall. I’m 6’3 and a former athlete and in heels Jewels is at my eye level. She started DFK immediately and wow is she a great kisser. She is just unbelievably sweet and fun to talk with. She let me clean up and we chatted while I was in the shower. She fixed me some water and once out of the shower I met her on the bed where she kicked off her heels. She took off my towel and started a great BBJ. She can deep throat and makes eye contact with those beautiful eyes. She talks dirty, spits and gags. I don’t come from oral too often-I like fucking too much-but she tried her best and went to town for 15 minutes straight. I then reciprocated and got her on her back. She let me lick and suck her clit and then asked for a finger to rub her g-spot. She said she came a few times and her pussy was soaked and tasted great. She started another BBJ and jumped on top. She smiled, laughed, kissed and came again with me following a few minutes after. She cleaned me off ran to the bathroom and sucked me off on the way back to bed. She got me hard again and then we went to the end of the bed and we fucked in mish with her screaming for me to fuck her as she positioned herself to squirt. She came a few times and at this point we were both drenched in sweat. She ripped off the condom and started another BBJ for about 20 minutes again. She was working so hard and dripping sweat, she was awesome but like I said I only usually cum when fucking. So we took a few minute break and started talking and making out again. She really is down to earth for somebody that is intimidatingly beautiful. We got some refreshments and started back up again. She rode me CG and we made out fucking as she came a few more times, soaking my dick, the sheets and then she collapsed on top of me. I’m rather big so I wasn’t sure about greek but Jewels begged for it so we did Greek CG with the help of some lube and vibrator. She really got into it and then wanted greek doggie. She asked not to go too fast because of my size and I didn’t. She was screaming in pleasure again and came again. Then asked for me to get back in her pussy. At this point it’s been like 45 minutes non stop fucking and sucking. We went to mish where she wanted me to fuck her hard and we went at it. She was screaming and we were both still sweating like crazy. We both came about the same time again. Unreal. We laid around and made out some more and then reluctantly it was time to go. I think we would have hung out some more because Jewels was definitely not kicking me out, but I had to go.

Again, she is really amazing and a can’t miss person to be around. I loved fucking her but she was even more fun to get to know. Really wonderful person.

Surpasses Them All

So I found jewels on TER. Read some of her reviews and decided to give her a shout. We conversed for days through email and texting before we actually met. Jewels is with out a doubt my ATF. I have been with pornstars and models, but this lady surpasses them all with out a doubt. Non VIP’s if you do get lucky to spend some time with her you will see what I mean.

The Juicy Details

So after almost a week of teasing and sending pictures back and forth I finally get to her hotel room. As soon as she opens the door i see this beautiful woman standing in front of me with her breasts begging to be let out. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she smelled like strawberries. As it was warm outside i had to take a quick shower. As soon as i came out there she was laying in the bed…so sweetly asking if i wanted a drink. I wanted nothing more then to put her on her back and taste every inch of her. So thats exactly what i did, i grabbed her face and starting slowly kissing and nibbling on her plump lips. I slowly lay her back and made my way down to the sweetest pussy i have ever tasted. As soon as my tongue touched her clit, Jewels started dripping her delicious honey. I slowly slid my tongue inside her and boy did she taste amazing. I slowly shifted from licking her clit to sliding my tongue/ finger inside her till she had a trembling orgasm. When she came i had my finger inside her and felt how tight she got and couldn’t wait to feel that around my cock. 

But jewels had other things in mind. She put me on my back and gave me an amazing BBBJ. My cock was drenched and all i could hear was her slurping on my cock. She looked right in my eyes and said, I want to swallow your cum baby. before I could say anything i felt my cock burst in her mouth. she took all of it in her mouth, swallowed me and kept sucking my cock. This girl would not let my cock out of her mouth and she drove me absolutely insane. I had to push her off and threw her on her back and made her cum two more times.

at this point i had to be inside her, she slid on the cover and got on top and rode me. Watching her pussy slide up and down my cock with those big tits in my face was like being in a porno. She looked right into my eyes and started kissing me like we were long lost lovers. At this point I had to show this girl what i was made of too. I bend her over and took her from behind. That ass is so amazing from behind. I grabbed her hips and went in hard and rough. I tried my luck and slid my finger in her ass. She looked back immediately and smiled and started moving her ass back and forth. After a few strokes she grabbed my cock and pulled it out and started jerking it slowly while looking back at me. She asked if her ass felt tight…at this point i was completely speechless…she took my cock and started trying to slide it in her ass. Just looking at her beautiful face cringe as she took my cock in her ass almost made me cum instantly. It was a good thing we were going slow or else i wouldn’t have enjoyed that amazingly tight ass. This girl kept me on the edge of orgasm for almost forty minutes. Finally when i couldn’t hold back any more she flipped over, took the rubber off and made me cum all over her beautiful face and tits. I swear if i could breathe I would have proposed to this girl (and I’m sure i wouldn’t have been the first LOL). 

We were already over an hour and she wanted me to stay longer. If i didn’t have to go to dinner with my gf i was sure we would have ended up spending hours.

Im sure most have you have read many providers are one of a kind or the best they’ve ever had, but hopefully you can see/read from this review that Jewels is really one of a kind.

Treat this goddess well boys….

Worth Every. Single. Penny.

I now have a new ATF. Jewels is….Amazing. She is tall, gorgeous, eager to please and has a body built for sin…the good kind of Sin of course. She was more than gracious in the scheduling process, the screening process was healthy and not overbearing. When I arrived at the appointed hour for my appointment, and she opened the door, I knew I’d made the right choice. She was tall (5’11” + 5” heels as requested) and dressed in an amazing set of fishnets and matching lingerie. I couldn’t wait to get in the door. For VIP’s, read on. For non VIP’s, know this…if you can afford to be a regular, do it. You will repeat, and repeat, and repeat. She is worth every. Single. Penny.

The Juicy Details

When I got in the door, we had a passionate DFK. She was/is gorgeous. Her new EE boobs were amazing, bursting out of her bra. Her legs came up to my chest, her body was perfect….her ass…amazing. Every part of her was what I was hoping for. 

I took a quick shower to rinse off the workday, and came in to join her for a cocktail after leaving the donation in the bathroom. As I made drinks, she freshened up, and then the fun began. We talked for a bit (it was my birthday, so we talked about what I wanted, a bit about her, and a bit about me) and it was a great way to make me feel comfortable. She was so warm and inviting….and sexy. I couldn’t stand it any longer so we started making out. She is an amazing kisser, and I felt like she was all mine. I had put a pillow on the floor by the chair, and led her over. I sat down and she peeled me out of my clothes, took off her top and let her amazing chest spill out, and started sucking my cock….and my god could the woman suck cock. I have an 8” cock and she could take all of it. Spitting, pulling, sucking – one hot BBBJ. No need to use her hands to get all the way down…I was literally fucking her throat as she looked up at me… then I had to have her. I had her stand up, picked her up, and threw her on the bed.. which I think she liked (a lot) given how wet her pussy was. She put on a condom, and I pushed my cock into her, and we started fucking, changing positions, and licking, sucking and pulling at each other. It was super hot…and after several position changes, I gave up cup 1. 

For the next two hours we fucked like bunnies. We did every position, shared our mutual love for Angelina Valentine, and role play. I ended up with a very sexy cop trying to arrest me, which I thoroughly resisted, and which led to some very, very hot sex. Then we stared watching porn – with me fucking her in the ass while we watched Angelina Valentine deep throat a cock. Several outfits, lots of cock sucking and pussy eating, and many, many positions later, and many many cups – I was spent. I wish I didn’t have to ever leave. She is now my ATF, and whenever I can afford it, I will definitely repeat. And repeat. And repeat. 

Truly Memorable Experience

What is there to say about Jewels that hasn’t already been said many times? I don’t write reviews, but this is a rare exception, as it was a truly memorable experience that deserves it. Jewels is a stunningly beautiful woman–in every single way there is–who is truly all about your pleasure. The proof is in her reviews, and while they all pretty much say the same about the wonderful experience you’ll have, sheis focused on making each one unique. She wants to know what YOU like and how you like it. She is one of the best around, (if not *the* best!) a must see, and absolute repeat!

The Juicy Details

I’m not much about details, call me old fashioned, but I find it somewhat disrespectful, but as I said above, if you want details, read her many other reviews. I can say based on my own experience, all her 10/10 reviews are pretty much spot on. Pretty much anything and everything you’d want is a possibility. She wants to know your fantasies, wants to help you realize them, and is eager to please you. She doesn’t just ask what you want, but how you like it: slow, fast, tender, rough, whatever it is, she will please you. And the experience you have with her will be based on what you want and how you want it.

If you’ve been around a bit, regarding the act itself, there’s not much new. We’ve all had it in many different ways and positions, and for me, it’s not so much about that anymore. It’s about: is the girl beautiful? Do you feel a deeper connection? Is she genuinely into it? Is she genuinely into you? And she is! She is completely focused on making you happy. A lot of people throw about the terms GFE/PSE too easily, but don’t really deliver. Not Jewels! Just some quick examples to offer some proof: She dressed in a French Maid outfit for our meeting to entice me. A lot of DFK, while exploring each other, etc. When we got down to it, she started off by laying me down with some amazing BBBJ. Afraid I’d drop the first cup too soon, I sat up and asked to DATY so that I’d last longer. She just smiled and said, don’t worry about that, you can cum as many times as you want. She smiled and playfully pushed me back down on the bed and kept going. Outstanding oral abilities! An amazing BBBJ with CIM (swallow). Not just that, but just like an ice cream cone, she licked up what she spilled, and scooped up whatever was left with her finger and sucked it clean. Very hot! DFK during a passionate CG…guys, these are the things that a girlfriend does, (or *should* do)! You will forget it’s a service, and feel like two passionate lovers who havn’t seen each other in years! And the DATY is awesome too. After going through all of the positions, slowly and passionately over the next 2 hours, we finished with some more amazing oral. (All in all, about 3-4 cups). We both had some great O’s, and both slept very well that night! 🙂 But even more than the amazing time you’ll have, she is very friendly, caring, smart, and ambitious. She’ll set you at ease with some great conversation. She’s not a clock watcher in the least, and trust me, you will want to repeat. She really is that all-around perfect experience! She’s a sweet girl, the kind you can only dream about getting, and she won’t be around forever, so go see her and treat her right!

Her BBBJ Skills Are Immaculate

I have been trying to schedule a date with Jewels since June and twice was unable to get on her calendar. this time the stars aligned and I struck gold!!! Guys, there is not much more I can add to the many, many excellent reviews of Jewels. You cannot say that you have tasted the best in the hobby if you have not met Jewels. There is no YMMV with her, I cannot wait for the next time with her and there will be a next time!!!!

The Juicy Details

So I finally succeed in getting a date with Jewels on my third try. It was done through e-mail and she must have remembered me from my previous requests because it was all done smoothly. She is immaculate in prepping for the date, attentive to my needs and even down to what I drank. She is a consummate hostess. I get to her incall early and she apologizes for not being ready yet!! Up I go on schedule and then the door opens and I am staring at a supermodel in every way possible. I was taken aback by how tall and svelte looking she really was. So I am not going to give a blow-by-blow on what transpired the rest of the evening as I feel that all her other stellar reviews are an accurate description of the events that took place.

I will try and relay what a wonderful experience it was for me personally to have spent time with such a magnificent provider. She starts by welcoming you with the ceremonial hug and DFK and then really starts to make you feel at ease. She asks you what sort of experience you wanted and will play the part expertly. For me, I opted for mainly GFE with some pockets of PSE thrown in. So we begin the gamut of acronyms, and believe me they were all available and I indulged in every single one of them. She is a great kisser, has one of the hottest bodies I have every laid eyes on and loves having sex, in every position and every way possible. OMG, thinking of it makes my groin tingle. Her BBBJ skills are immaculate, definitely the best I have ever had and I have had some good ones!!! K9 was my favorite position with her, looking down on her curves and having her turn her head looking back at me moaning with desire. It was there we switched from pussy to greek and wow was she tight there! By far the best part of the evening for me was having 69 with her. I think we spent the most time in this pose, she definitely loves DATY and DATO and giving BBBJ and this allowed us to pleasure each other for long moments. I felt her thighs quiver multiple times and she brough me to the edge a few times also.

She definitely does not rush and I did not want to leave my dream also. Eventually, I reluctantly got myself together and left. I will be back as soon as I get the chance again. as has been said before but I can’t help but reiterate, 10/10 is too low for Jewels. She deserves a place of her own in our hobby hall of fame. I have not been hobbying long but I have seen some wonderful providers. None stand up to Jewels in my book. I hope to be proven wrong one day but until then I am happy to be seeing Jewels

A Dream Girl

I seen Jewels was coming to DC and emailed her via her web site . She requires screening but it was not a hard process and worth going through . Jewels is a dream girl trust me and sweet on top of it . If you get a chance book her . VIPs read on ……

The Juicy Details

After a bout with nerves i finally showed up the hotel Where Jewels was staying . Prior to my arrival she asked me my likes and dislikes . I was very impressed by her desire to please me . After instructing her what to wear upon arrival she texted me her room # . When she opened the door what I was greeted by was one of the most beautiful women I have seen . She had on very sexy thigh high stocking and garters . Her tits are huge ! After a few minutes of chatting of to business . We began to DFK then she knelt down and began a BBBJ . She really enjoys performing one . She then laid me on the bed rubbed her pussy until she squirted and after bbbj with dt I popped and CIM and she took every drop . All I can say is WOW!! Now honestly it’s been a long time since I’ve popped more than once so I didn’t think I could but Jewels made it a mission to do it . First she relaxed me by giving me an excellent foot massage . Then another bbbj I was shocked I got hard again and on with the cover we went ! First we went CG this girl loves sex and let’s you know . Then she offers Greek I didn’t take her up on it not really my thing . Then Doggie and man we went at it until I couldn’t hold it anymore and popped again ! We were out of time but she said I want you to pop a third time and spent another 15 minutes trying but sadly I was done . Guys she is a gem if you can go get her !

Thanks Jewels your an Angel/Devil haha.

Extended Engagements

The Goddess

 I consider meeting for the first time Jewels to be the most fortunate moment of my life. I have had the opportunity to spend time with her many times, and each time I see her, our time together gets that much more special. Having spent three days with her recently, I needed to write a review so that people understand how truly special, beautiful and amazing of a woman Jewels is. Her beauty inside and outside is so special, and it is impossible for me to understand how anyone could feel any differently upon meeting Jewels. From the moment you meet until the moment you leave her presence, you feel as though you are floating on air, spending time with a perfect Goddess, which Jewels is.

Jewels and I have gotten together every few months, sometimes for dinner dates, but usually for overnights, which is the amount of time you need togetJewels’s full experience. Jewels

is VERY strict with her screening. She is special enough to deserve it though. She has many other interests and pursuits in her life which take up much of her time, and at this point she is mainly seeing regular clients, or well-verified clients for extended meetings. I’ve read reviews of first time clients meeting Jewels for short meetings, and knowing her and her schedule, I find many of these reviews hard to believe. If you want to see Jewels, plan to spend some time with her, and you will be rewarded with the greatest experiences of your life. Otherwise, you should probably look for someone less special.

After completing a major business deal, Jewels and I decided we would travel overseas for a few days for some much needed R&R. We were celebrating my success and also celebrating the fact that Jewels’ other business interests and endeavors have started to become a major success. It was a trip we were both looking forward to. Even with my huge expectations, the trip exceeded my dreams. Jewels was a beauty everywhere we went, and our private time was the best I have ever had. Jewels as always dressed very classy, and the best companion for every moment of our trip.

I came back from the 3 days craving even more time with this statuesque, tight-bodied goddess. That’s what I call Jewels – a goddess. I understand why stalkers are jealous of her and don’t believe her amazing reviews. No woman this perfect should exist, butJewelsis as real as can be. Jewels looks like supermodel you have always dreamed of spending time with, but beyond being beautiful, she exudes class and sophistication, is smart, worldly and well read, and just knows how to make you feel like the luckiest man alive. I don’t anticipate Jewels doing this much longer, she has bigger and better things to accomplish in her life, and if you want to experience the best there ever was, make sure you see her.

The Juicy Details

Jewels and I met at the airport because I had arrived a day early to our destination to finalize all the details for our time together. I had my driver wait in the car so that I could greet Jewels as soon as she made it through customs.It is impossible not to spot Jewels even in a crowded airport full of jet-setters and beautiful women. In a crowded airport she stands out, not just because of her height (she is over 6 feet with heels on) but because she has a way of carrying herself that means you cannot take your eyes off of her. No matter where you are with Jewels, she will be the center of attention because women as beautiful as her are so incredibly rare that when you see them you have to just admire the perfection. Jewels was dressed casually in a tight shirt, leather jacket, designer jeans and sneaker. Seeing her dressed casual I was already having dirty thoughts about our time in the room. We caught up in the limo ride back to the hotel and shared more than a few DFKs. Jewels caught me up on all the exciting things going on in her career. As some others have mentioned, her modeling career has truly taken off, and many previous reviewers have said she has the face of a cover model and a body that should be in Playboy. Those things are not hyperbole– she really is those things, having made numerous magazine and Playboy cover appearances.

We made it back to our resort, and back to our suite. Jewels said she wanted to freshen up, and while she did I made us a few drinks and headed out to the private pool. I could not wait! After a few minutes, Jewels emerged in a bikini that had to be seen to be believed. It left little to the imagination. It is not fair to try to describe Jewels’s body with words. I don’t know any words to capture her perfection. Her eyes are beautiful and blue, and face and exotic and gorgeous and the reason why magazines around the world feel the need to put he on covers. The rest of her body is even better. It could be in every major men’s magazine. She does not have an ounce of fat on her body. Her skin is soft and perfectly bronzed, her breasts are full, large, round, and perky and fit her frame majestically. Rounding it all out is the sort of ass that other women would spend thousands of dollars trying to get. It has to be seen to be believed. Her bikini hit her in all the right places, and she joined me in the pool for the beginning of our fun. We finished a drink as we chatted but we could not keep our hands off each other. Before I knew it, we were both naked, I was sitting on the edge of the pool, my cock was in her mouth and rock hard and I was receiving the best BBBJ you can imagine. Jewels alternates between being soft and passionate and more devilish, she had perfect control throughout, and before I exploded we went back to the bedroom.

We started with DATY, and Jewels was fresh, sweet, and bare. Jewels likes it slow and gentle, which many reviews of hers have noted (any review that says she likes it any other way is simply not true and was written by someone who is dead wrong, a liar, a fake, or something worse). As I softly caressed her tight pussy with my tongue, Jewels moaned, said it was time for more real. She got out the covers, put one on and mounted me as we began our first session CG. We went through a variety of positions, each one better than the next, until I was ready to pop in K9, which is a true sight to see. Jewels told me we had one more thing to do before she would let me lose it the first time. On with a new cover, and it was time for Greek, one of the true pleasures of time with Jewels. She is so tight! As we worked our way into a rhythm, Jewels came a few times, and I told her I was ready. She hopped off, took me in her mouth and swallowed every last drop. Our adventure had just begun, and I told Jewels we had a dinner reservation soon to get ready for Jewels said I was not allowed to have dinner until I came one more time, so even though I had just had one of the greatest pops of my life, Jewels worked me back to life with a BBBJ and I finished. We got ready for dinner and the rest of our adventure.

The rest of our three days together was a combination of the best sex of my life, romance, fun and adventure. During our trip we had dinner at some of the finest restaurants and Jewels was always classy, beautiful and charming. We discussed politics, world affairs, you name it. Jewels intelligence is part of what makes her so special. We would spend time relaxing on the beach or in our private pool or jet skiing (which Jewels is great at). Every day we would spend time working out together, and Jewels is truly in top shape. Watching her in the gym is an inspiration. Wherever we went Jewels was the perfect companion. She had the perfect outfit for every occasion, was always charming, and with each moment she took my breath away. We spent plenty of time over the next 3 days laughing and enjoying paradise and enjoying our time in the room. I lost track of how many sessions we had together because it didn’t matter. The sex was passionate, loving, and Jewels truly aimed to please in every moment we spent together. She was perfect in every position, and made sure I was completely satisfied. I did not want her to leave, and by the end of three days together I knew I could spend even more time with this perfect goddess.

Women as perfect as Jewels inspire intense passions. For hobbyists who have met her, they are intense passions of love and admiration at her perfection and class. For those who haven’t met her, they are intense passions of jealousy and hatred. Jewels has dealt with stalkers, people she has never met trying to post fake reviews, and other challenges but through it all she has come out stronger, more beautiful and she remains the standard that that everyone else is judged by. Anyone who has met her will tell you that she is simply the best! on’t accept anyone else if you are looking for true perfection. Hurry and see

Living Life to the Fullest

After spending my last overnight date with Jewels Star I decided to live life to its fullest and spend a whole weekend with the most gorgeous and classiest elite provider in the business. I had an upcoming visit to South Beach Miami so I reached out to Jewels Star to see if she was available to spend a weekend with me on my yacht as well as in my Penthouse apartment. She quickly responded with a resounding yes and expressed excitement in her email. She then told me that she would make arrangements to fly in on Friday morning and meet me right on the boat for a Champagne breakfast. I sent a car for her.

First let me tell you about Jewels beauty. She is an exotic model who stands 5’11 tall with no heels on with never ending legs. She has an absolutely beautiful face which has graced many magazine covers, seductive piercing blue eyes, a magnificent figure with everywhere with the right curves. She has perfectly smooth olive skin. Her soft and sensual lips are just waiting to be use in and kissed and used in more obscene ways. Her tits are amazing and cannot wait to be caressed. Her flat well defined chiseled abs show her seriousness in working out 5 days a week or more. Accenting her entire feminine fantastic body are a pair of well toned legs that just speak FUCK me standing. Beside that she has an unbelievably beautiful ass. I have not found any flaws on Jewels even though I have been with her many times in the last 2.5 years. She is the flawless supermodel of this hobby that you dream of. Other women photoshop their pictures to try to look as good as she looks naturally, and she is still more beautiful. Her face is Victoria Secret model gorgeous and her body is a Playboy model mixed with fitness model body. Our weekend started and it was the best time yet

The Juicy Details

She arrived right on time in a stunning sexy bikini that left little to the imagination and a pair of 4 inch black Jimmy Choo pumps. We greeted each other like we were long lost lovers. Jewels smile lights up all of Miami, and looking at Jewels standing there with her 34 DDD tits jutting out and her hard nipples anticipating me sucking on them, I was in awe of this perfect angel. Then my eyes dropped to view her hot pussy. I could see the outline of her outstanding sexy pussy lips and of course it was driving me nuts. Our tongues could not get enough of each other and after 5 minutes I place my hand down the front of her bikini, to no surprises her pussy was dripping wet. Jewels whispered to me ” I need you now, breakfast can wait.” I am soo horny. After playing a while with her lovely wonderful nectar dripping pussy, I proceeded to bring my hands to her mouth and let her lick each of my fingers that was just playing with her vagina. OMG, If this was any indication of the weekend it was going to be exactly how I imagined it to be. Jewels Star did a mini striptease of her sexy bikini. She gave me a very hot dance. There she stood completely naked and decided to start playing with her well developed clit. Once she worked on her clit long enough her fingers started to dart slowly in and out of her now saturated pussy. She started to moan to the tune of her fingers the deeper she pushed in the longer her sexual moans. I could not take any more watching. Nor could my raging erection. I took Jewels by her hand, and while standing there she pulled my pants to my knees and grab my cock like it was a lolly pop. She was giving me the most amazing BBBJ on my own boat. Does it get any better than this? Jewels’ entire life revolved around making me happy. Her magnificent seductive blues eyes watched my every minute as she waited and knew exactly when I was going to cum. I came and in the Jewels Star style swallowed every bit of my cum (CIM) and sucked my cock completely dry, and licked her lips with enjoyment. I then turn to my exquisite nymph Jewels Star and ask her if I could now return the favor. I would love to go down on one of the most amazing tasting strawberry pussy. Jewels had no answer but she slowly pulled my head ever so slowly and place it between her well defined muscular legs. After 10 mn of licking her clit I could see her stunning eyes begin to roll back in her head. It was time. Her legs stated to squeezed my head a bit harder. Yes Jewels was about to cum when she did her legs clamp my head stronger. OMG, OMG she whispered I ask her if she enjoyed it, all she could say it was perfectly erotic. We enjoyed our day sailing around, and Jewels is not just beautiful but smart, classy and a truly extraordinary woman to be around. Jewels Stars final performance for the day was as she put it fuck me to death. OMG I could not wait. She put the cover on me and we fucked for hours in mish, in cowgirl and in reverse cowgirl and standing doggie and doggie like there is no tomorrow.

Jewels had to cum numerous times and please don’t forget she is an expert in squirting and she did lots of that. The bed was soaking wet. Definitely we rocked the boat. By far the BEST fuck in a very long time and the most gorgeous woman I have been with although I have been with many other beautiful ladies. We collapsed in each others arms and feel asleep in Jewels sweet nectar cum. Jewels is just as beautiful on the inside as outside. She has a magnetic and enigmatic personality and more and more I am seeing her more and more I get attached to her. She is that perfect type of woman what all men are fantasizing about : incredibly beautiful, sweet, caring, smart, classy, fun-loving, sophisticated, driven, exciting and of course excellent in bed. It does not get any better then Jewels in this hobby. She is like a perfect black diamond in this hobby. Do yourself a favor guys and see her until you can because it is possible someone will take her out of the hobby soon and then you will be sad that you have not seen the best this hobby has to offer! Jewels, you are the absolute best

The Gold Standard

In this fabulous business, there is one thing that we all look for: The Best. That special combination of someone that is unique, world class, gorgeous from head to toe, and a super star performer – the total package. Someone who goes beyond even your wildest dreams that leaves you breathless every single moment that you are in her presence.

As an experienced, hobbyist, I have experienced many of the great pleasures in this world, but there is one special woman who stands out above all else. She is not just great – she is the best that there is. No ranking system can express just how perfect she is, and how much better she is than anyone else in the business. Jewels Star is the woman that every man dreams about.

Jewels is a multiple times published cover and centerfold model with Playboy Magazine. During our latest meeting, Jewels just showed me her brand new March 2016 International Playboy Magazine with her on the cover and the centerfold-WOW Just Stunning and fabulous. Jewels is also shooting for Fitness and Bikini magazines now as she is again working on her glamour and modeling careers as well.

I have known Jewels for a few years, and in that time we have had three overnights already, and many multiple hour dates, which are her specialty. While I have reviewed Jewels before, the experience of our latest overnight was so extraordinary and so unique that I felt the need to update my review. I am totally in love with Jewels and if I were single and a little younger I would marry her in a heartbeat.
She is the personification of total bliss, excitement, unbelievable love, fun & happiness!

Jewels is a stunning beauty. Tall and statuesque, she has silky, long black hair, the face of a cover model (which she is!) and smile with amazing sparkling baby blue eyes that will melt your heart and your entire body instantly on contact. Her body is absolutely perfect from working out 5 to 6 times a week with only 10% body fat which is unheard of for a woman. Her stomach is perfectly toned, and she has amazing curves and her skin is perfectly tan and soft. Her boobs are also unbelievable and while she has implants you would never know it. Her ass matches her boobs in its perfection.

Her European class, superhot erotic looks, ultimate sweetness and class, plus her horniness are guaranteed that you will have an unforgettable and amazing rendezvous. Let her blow your mind the way it has never been blown before. Jewels has done this for me every time we meet-WOW incredible to say the least!

Jewels is a true original. She has never copied anyone else, never tried to cheat the system. Her photo galleries and films go far beyond what anyone else is doing. Unlike other girls who come and go, she has been the gold standard in this business for a few years. Other hobbyists I have talked to agree: Jewels is the true number 1, and you should absolutely see her immediately to have an experience like my most recent amazing overnight adventure.

The Juicy Details

Again, if you want the best rendezvous ever in your entire life Jewels is absolutely a must see! She will blow your mind the way it has never been blown before-WOW-Just amazing. She is an experience better than a trip to the noon. I love seeing Jewels as she puts so much into her meetings that other gals never ever think about. By the time your meeting arrives you are so excited that you are about to experience the most amazing & thrilling day of your life!! She always books a suite in a 5 Star luxury Hotel. She texted that she was ready and I was again so excited I could hardly contain myself.

She opened the door and WOW AMAZING there stood the gorgeous Jewels in one of the sexiest, most elegant, colorful yellow stunning lingerie outfits I have ever seen. Jewels has a classy yet exotic look. She reminds me of a mix of Megan Fox, Aletta Ocean and Haifa Wehbe – her eyes and face have a sexy way of enchanting and melting my heart. Her clothes from her elegant dresses to her sexy lingerie are top tier all the way. She wears only the best designers and is always classy and elegant. Her looks are amazing overall too because she has the beautiful face and body that can do everything from modeling for Playboy cover shoots to fitness, bikini and lingerie modeling, too. I barley put my things down and closed the door and she gave me the best greeting and DFK a guy could ever ask for. Thanks Sweetheart!! Jewels is a fabulous kisser with her tongue and with lots of emotional feelings, of positive energy and vibes flowing freely. That alone is worth it all, but that was just the very beginning of an unbelievable night. We just stood there feeling each other and rubbing our bodies together while DFK kissing and bringing the temperature up to boiling. I was feeling her fabulous boobs and nipples, her amazing ass and very wet pussy as I found my tongue way down her throat and hers as well. It was like we had been welded together and Thunder was also loving every second of this unbelievable intro. 

We took a quick break so I could give her my gifts which she greatly appreciated-we will use them later. We caught up on life and her latest Playboy, fitness and bikini modeling shoots. She gave me a signed copy of her brand new International Playboy cover and centerfold Magazine which I will love cherish forever. I then excused myself to freshen up a little for the fireworks. I came out totally nude with Thunder rising to the occasion which she loved, and she gave him an extremely warm welcome. Jewels was waiting for me on the bed and I removed her beautiful bra and panties as she requested. We lay there with more tremendous sensual and stimulating DFK’S as I again massaged her fabulous ass, amazing boobs, and very wet pussy. Jewels is an amazing and fabulous lover and partner-there are absolutely none better. Then down to the fabulous and amazing twins so Yummy. I am a boob guy and there are none finer than her awesome twins and erect nipples. 

Jewels loves 69 and so do I. She gives one of the best blow jobs ever known to man-wet & sloppy with tons of spit-Just so exciting & Yummy feeling. You can’t ask for more because she gives you 1000% of herself the entire meeting-it is nonstop excellence. We always start with 69 which we both love, and she always tastes amazing and she must have come at six times in 69 while giving Thunder an awesome Blow job. Jewels has also totally mastered the art of squirting –so sexy and erotic-and I love her for that. There are very few women that can squirt like Jewels can, so this is an exciting extra treat and bonus that sets her apart & above the other gals, and she loves to squirt for you with your help. Jewels is the most versatile gal you will ever find anywhere. 

Next it was down to DATY to warm her up for an amazing squirting session. – Just so amazing to see and taste. So on with the cover in Missionary. She positions herself and you in just the right angle as to maximize her squirting. As thunder begins to slide in and out of her wet pussy she begins to squirt and them I pulled out so she can fully squirt all over me. What a thrill for both of us. This was amazing and pure bliss! Yes Again, just another one of her superior skills, uniqueness, and amazing abilities that makes her unquestionably # 1. It was a gorgeous sunny day for our meeting and she had a top floor suite so we decided to go out on the Terrace and have the most amazing sex I have ever experienced. What an amazing sensual and vibrant experience this was again. On with the cover and we started in doggy as Jewels held on to the railing with her boobs hanging down so I could play with them as I pounded away and she again squirted a bucket load all over me and the floor as we both exploded together. 

Well, we kept up all these fabulous activities all night long and it was heaven at its best. But one last thrilling event is a shower with Jewels for the finale: soaping each other up slipping and sliding together with more fabulous DFK’S, and then jewels kneels down for one last amazing and perfect blow job-WOW!! 

The entire night with Jewels is a dream come true, and it is hard to come back to reality after experiencing such perfection. Having sampled the best that this business has to offer, I can say, with 1000% certainty that Jewels is the best!! There is no one better and no one else that is close. Other girls claim to be cover models but Jewels is a real Playboy centerfold with a heart of gold, a creative and dirty mind, a super model’s face, and a sexual drive like no other. If you are ready to experience the best and a woman who has no equal, see the true number 1 and experience the best time of your life. 

See you again very soon Sweetheart!! Love You Tons Thunder!!


A Perfect 10+

I am an International traveler that first experience Jewels Star almost 1 year ago. I had seen her a couple of times and felt the need to write an updated review. . While in New York recently I decided to increase my welcome to an overnight from the previous 3 hours. Met her at her new flat in a very nice building on the Westside of Manhattan. I requested a kinky outfit which she said she could do. Ms Star was exactly on time and when she opened the door I knew immediately we were going to have one hell of an evening. She was wearing a short skirt and all the other dress attire I suggested. The pink skirt fit like a glove an accented every vital part of her body. Jewels Star to give you a little background is has been published numerous times as a magazine centerfold including European Playboy editions as well many other high quality men’s magazines. So we met in her flat and she welcomed me with the most passionate French kiss anyone could ask for with those luscious lips. I stepped back to admire her looks.

The very first thing that came to my mind was a Sexy Goddess. Picture this the infamous Jewels Star standing right in from of me 5’11 feet tall in pumps, beautiful blue eyes (mesmerizing to say the least), a face & body that should grace the cover of Sports Illustrated , perfect big breasts that were crying to let me out of this outfit, a sumptuous ass & folks to top it all wonderful shaped legs that I so wanted to have wrapped around me. I could not wait to disrobe her & see all the goodies underneath. One could not ask for any more. Every part of her body was perfect and sensual. OMG. Her pictures are stunning but in person she is that much more UNBELIEVABLE.. Her inviting attitude makes you feel that you have known her for years. If you want a a SUPER HOT COMPANION shop no more she is the real deal. She will make your dreams come true. A Magnificent Companion.

Jewels Star in my opinion with no exception is by leaps and bounds has the highest standards the most perfect Companion I have ever experienced. She has the Total package intelligence, classy, a worldwide sophistication & is the epitome of the Perfect European Date. If you want a date that will remain on your mind forever with lots of HOT memories her name is Jewels Star A PERFECT 10 plus. When I was departing totally satisfied I asked Jewels to marry me, she just smiled. VIP’s read on

The Juicy Details

So before I arrived at the supermodel gorgeous Jewels Star residence we had email each other of my desires. I told her I love Role Play and that when I arrived I would like to have her seduce me and that I would resists her (yea right). Needless to say she had on a very sexy short white outfit that as soon as I saw it I got a major erection in anticipation of our Role Play. Believe it or not she won in seducing me. Before I could resist she had my cock in her hand and was gently massaging it. She then invited me to the bedroom where all the action would take place. There Jewels would perform one of the best wet blow jobs I have had in recent memory. While she was sucking me and I look down at her beautiful face I already could have exploded and it was difficult not to cum yet. I too sent her a wish list of my desires. Squirting was one of my top choices. Jewels being Jewels she graciously agreed. While I was fucking her and waiting for her to squirt we look down at her pussy and notice her clit growing like crazy. Well seeing this really turned us on, she immediately squired all her lovely juices over my cock. Greek too was on the list. PSE is her specialty. Jewels placed the condom on and let me enter her ass slowly. OMG. I cannot tell you how I loved fucking her beautiful perfectly rounded shaped ass. She was soo tight her ass just grab my cock like it was her hand. As I was pounding her ass I watched Jewels eyes roll back into her head, She loved it. If you have read any of her perfect reviews I am not saying anything new. Trust me this gal loves every aspect of sex. She is a sexual animal in bed and you had better bring plenty of energy. She will fulfilled all of your fantasies and more, just ask. Rating Jewels Star a 10 in every area is not high enough. My ratings would be off the charts.If you don’t believe me make an appointment to see for yourself. Rumor has it she will focus more on her modeling career and will tour a lot less. May I suggest you start making appointments immediately because there might be a long line for the sexual dynamo.I have already booked her for long trip. She is worth every penny

The Standard By Which All Other Women Should Be Judged

Over the course of the countless hours I have spent and the many encounters that I have had with Jewels Star, I have come to understand how truly lucky I am. In this business, Jewels Star is legendary. If you read through her pages of perfect reviews, the same thing comes up over and over again: hobbyists have wild expectations of passionate encounters with Jewels and time after time, Jewels manages to exceed even their wildest dreams and fantasies. For me, I know that to be the case.

Every time that I meet Jewels, I leave my time with her thinking I have just spent time with The Perfect Woman. Not just the perfect escort or the perfect companion, but the most perfect woman I could ever dream of meeting – a woman who gives new meaning to the phrase “once in a lifetime” because most lifetimes don’t feature even a single encounter with a woman this stunningly beautiful, this sexually fulfilling, and with this kind and passionate of a soul. While I leave every encounter with Jewels thinking that I have just experienced perfection, my next encounter with Jewels always proves that I was wrong. Each time I see her, she has become an even more incredible person. Hotter, more sexual, and more emotionally mature.
You sometimes read reviews of other women – even women who are rated very highly in the “Top 10” in the world who say that they look like supermodels or Hollywood actresses. Having met some of those women, I have come to understand that you have to take those reviews with a grain of salt. While those other women are hot, most often they are just the hottest woman that you would see in the club on a Saturday night, or the wife next door that you lust after. Jewels is literally a supermodel. She has magazine covers and photo spreads to prove it. Everywhere she goes men and women look at her unable to process just how beautiful she is. There are thousands of Hollywood actresses who would pay millions of dollars to look like Jewels.

It is unfair to compare Jewels to any other provider in this business: she is on a different level than any other woman you will ever encounter in this hobby. There may be women who rank higher than her in the Top 10, but anyone can find a few dozen guys to give them perfect reviews. Sustaining the level of excellence that Jewels has sustained over the years is something no one else will ever be able to do. Jewels is the number one provider in this business. Period. Any list that does not reflect that fact is a list that does not reflect reality. She transcends ranking systems. She is the standard by which all other women should be judged.

My latest encounter with Jewels was a 24-hour trip that we took to celebrate a special occasion. It was a perfect day full of surprises, lust, compassion and a time I can’t wait to repeat. My time with Jewels has made me realize one fact. Never in my life, inside of this hobby or outside of it, will I ever meet a woman as perfect as her.

The Juicy Details

Jewels and I planned an escape to an exclusive resort in the Bahamas for a special celebration. Jewels and I had a private pool, and once we checked in, Jewels decided that we should take advantage of that, and she got changed. I have met Jewels countless times, but her beauty and her body still take my breath away every time that I see her. When I am with Jewels in public, whether she be dressed for a fancy dinner or just dressed casually in a sweater and jeans and sneakers, I see other men mentally undressing her and fantasizing about what she looks like under her clothes. Jewels looks better in in reality than even the wildest dreams of her body’s perfection the mind could make up. She looks better than her pictures, even though everyone knows she has the best pictures in any city that she visits.

Jewels came out to the pool wearing a skimpy black bikini, the top of which quickly found its way off. Jewel’s face might be her best feature, which is saying a lot since her body is beyond perfect. Her deep blue eyes are unique and I get lost in them every time I meet her. They are kind, and reassuring, but also speak to the dirty mind that lies beneath her beautiful exterior. She has a beautiful and exotic look that models dream of having, and her beautiful lips are soft and full. Some of my favorite moments with Jewels are waking up by her side, seeing her smile and looking into the face of a goddess – the face of true perfection.

Jewel’s enhanced breasts huge and the most natural large enhanced breasts I have ever seen or felt for. They are full, and soft, and with her tall and fit figure they look right on her. She takes pride in everything she does, and her breasts are no exception. Jewel’s overall figure is something that no amount of money could buy. She is a health freak and a gym fanatic, and every day she gets fitter and fitter. She has a slim waist and perfectly defined abs. She is one of the only women who you will ever meet who is hot enough and fit enough to do both fitness and bikini modeling. Her body is that good. Her legs are toned and impossibly long. Her skin is always perfectly bronzed, soft and smooth. Her ass, though, may well be her greatest feature. I have never met a woman as fit as Jewels who has such a full and toned ass. Everywhere she goes, no matter what she wears, men and women a like marvel at how good it looks. In person, laying by your own private pool in a Caribbean paradise, it takes on a quality of perfection, and seeing it and her there is a moment I will never forget.

It is common for people to exaggerate in reviews about the sex that happens in this hobby. From first hand experience, I can tell you that the descriptions of sex with Jewels are no exaggeration. I’ve read reviews of men having 8 or a dozen pops with Jewels in a single night, and I have no doubt from my experience that they are true. Jewels is so great at sex and loves it so much that she makes each sexual experience with her a new and exciting and passionate experience. Other girls in this business know that they can’t match Jewels sexually. Jewels is constantly improving her offerings. She is always working to become better at what she does in order to offer new and exciting experiences. She is a sexual trailblazer, and nowhere else will you get to experience squirting, the Hungarian special, Greek and the full PSE with a true supermodel and Playboy centerfold. During our time that day, we did all those things in more. You may be able to find hot women who can offer you a nice GFE, but Jewels will provide that GFE then blow your mind with a sexual passion that you did not even think was possible. Jewels is so good at sex that I am sure other top-rated providers read her reviews and then incorporate her sexual acts into their own services, knowing that Jewels is the best and that if they want to keep up with the best, they have to imitate her. Jewels is always safe in her sexual practices, and protection is always used. To get a 10/10 rating, other providers may be willing to risk their own health safety and provide the “ultimate GFE.” Jewels never has and never will do that. Unlike those other providers she respects herself too much. She earns her 10/10s by truly being the best and not copying anyone. 

I lost count of our sexual encounters that night, but Jewels started things with her patented Hungarian Special, performing the softest, most amazing BBBJ, then after exploding keeping me in her mouth until I exploded a second time. After dinner, it was time for the full menu. We started with another BBBJ, followed by Jewels practically begging for Greek. We grabbed cover and went through Greek and a ton of other positions over the next few hours. I lost count, but by sixth O or so, we were both exhausted and collapsed for a few hours. Every orgasm ended with Jewels having a devilish smile of a job well done. I woke up to the amazing sight of Jewels mounting me and riding me CG for the best alarm I’ve ever had. If sex were an Olympic sport, Jewels would be bringing home the gold medal for Hungary. Everything, from her tight and juicy pussy (which is the best ever) to her stamina is world class. Jewels ruins sex with every other woman you will ever meet because they will never be able to perform like she does.

We spent a night of pleasure and passion unlike any I can remember. When we had to leave the next day, I wanted nothing more than to make that day last forever – abandon all my responsibilities in the world and spend the rest of my life in that paradise with The Perfect Woman. Someday, I hope to make that dream a reality.

If you think that anyone but Jewels is the No. 1 girl in this business, you either haven’t met Jewels or you are lying to yourself. Anyone that comes up with a ranking system that puts anyone else No. 1 should ask themselves what mistake they have made that came to the conclusion anyone is better than Jewels. No one is, and no one ever will be.

The Perfect Travel Companion

I Had the privilege to have Jewels company for 5 days on a business trip to Mexico City and I had the greatest time of my life she is a very hot, statuesque, exciting lady with a gorgeous face to be with full of energy with a great down to earth easy going personality I cant wait to see her again guys she is not to be missed she has an unsatiable apetite for all pleasures that life has to offer and on top of that she is the epitome of class and sophistication and she is a smart conversationalist and she is perfect travel companion and she truly loves her lifestyle as an elite courtesan.

The Juicy Details

Everything written about her is true she is amazing in bed all services delivered with sincerity and efficacity and her goal is to please you as much as you can take because her she has no limits she is a true PSE and also a great GFE in between during the day. I have never seen a girl who loved sex that much and so comfortable with all the acts! All scenarios were available in the different days we spent together all I can say is that we had lots of fun doing it like in the hot tub of the hotel we did a trip to Greece with the view of Mexico City in front of us and also a CBJ in hotwater was amazing and back to RCG underwater so we did it in every imaginable position and context even while we visited museums, in the bathroom awesome standing up against the wall and in restaurants she always maintain this sexual tension keeping me hard under the table. She is a natural who simply loves sex and needs it on a constant basis like us drinking water it was like a dream for me all 5 days I spent with this wonderful lady.But it took me a week to regain my energy and to treat my irritated rear with zincofax LOL! Enjoy her she is simply unique and so much fun to be with I had such an amazing time I will remember all my life this experience. Jewels I want to thank you for all the great experiences you have shared with me during that week and guys if you have a chance to get with her do it you will not regret it because she cares about your total satifaction she is simply one in a million!

An Experience That Will Never Leave You

Coming up with the words to describe what an overnight session with Jewels Star is like is an almost impossible task. While I had written a previous review of the first encounter I had with Jewels, it became necessary to update that review because while that experience as wonderful as you could hope to experience in this hobby, the experience of the night I spent with Jewels goes far, far beyond even that: it is the sort of transcendent, all-encompassing (physical, emotional, mental) uniquely human experience that only the most fortune among us are ever able to have in our lives.
There’s a point that settles in hours after the night is over, after you’ve had to say that impossible good-bye where you start to understand what it means to truly be Alive. Standing on a terrace overlooking the Las Vegas Strip after she left, a rare peace settled over me. I’ve been truly blessed in my life to experience and take in some of the great moments of human achievement – from dining with Nobel Laureates to debating with heads of state to standing in the Uffizi marveling at The Birth of Venus. Waking up with Jewels in your arms, smiling that beautifully calming smile of hers is THAT kind of experience, and it is the sort of moment that just makes you realize that we humans are truly unique among all the creatures that roam the earth. Comparing that feeling, that breathless moment, to any other experience in this hobby virtually pointless.
Since we first met, Jewels and I had continued to get together regularly when our schedules overlapped. Over those months since we first met, I would receive the occasional sweet and endearing message updating me on her life as she has continued to grow and settle into her amazing life in this country. During our last meeting though, we decided we needed to spend the night together soon, and cleared both our calendars to find time to get together in Las Vegas again. As the night of our encounter approached, we were in almost constant contact for the weeks leading up. I’ve enjoyed ever second of every previous encounter that I’ve had with Jewels, however she was insistent that she was going to make this night more special than any time we spent together in the past. Jewels told me point-blank that based on some fun we had had in previous encounters, she had a goal in mind for the night, and she was sure I could help her achieve it. It was a daunting challenge, but who I was I to tell this woman no?
The time for our encounter finally arrived, and I headed downstairs to meet her and head up to our suite. I was not even looking for Jewels when she arrived, but I knew she had arrived simply by watching the men at the bar across from the entrance to the elevators. Heads turned one by one, men slapped their friends to make sure they were looking and men passing by literally stopped in their tracks to marvel at what lay before them. It was the telltale sign of Jewels Star sighting. While Jewels had let me know what she was going to be wearing, nothing can prepare you for seeing her in the flesh. Even at the Cosmo in Las Vegas – a place that is teeming with some of the most beautiful women in the world, the sight of a 6’3” raven haired goddess in a simple, tight cocktail dress is almost too much for the mind to process in the moment. We made it to the elevator and locked lips on the ride up to the suite, got to the door, and prepared for the evening ahead. Jewels simply smiled at me, took my hand and led me into the room. In the suite, she told me I had no idea what she had in store, and my dear God was she right.
Jewels is my all time favorite, but even saying that does not begin to describe how I feel about every second I spend with this amazing woman. If you are fortunate to spend the night with her (and if you’re even thinking about meeting her, you SHOULD spend the entire night with her), prepare yourself – mentally and physically – for an experience that will never leave you.

The Juicy Details

Jewels had 2 goals for the night: She wanted to completely satisfy me, and she knew that I could help her break her personal orgasm record. I fixed us a drink and prepared for our dinner reservation, but Jewels wanted an appetizer first. My pants disappeared, and I was fully engulfed in Jewels’ mouth. A BBBJ from Jewels involves a lot: balls are sucked, mind games are played, and a swirl of hands, lips and tongue set off every single pleasure sensor in your body. After a few minutes of Jewels working her magic, I released the strongest orgasm of my life. Jewels swallowed it, which given what I deposited, was no small achievement. I began fumbling around, saying I should clean up, but Jewels chastised me, telling me she was not going to dinner until she completed the Hungarian special. My cock didn’t leave her mouth, and within minutes, she had coaxed #2 out of me.

We made our way to dinner, and while waiting in the lounge, Jewels spot analyzed the piece of art hanging on the wall, identifying what era in the artist’s career it came from, how it compared to some of her favorite works from that artist, and how it represented a development compared to another piece of hanging over the bar. I was floored. During dinner, we had a conversation like few other I’ve ever had. Jewels aims to please in everything she does, but she doesn’t just go with the flow, nod and try to make you feel special. She’s too smart for that. She will challenge you, in a way that only those who deeply care about you are willing to, sometimes forcing you to realize new things about yourself as you stare at a beauty with 34E breasts sitting across the table. The fact that her mind and heart can distract you from them is the truest testament to just how rare of a Jewel she is.

After dinner, we began the process of working on that record. She shed her dress, and the beauty that turned heads went from stunning to ephemeral. Statuesque is a word that’s overused, but it’s the only word the English language has to describe Jewels nude. Her facial features are arresting and soothing, and her eyes could pierce the most cynical of heart. Her new breasts look perfect on her tall and fit frame. As odd as it sounds, despite their enormous size, they look like God intended them to be there. Her stomach is fit and reflective of a type of self-discipline in the gym that is inspiring. Her ass, when taken in isolation seems to defy all logic: huge and perfectly round, it serves as the counterbalance to her tits. Her legs go on for years. Her pussy is The Best: vice-like, small, and feminine, it just spoils you. Taken in isolation, each part of Jewels’ body is a marvel. When put together, they present a tableau that is greater than the sum of the parts. She is a masterpiece that Degas or Donatello would be honored to sculpt.

Jewels sucked me back to life, and we began the process of achieving her record. First was an incredible hour-long 69 session where Jewels proceeded to orgasm multiple times and she coaxed #3 out of me. It was now time for Jewels’ surprise: a suitcase with costumes – a police officer, maid, school girl, and nurse. We made our way thru all of them, and thru every position possible, with her playing each role with gusto. Jewels offered Greek, demanding that I punish her as for being such a naughty girl. Nothing can compare to the warm feeling of the inside of her asshole, and throughout the night, seeing her in so many positions, you come to realize from every angle she is perfection. There is nothing in bed she can’t do. As Jewels began approaching her record, it became incredible to see her sexual stamina (including squirting: a MUST experience). She kept me going too, taking me beyond the limit of what I thought was possible.

#4 came, and I was in heaven, convinced I had achieved everything that I would be capable of that evening.

#5 came, and I realized that Jewels was still capable of exceeding my wildest dreams.

#6 came, and I learned the definition of toe-curling, as involuntary reactions started taking over my body.

During the night, some of the best moments were simple moments of laying in Jewels’ arms, caressing and kissing each other, realizing that sex can go beyond just a physical act: when done right, it becomes the peak, all-encompassing expression of the mind and the body that can happen between two people.

#7 came, and my entire lower body was literally in spasms. I could barely move, I was exhausted, and could not imagine being ready again in the AM. We were two short of Jewels’ record and it was already 5 AM. We slept, but two hours later, we were awake and set about completing the mission. Jewels tied her record fairly quickly, and turned to me with a look of pure satisfaction and exhaustion that I can’t even put into words. I honestly thought I had broken Jewels Star. She then somehow set about attempting to achieve #8 from me. I don’t know how, but she got there. #8 went beyond the physical and into the realm of metaphysics. It seemed as though with that release, my consciousness left my body. All cares about the world around me disappeared. No longer were we surrounded by life’s concerns or the awesomeness that was that oasis in the desert. We were simply two people, together, completely satisfied with nowhere to be in that moment but in each other’s arms. We then broke Jewels’ record (success!), and we laid there for what seemed like hours, simply holding each other, wordlessly remembering the night.

You can go a lifetime trying to find the pleasure of spending the night with a woman like Jewels. Those of us who thru luck achieve it are left in simple awe trying to explain the pleasure. The words “All Time Favorite” are inadequate. She is that and more. The best woman on the planet may be a more apt title. I hope some of you are fortunate enough to get to experience a night like this, too. I would hate to be the only one, because future generations won’t believe the tale true.

Hands Down, The Best I Have Ever Experienced

I had noticed Jewels ads for some time and had also read through her stellar reviews. Part of me thought that what I read was too good to be true, but another part thought that nearly 60 plus rave reviews added up to a clear pattern. So I gathered my courage and emailed her, then crossed my fingers and hoped for a reply. I have flown below the radar on TER, so I was hoping my references would be enough to establish my bona fides. Within a few hours I received a reply asking for screening info – Jewels screens thoroughly, and is very selective, but trust me, it is worth the trouble. Within 24 hours she got back to me and told me she would be happy to meet me. We traded emails about dates and times, and finally agreed to meet for two hours about three weeks later… But that didn’t end our correspondence. Jewels continued to flirt by email over the coming days – nothing explicit, but it was clear from her correspondence that she is vivacious and game for just about anything. She had me so eager to see her that after a few days I proposed we scrap the idea of a two hour meeting and instead get together for an extended twelve hour meeting. Jewels agreed, and then emailed me with a unique question…

She had a personal record she wanted to break, and asked if I would accept the challenge… You will have to be VIP to find out the specifics, but trust me, it was well worth trying. I could hardly wait for the appointed hour, and was pacing around my hotel suite like a caged lion when the doorbell rang. I sprinted to the door, flung it open, and in walked this gorgeous woman who looked like she had just stepped off the fashion runway at Milan… I was struck dumb By Jewels’ beauty for a moment, but finally stammered out a welcome and showed her in to the sitting area. She flashed me a megawatt smile and said hello with a full kiss and an absolutely charming Hungarian accent. Then she glided past me gracefully and took a seat on the couch. She was dressed in a black pantsuit that clung to her every curve and highlighted her best features. A low cut top revealed her ample cleavage, giving a hint of what awaited but leaving just enough to the imagination. Her long legs were accentuated by a stylish pair of stiletto heels that made her appear even taller than her 5’11 height. Her long black hair flowed down over her slender but obviously toned shoulders, nearly reaching her perfect, heart-shaped bottom.

As I offered her a drink (vodka and cranberry is her favorite, apparently), she looked up at me with the biggest, bluest eyes imaginable and said she would be glad to share a cocktail. I brought her the drink she requested, and settled in on the couch for a pleasant conversation. Jewels is very intelligent and driven, and it was clear from our conversation that she wants to excel at everything she does. The time passed quickly in conversation, with neither of us seemingly in a hurry as we knew we had all night. But from the first few words we spoke it was clear where this was headed, as we paused frequently to kiss (Jewels loves kissing and it shows). For non-VIPs… hands down, Jewels is the best I have ever experienced. Let’s just say it is a good thing she came to my place, because I was drained and unable to walk when we finally parted in the morning.

The Juicy Details

Jewels kept one hand on my leg the entire time we talked, slowly stroking my thigh, and occasionally sliding her hand across my stiffening member and purring approvingly. Eventually, the conversation turned to that personal record I mentioned in the intro. If you read back through earlier reviews, Jewels once made a certain client of hers cum eight times in the span of a four hour meeting. She has been determined ever since then to see if that record could be broken, and from our early email correspondence (and apparently some intel from my references) she had decided I would be a good partner to attempt it with. She had emailed me two weeks before our date to ask me if I would promise not to cum for the week before we met, to better ensure the outcome of our attempt. I accepted the challenge, and promised her I would even hold off for two weeks… Sounds crazy, but I kept my promise. Needless to say, I was extremely amped up after two weeks of self-denial, and was ready to nearly explode with every touch of her hand. Soon enough, Jewels excused herself to the bathroom to change into something more interesting, and promised to relieve my anguish when she rejoined me. I sat on the couch for what seemed like hours, but I am sure it was only two minutes before Jewels strolled back into the room in a black bra, panties, thigh-high stockings and those fuck-me stilettos. She motioned for me to stand, approached, and began undoing my belt while kissing me passionately. She told me point blank that she was going to kneel in front of me and suck my big cock, and that she would not be satisfied until I came all over her face. With that she dropped to her knees and proceeded to do exactly as she said. Before I knew it, she was deepthroating me and gagging herself on my cock. I told her to ease up, as I thought she was going to injure herself, and she disengaged to look up at me and demand that I grab to back of her head and force my cock down her throat. Oh my god! I was in the middle of my very own porn movie, only without all the distractions of lights and cameras and crew! Not needing to be told twice, I proceeded to fuck her face vigorously, and she took every stroke like a champ. As she sensed that I was about to burst, she pulled back and began to stroke my cock with both hands, looking up at me with those intense blue eyes and begging me in that sweet Hungarian accent to cum all over her face. Literally begging. When I finally exploded she let out a gasp of delight as the biggest load I had ever unleashed made a gorgeous mess of her. I exploded so powerfully that some shot over her head and made a pearlescent puddle on the floor behind her! She laughed and moaned and played with my cum, licking it from her lips and playing with her pussy until she had an orgasm herself. That was round one, and I thought I had spent every drop I had. I apologized and said it looked like we would never get to the record. She gave me an impish grin and purred you are done when I’ve had my fill… I bet I can make you cum again right now. With that she pushed me back on the couch, settled in between my legs, and proceeded to treat me to what she calls her Hungarian Special. Guys – you have to experience this to believe it. Basically, she just keeps worshipping your cock until you cum over and over again. And by worship, I mean she clearly loves sucking cock! For the next hour she slurped and licked and sucked my balls and my cock until I had cum four more times! And amazingly, I never went soft the entire time! She is like some form of all-natural visual and sensual Viagra. No sooner had I cum for the fifth time (about two hours into our meeting) than she gave me a deadly serious look and said she hadn’t been fucked yet and I had to do something about that now! I had just come back from getting a drink of water, and she shoved me into an upholstered chair, suited me up, and hopped on for the most phenomenal cowgirls ride of my life. She came repeatedly, the whole while looking me in the eye and telling me how good my cock felt In her incredibly tight pussy, as she leaned forward to press her perfect – and huge – breasts into my face. Boom! There went number six. Next up… doggie on the king size bed. What a phenomenal sight as we fucked in front of the full length mirror, with her looking over her shoulder, grinning with delight and coaching me to fuck her pussy hard and deep. Pop number seven came and went while I watched her perfect tits as they jiggled and bounced in the mirror with every thrust. Still only three and a half hours in. Then number eight from more incredible head, and she swallowed every drop (yes, six loads swalloed down so far). At that point I begged her for some rest. I do not know how long I slept, but in the middle of the night I awoke because thinking I was having a very sexy dream… Instead, I found Jewels stroking my rock hard cock. She said she had noticed I was hard, and wanted me to wake up and fuck her face again. She sat up with her back against the headboard and I straddled her while she eagerly choked on my rigid shaft. Before too long, load number nine was released and she swallowed every drop…again! Off to sleep again, only to awake some time later with Jewels straddling me and demanding I fuck her again. Suited up again, she fucked me Asian style as we stared into each others eyes and I caressed her perfect breasts with both hands. We came together, and Jewels collapsed on my chest and continued to spasm as she had one long, continuous orgams. That was ten. We slept a while longer with her resting on my shoulder, then shared some breakfast before ending our time together with a final, long, sensuous lazy doggy on the bed that lasted for half an hour until once again we had a thundering mutual orgasm – my 11th. After showering, we said our goodbyes. The next attempt is already being scheduled. She’s an 11/11 in my book.

Absolutely Gorgeous

Jewels Star is the belle of the balls (pun intended), and is a jewel with no peer. Perhaps the Hope Diamond in the ultimate provider tiara is an apropos metaphor. Quite simply, she blows away virtually any provider experience in this monger’s existence. Jewelsis peerless in performance, gusto, willingness to please and is the ultimate in that she provides GFE, or PSE or a combination of both. As for her appearance/looks – sweet Jesus she is a as gorgeous, athletically fit, and statuesque as they come. She is a Playboy Centerfold model, cover model, and fitness model. Hot Hungarian Jewels Star snaps necks to attention like an airbag in a car crash. Jewels makes both men and women stare/gawk she is so visually stunning. I witnessed men on cel phones falling off the curbs to crane their necks to stare at her. Women in the streets of Miami gazed in envy. South Beach is no stranger to hot international models, but Jewels stands out like a hard on in a whore house even in this city of bikini hotness. Jewels is pretty much toned athletic thoroughbred beauty and raw sex appeal. Her eyes are azure blue, and her breasts are hot, amazing, and upright. She is now 36E. She has the longest, leanest most muscular sexy legs ever seen on a woman. There is no body fat on Jewels. I’ve explored every part of her body and will testify to that. One could bounce quarters off her abs. I had seen Jewels once before (blown away) and had to arrange dinner and an evening together in South Beach. Jewels arrived at my high end boutique hotel with a small overnight bag dressed to kill and thrill and a deep deep passionate French kiss. Sweet Jesus OMG……..

The Juicy Details

Jewels looked absolutely gorgeous, and stunning and told me that my pre-dinner treat was a tease and denial edging DT blow job. She slipped off her dress revealing her massive 36E mammaries and dropped to her knees for a wicked DTBBBJ that left me both wobbly weak and drained. Jewels refused to let me cum for 40 mins and would tell me not to think about cumming until she would allow it. She played with my ass, licked my taint, rimmed me, sucked my balls, spit on my dick, slurped, sucked, gagged, and tried to get me all down her throat. I was about to cum about 15 times before she FINALLY let me explode in her throat 40 mins later. I came in waves and blew more cum than I can ever remember cumming. My orgasm went on for what seemed like minutes and I was twitching and shaking from the O Jewels had laid on me. Took me 15 minutes to get the strength to get dressed for dinner. Dinner was wonderful gazing across the table at Jewels and she teased my cock with her foot under the table much of the meal. We passed on dessert, and decided that was for the bedroom.

Upon getting back to the room, we showered together and I was going to have Jewels‘ ass for some vigorous anal. I gave Jewels a rim job this time and played with her perfect tight ass and applied both spit and lube to her anal opening. Jewels was now moaning and I gave her some anal finger play, and got her ass ripe for my now wickedly hard cock. She applied the rubber and I commanded Jewels to get on all 4s and took her beautiful ass from behind like a dog. I pounded Jewels‘ ass for quite some time with her moaning and talking dirty with her sexy as Hell Hungarian accent. Blew a great load while deep in her ass. Jewels‘ anal is awesome.

I then ate Jewels pretty pearl pink pussy and licked her clit for some time then inserted my middle finger to stroke her G-spot. Jewelsslyly told me that I could make her SQUIRT if I kept it up instructing me as to the proper technique to get her to erupt. I did as told and after a few more minutes Jewels quivered, shook, and shot female cum all over my face. The juices kept flowing and I was loving it. It was not pee, and tasted sweet. Jewels then told me she could squirt repeatedly and gave me some more lessons. She masturbated with her finger and vibrator, and then had me stroke her G-spot again. Jewels shot all over me again and I was loving this. We repeated this over and over ’til Jewels was now weak with her pretty blue eyes rolled up into her head in ecstasy.

It was now time to fuck Jewels‘ tight pussy. She was still weak from blowing female ejaculate a half a dozen or more times and I took charge spreading her long taut legs for an athletic good old fashioned pussy pounding. Jewels applied the rubber, and I got on top of her missionary and went to town banging her like there was no tomorrow. She demanded I fuck her harder, and I shifted into overdrive bringing her ankles way back behind her head. I pounded Jewels into the now soaked luxury mattress. Jewels loved it. We both eventually had major league orgasms.

This night would go with all the acronyms and more sex than any human can take. Jewelstold me she was getting 8 or more orgasms out of me, and she succeeded. Jewels does everything one can imagine except bare back sex. Her looks are a 10 for sure and her performance and energy level are more like a 10 +++++ . Jewels is not ranked in the top 20 providers in the world for no reason. She is quite simply fucking amazing. Do not miss her for extended appointments and overnights. She is NYC based and tours internationally. She’ll make you happy happy!

A Sensual Encounter

The Real Deal

Was able to schedule with Jewels on her 2nd visit to Philadelphia after having to cancel the first time. I was very interested in seeing her due to her amazing reviews and knowing a few of her friends in the business who highly recommended as well. Jewels did not disappoint!! She is one of the most beautiful women you will ever find anywhere! She has supermodel features with piercing eyes and succulent lips and a face right off the pages of Vogue. Her body is straight off the pages of Playboy magazine with luscious enhanced breasts and an an ass to die for! To top it all off, she loves sex and pleasing her man which she does with an amazing skill and makes you comfortable and feel like a king. There is a reason she is the top provider in NY and the country, she is the real deal and just a delight to be around and spend time with!

The Juicy Details

When I first entered the room, I was obviously struck with her beauty and her height which I loved. I’m 6’2 and she was right there with me in her heels, a statuesque goddess in high end lingerie. She offered me a drink and we sat on the bed to get acquainted was it didn’t take long for the experience to begin. Jewels is a great kisser and I roamed her beautiful body releasing her from her lingerie. I couldn’t wait to taste her and began a long DATY session which during she encouraged me to use my fingers to stroke her G spot and she began periodic warm squirts soaking the bed. I literally couldn’t get enough and was getting so excited and having so much fun getting her off. She wanted to return the favor so as I stood at the side of the bed, she laid on her back underneath me and took my rock hard cock in her mouth. She grabbed my butt having me increase the rate and the depth of my cock in her mouth gagging her which she enjoyed. I continued to stroke her G spot as she did so we were both going crazy. I wanted inside her bad and she could tell. She had me lay on the bed on my back and grabbed a cover and said I want you to fuck my ass first before my pussy! Ok, no problem here. She slid down on my cock in CG in her ass and it was so tight and she rode me up and down with such fervor I was beginning to see stars. We proceeded to hit just about every position imaginable both in her ass and her drenched pussy from squirting so much until somehow I held out so long but had an amazing orgasm in the cover. We cleaned up and whats great about Jewels is she is insatiable and before I knew it she had my cock in her mouth again. Plenty of BBBJ which is stellar, condoms all over the bed and floor as the sex was constant and mutual pleasing each other. Jewels is one of a kind, combining her awe striking beauty with a love of sex and pleasing her man. It doesn’t get any better. She is kind and sweet, intelligent conversationalist, and an accent that is intoxicating. I can’t wait to see her again and again..

So Down to Earth and Yet So Gorgeous

Jewels Star, the name really resonated to me because Jewels means precious gem and Star means someone famous. She came highly recommended by three TER buddies and when she posted that she will be in LA I quickly contacted Jewels to make a date. Once verified we set a day and time and I was anxious with anticipation to meet Jewels. On the day of the date Jewels sent me her incall info. I arrived at a 5 star hotel which is so representative of Jewels’ reputation. Once I received the text with the room number I headed up. The door opened and my mouth literally dropped to the floor. Jewels is the best looking woman in this hobby that I had ever seen. Face of a model with full lips, the body any woman would want, and long lean legs that goes forever. I was thinking that in a few minutes we would be lovers. OMG! Jewels does not seem to be worried about time as we sat down to get to know each other with kisses and wine. This totally felt like a dream to me sitting there and chatting to someone who is so down to earth and yet so gorgeous. I asked for the shower to freshen up and when I returned Jewels was in the process of changing into one of her fantasy outfits shown in her website. Without hesitation I highly recommend Jewels if you are lucky enough to have a date with her.

The Juicy Details

Jewels was wearing only thongs when I returned to the bedroom and her incredible figure was in full display. She zipped up the bustier top and her boobs were struggling to stay in it. She walked over to me and planted a huge kiss on me with her tongue probing my mouth and I was instantly hard. Her left hand pulled off my towel exposing my hard cock and Jewels dropped to the floor pulling my cock into her mouth. I was in heaven with my heart beating so fast that I thought that I was going to pass out. The bbbj was so insanely amazing and I was able to see her fabulous ass that I can also touch with my hands. I did not want to spill my first cup even though Jewels wanted my cum in her mouth so that she can taste it. We hoped on the bed and I quickly removed her bustier and thong. We continued kissing and she resumed her PSE bbbj on me with lots of spit, tongue in my ass and DT. I wanted to repay the pleasure so I had Jewels on her back and dove into her shapely pussy. I DATY for a while mixing up the speed of my tongue, FIV, and DATO until she Oed. We transitioned to 69 so that we can enjoy each other more. More moans from Jewels telling me that she is cumming again. I had to be in her now and Jewels put the hat on with her mouth and hopped on for a ride. Her massive tits were in my face that I could kiss and caress. Since I love MISH I flipped her over and began to pound her pussy with my hard cock. She was enjoying my cock hitting her G spot and her pussy muscles were so good that my cock felt that it was being gripped. After a while I blasted my first cup into her pussy. We hugged each other until my cock stopped pulsating. Jewels cleaned me up and told me to just relax.

We drank wine and then Baileys while just chatting about many subjects including the World Cup and her second favorite team, Italy, losing to Uruguay. Jewels is well versed in many topics and would be a great date for any occasion. She noticed that my cock is starting to get hard again. It was easy to get hard with Jewels because she is so gorgeous and so damn sexy. More bbbj followed by 69, doggie, and MISH. I told Jewels that it is a challenge for me to spill my second cup quickly and she was not concerned about time. Jewels had me stand at the edge of the bed with her head positioned so that she can suck me like a porn star. This is got to be my best bbbj position yet. I got to caress her tits and probe her pussy at the same time while getting a world class bbbj.

Since I was already significantly over my appointed time I kept telling Jewels that I should go, but she would have none of that because she totally want to please me.

Jewels is no doubt an all time ATF even though this is the first time that I had seen her. Absolutely 10+/10+ ratings and I really question whether those guys that rated her less than 10/10 really saw her. Jewels is undoubtedly a superstar in this hobby and is #1 in my book.

Supermodel Gorgeous

I contacted Jewel as soon as I saw she was visiting DC. Screening was painless and she was an absolute delight to deal with, asking questions that let me know right away that I was in for a great time. The day of our meeting arrived and I’ll be damned if I didn’t have a work meeting pop up on my calendar at our date time. Jewels was extremely understanding and accommodating and shifted her schedule to fit me in at a later time. Crisis averted! She told me she liked Grey Goose so I picked up a bottle and headed over after my meeting. I texted on arrival and she promptly provided her room number. I knocked on the door and was greeted by the most stunning woman I have ever laid eyes on. Jewels is truly a goddess, her face is supermodel gorgeous and her body puts the hottest porn star you’ve ever seen to shame. She looks every bit the Bond girl and the accent completes the package. We sat down and enjoyed a drink (or two) and got acquainted. VIPs read on, non-VIPs she is worth every penny and actually a bargain as I have received far inferior service at her rates.

The Juicy Details

We chatted over drinks for a while with a few DFKs and playful caresses interspersed with our conversation. Jewels is a great conversationalist and can really put you at ease. Eventually, one of the DFKs lingered in what seemed like a very natural transition to play time. We moved to the bed and I just had to explore her unparalleled body from head to toe. This led to a lengthy and delicious DATY session culminating in a fabulous squirt from the most perfect pussy I have ever seen. After her O she flipped me over and began a fantastic BBBJ. Lots of spit, gorgeous eye-contact and a perfect rhythm had me begging for the cover so I could feel this heavenly creature from the inside. Jewels applied the raincoat and said “I want you in my ass first” needless to say, I was ready to burst at this point and didn’t last long as Jewels gripped my cock with her tight asshole and rode me. After a short recovery I went back to her delicious Y and dined until I was soaked in her heavenly nectar. Somehow, we began discussing her record for squirting and I asked if she’d like to break it. Over the next 45 minutes, we passed and then shattered her record. I won’t give the number because I’d like to keep it, but safe to say it was in the dozens. Record secure, Jewels took me in her mouth again and delivered another amazing BBBJ complete with rimming and some gentle prostate stimulation. This was more than I could take and I erupted as she begged me to come in her mouth. Completely spent, I looked at the clock and saw I had exceeded my two hours. Jewels DEFINES a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

One of a Kind

Jewels has been on my radar for a long time. We had previously discussed meeting several times but scheduling conflicts prevented those opportunities. We finally made it happen and I could not have been happier. Jewels really is the ultimate European dream date. She is the total package. On top of that, she is really easy going and fun to chat with. Truly one of a kind and I can’t wait to get another chance to spend time with her.

The Juicy Details

Jewels met me with a great smile and a fantastic attitude. It was obvious to each of us that we had both been looking forward to meeting and the time was finally now. Off the bat, I was already thrilled to see her, as Jewels is a natural beauty! Tall, very fit, beautiful dark skin, long flowing dark hair, incredible curves, and fantastic full lips that I’d get the opportunity to sample again and again. One of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in real life or in print. There’s a good reason why she is a Playboy model!

After a long and welcoming dfk, we sat down for a bit and discussed what each of us liked to do. It wasn’t long till Jewels left to change and as soon as she returned with her incredibly sexy lingerie, it was on. We didn’t even wait till we got back to the couch or bed before we were both naked on the floor in the hallway doing great things to each other. Jewels treated me to a very deep bbj, which seemed effortless for her. It was so impressive and hot watching and feeling her work on my cock like that. I definitely wanted to return the favor and so I took her in various positions to orally please this goddess. In addition to being visually stimulating, Jewels definitely loves pleasing and getting pleased and she knows exactly what she wants. I was more than happy to follow her direction and lead as well, as I did everything I could to get her off while I went down on her. Jewels again was more than happy to reciprocate, as she continued to eagerly suck me off and also provide a wonderful rimming.

After some time, we both wanted to feel me inside her so off to bed we went. Jewels lead the effort, as I was thrilled to make her cum as we explored all sorts of positions. No hole was left untouched, as Jewels was very much into everything I could imagine and then some. After a lengthy and sweaty session, I laid back as Jewels sucked me off into the hardest orgasm I’ve felt in months. I couldn’t believe I had even lasted that long but once I finally released, it looked like I hadn’t been with a woman in ages. And certainly none like her.

We then got cleaned up and had a chance to catch our breath over a few drinks. Jewels offered a 2nd round but I was too spent and too pressed for time to take her up on this offer. I was definitely willing and would not ever turn her down should we meet again. Instead, we got to know each other a bit more and that was really good. Jewels is a fascinating woman and everything I like about spending quality time with a wonderful provider and human being. And we both love the same types of women, so that’s another thing we’ll have to explore together in the future. Would love to have a hot time together with another wonderful woman.

I had such a great time and cannot wait until we can make it happen again. She is the best!

Don't Look Any Further

STOP ! This is it.. Don’t look any further.. I have seen Jewels many times. Every F1 racer dreams of racing in Monte Carlo.. Jewels is that girl you meet and your done… You drop the hat and say WTF just happened As one gentleman said She’s the Holy Grail BTW !! Get your act together Guys, cause she’s is one sophisticated lady you don’t want to miss. She screens ALL her clients and is very particular on who she see’s… Like I said.. It just does not get better than her She’s hand’s down THE BEST provider out there…. I will continue to see her as much as I can..

The Juicy Details

Went up to her new pad in the city.. Very cool place that she moved into almost a year ago. We hung out catching up, since we had not seen each other in over 6 months. She looked stunning. She’s been working with a trainer( which she sooooo does not need) Her Body is banging… Long legs that is never ending, wash board narrow abs, breasts that are huge and you can suck on for ever & her ass is something to die for.. You can bounce quarters off that…. The fun began with her BBBJ that she is very famous for. Then I requested we switched to 69, which I love doin with her. On comes the hat and she rides me CJ. I could not hold it & lost it.. ]I don’t know how I remaind hard and she did not give up.. She continued with an amazing BBBJ and then asked me to join her on the kitchen counter where she lifted her leg up and wanted me to go on standing Doggie. What an amazing view of her yelling as I took her from behind.. Now she wanted to squirt on me.. Who am I to say no… Get to her other bed that she has in the living room, sets a pillow under her ass and asks me to go MISH. This was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.. Few mins in and she squirts all over me.. THE most hottest thing ever.. She has way too much energy.. So make sure your up for a marathon. It was time for some Greek. In we go with her little toy on her clit where she unloads again. Rips the cover off and just goes ape shite on another BBBJ… Could not take it any more and had to CIHM which she would not stop sucking me dry.. I was so spent.. Jewels is a clean freak.. So make sure your well groomed and very respectful. Also she’s VERY particular on having safe sex, so don’t even THINK about asking her about BB. It offends her very much… I will def see her again…

Blown Away

It was easy for me to set up a meet with Jewels as we had some friends in common. She is very professional and easy to deal with. On the day I arrived at her hotel, went up to her room. She opened the door and I was blown away. This is an incredibly beautiful women with a smoking hot body. With heels she is over 6 feet tall. She has been in Playboy and you would be hard pressed to find a women as stunning as her. I realize that her donation is higher than many but without doubt it is worth it. 99.9% of you guys will never talk to a women this beautiful and sexy and here is your chance to be intimate with her. I highly recommend. VIPs read on..

The Juicy Details

As soon as I got in the door she got on her knees and attacked me with a bj. Jewels is known for this and I can understand why. She took off all her clothes and I had a chance to admire a perfect body imagining all the things I would be doing to her. This women loves to French kiss and please her man. I felt as if I had known her a long time. She had a great combo of gfe and pse that is extremely rare. She is also a squirter. One time she did it herself and another time I did it with my cock in her sweet pussy. We also tried to get her to squirt while I pounded her beautiful ass but I just couldn’t make it happen. I lay down on the bed and she rode me facing frontward. I could see her big beautiful tits bouncing in front of my eyes. She even squatted on her feet so my cock could penetrate her deeper. She then spun around and did the same position facing backwards. I then had her bend over the couch and penetrated her anally. Jewel likes you to start real slow and after she warms up you can bang her pretty hard. This went on for a while until I couldn’t take it any more. I changed condoms had her lie down on the bed belly down and banged her pussy until I came. I rested a few minutes, we talked, I washed up and left. It was all I expected and more and I hope to see her again

Beyond Any Other Companion

Simply put…this woman exceeds expectations beyond any other companion I’ve spent time. She loves what she does and aims to please and it is just so obvious in everything she does. I can’t continue to rave about and finally understand why she gets such phenomenal reviews over and over. Her jet black hair, piercing blue eyes, luscious soft kissable lips, perfect DD breasts and that round bottom that you just can’t keep staring at.

The Juicy Details

Sometimes details aren’t as important as the feeling you leave away with after being with an incredible woman, but throughout the week we had been exchanging teasing, enticing and passionate emails which built so much anticipation that when I opened the door to her hotel room I was floored at how beautiful that she was that I went right in for the kiss, walked her to the bed threw her down and began DATY (she told her she came 9 times – WOW) which turned in bbbj which turned into 69 and we finally realized an hour had Gone by and we hadn’t even said a word to each other except for do this, do that, and lots of expletives. Our time together Was a blur of passion, chemistry and intensity (including a stint on her terrace while people were outside and got a glimpse – hot!!!!). I personally think we both lost track of time as before we knew as our time had passed and yet she insisted we go at it again. She provides both a PSE and a GFE experience as there was a lot of romantic soft kissing 2nd time around, massage and sweet talk. I just don’t know how anyone could give anything but 10/10 for this beautiful woman. Wow wow wow! I’m already dreaming of seeing this woman again or following her on tour like a groupie hahaha

Soooo Worth It!

I have been wanting to meet Jewels for almost two years. Our schedules never matched up. Until now.
Thank the All-mighty we finally synced. The wait was soooo worth it!

The pre-date communication was warm, suggestive, teasing. Very responsive and timely.

We met at her very nice hotel . Upon seeing her in person for the first time, my first thought was “OMG you are a strikingly gorgeous classic beauty!” Long silky hair, full plump lips, large bright eyes…all atop a tall, magnificently proportioned curvy feminine body that makes your mouth water.

And then, that first kiss, long slow, full and deep , with full embrace…

And it only grew better from there.

The Juicy Details

Jewels is ALL WOMAN and is everything you want in a woman: sexy, caring, engaging, stunning. And all about providing the most pleasure possible in the time you have with her.

She made love to every inch of my body, with her hands, her lips, her tongue, her breasts. Using every gorgeous erection-inducing asset she possesses, Jewels set about providing pleasure to every part of me. She stroked me, licked me, sucked me, then licked me again. Every inch of me was Hard. When I ate her, she was overflowing with her juices…and then showed me how to make her squirt. She squirted, and flowed everywhere. She was sooo WET, and it was sooo HOTTT!

We talked, we laughed, and we fucked–no, we made love. She rode me, I rode her. She offered whatever I wanted to give me pleasure. She was ALL about my pleasure. At one point, when I didn’t think I could get hard again, I offered “Let me help you.”

She replied “I don’t need help”. I cracked up, she laughed, and then sure enough, she made me hard as steel again.

I could go on and on. By now , you get the picture. And you know the ending.

See her. If you have to wait to put together the funds, do so, and then see her.

If you have to be patient and wait almost two years because of your schedule, be patient, and then SEE HER!

I know I’m seeing her again just as soon as I can.

An Exceptional Woman

I have always wanted to attempt to write a review, my comments, on an exceptional woman whom I have had the fortunate pleasure of meeting. In exceptional, I hope to convey in words, not just the erotic, passionate sexual side, but also her amazing, understanding, and patient heart; an amazingly cool person. I very humbly pose to you my thoughts on an absolutely incredibly beautiful and sexy woman named Jewels Star. You can of course, see through her previous reviews, that I am not alone in my feelings, but I hope to add my thoughts and experiences from my meetings with Jewels this year that you might find interesting.

The very first time I met Jewels was earlier this year in Los Angeles, at the bar of her 5 star hotel. My eyes caught her walking in; tall, classy supermodel, dressed in a tailored black business attire, heels, designer bag, hair, makeup, nails, my god how beautiful, those eyes, “who is this person” is racing through my mind. Soft spoken, intelligent, a kind, engaging personality. She has traveled the world, loves the arts, people, Formula 1 (she has been to Monaco!). A patent listener, she follows your leads, requests, questions, she just puts you at such ease, pleasure and comfort, she makes me feel wanted; I did not realize then, what wonderful adventures and interactions lay ahead.

Moving forward to my most recent encounter with Jewels this past week, unbeknown to me, the adventure had begun in my email to her almost two months earlier, setting up this meeting. Catching up with her on life, her amazing new website, sexy videos and jaw dropping photos (Jewels is even more beautiful in person), I had also mentioned to her that I had injured my wrist tendons at the thumb, and was in soft brace.

As I arrived to her 5 star hotel this evening, of course with that damn wrist cast off, Jewels text me the room number; with nervous anticipation (the good kind : ) I knocked on the door, as it slowly opened and I stepped in, my eyes settled onto her beautiful blue eyes, and then her outfit, 4” heels, white thigh high stockings, short white latex nurses skirt/outfit, 34DDD’s spilling out of her top, all of 6’3”, she says hello, and asks how am I feeling, I gulp and reply, “the wrist is much better…Dr. Jewels”, she replies good, I need to check your temperature, in that sexy, sexxxyyy voice of hers; as the door closes, Jewels was right, things where going to be running very hot tonight! TER Members can read about Dr. Jewel’s intensive… care report : )!!! 

The Juicy Details

My hands around her waist, pulling her tight into me, kissing those lips, Jewels is a passionate kisser, this was sexy dfk, making out slow, wet, deep, my hands on the back of her neck, face…Jewels leads me to the bedroom, it has a bench/ottoman at the foot of the bed where she sits downs, pulls me close, and says she needs to check my temperature. As she tears my belt and pants off, she takes my cock into her mouth and starts an amazing bbbj, this was going to be the best Doctors visit ever, OMG !!! I reach down and try pulling her top down a bit, but it stays on, just barely keeping her wonder woman breasts covered; she straightens up, and with a coy grin, and pure sex in her eyes, she pushes her barely covered chest out at me with her hands, damn! I jump onto the bench, pushing her onto her back, the bench and bed arching her chest up, I straddle her face, putting my cock back into her waiting mouth, she pulls me deep (and I am the opposite of small), I am now fucking her beautiful face and throat, very, very wet, I pull out and gently rub my cock across her lips, face, Jewels pushes me up a bit, she wants my balls! 

Jewels stays on her back at the foot of the bed, with her 4” CFM heels on the floor, legs spread I dive for that beautiful pussy of hers, gently, slowly, working my tongue around her thigh, pussy and clit…she is turned on, she is wet, she is awesome. Jewels reaches down and puts her fingers into her wet pussy, while my tongue gently flicks at her clit, she is moaning, she pulls me up to her, as she puts her wet fingers into her mouth, sucking on them, so sexy, I ask her, do you like how your pussy taste, “yes” she replies. She pulls her skirt off, pulls her top down, leaves those heels and white thigh high stockings on and demands my cock in her mouth and in-between her tits. She has me rock hard, fucking her face, and then with her saliva as lube, fucking her big tits; the look of her sexy blue eyes and beautiful, now wet, face, we reach for a magnum. With one of her athletic legs on my shoulders, I fuck as hard and deep as I can, she watches my cock going deep into her, she moans, telling me to fuck her. I draw our bodies together down close, tight, dfk as we fuck, both of her hands pinned above her head by my one of my hands, she grinds her lower abs/pelvis into mine, and then she cums. I turn her over and enter her doggie, her back is exquisite, she works out so much, her entire body is a work of art. A change of condoms ,Jewels has me in her ass now, slow at first, working her beautiful ass off the side of the bed, me standing and Jewels on her back right at the edge, so sexy, but there was more to cum. 

I pull the condom off, Jewels falls back onto the bed on her back, with pillows arching her back a bit (for a more accurate visual, watch her new video, her body is stunning when she arches back!!!) and asks me to cum on her face, and in her mouth. I straddle her beautiful face again, as she deepthroats me, I can feel her nose against my body as she gags, I pull away, but she grabs my ass, and pulls me right back to the base, I grab her hair, her head, and just fuck her face, she pulls me out, using both of her hands on my cock, and jerks me off, our eyes are locked, and I explode, she directs the cum onto her face, then into her mouth, this is a lot of cum, and then she grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me deep into her throat, I can feel her breasts below me, the sensations, this beautiful woman’s face, covered in cum, with my cock deep in her throat, it is an orgasm that I will feebly describe as starting at the core of my soul, that just goes ripping out of my heart. Jewels knows she looks great in cum, but I think she looks best when it’s mine of course!!! She tells me this is sexy… and that we need some towels! 

A much needed rest on my part, Jewels offers me a cool vodka and redbull, strangely, this has become a favorite of mine. Conversation ensues, and with Jewels, this is one of my favorite moments in our adventures. From the problems in the Middle East, to my online dating follies, Jewels is an engaging human being, very patient, insightful and kind. Her passion for ones entire health, well being, and her insight on astrology are fascinating.

Jewels wants to show me something, she asks if I want to see her squirt, of course, I say yes. Jewels is on her knees with a slow, soft, ever so erotic/gentle and very, very wet bbbj; damn I need a condom! I stand at the edge of the bed, she is back on the bed, right at the edge on her back, her legs over my shoulders as we fuck, she plays with clit, and after some heated words exchange lips (well Jewels is the erotic talker, I try, but trust me, Jewels can communicate) Jewels explodes all over me, as I thrust back into her, she squirts all over my cock, the bed the floor, she rolls hers eyes up, what a moment. I pull out and taste her pussy, so sweet, always so sweet! Off with the condom, Jewels is on her back, with her head off the side of the bed, my balls in her mouth, as I explode all over her beautiful 34DDD’s.

A Bona Fide Superstar

Everything written about Jewels is true and possibly and understatement. She is a wonderful lady and her beauty begins from the inside out. I was concerned that a bona fide superstar like Jewels would have an attitude, but she was the nicest, most giving person in the world. When I thought I had no more in me, she found a way to coax more out. 

The Juicy Details

If you want a once in a lifetime experience that is pricey, but worth every penny, drop her a line Jewels meticulously took all of my requests and she added a nice touch. When she contacted a prior provider that I had met with, she found out what I liked and made sure to take it into account. More than anything, that shows an amazing attention to detail and care. I don’t think I can say anything that hasn’t been said, beautiful, passionate, sexy, erotic and sweet, Jewels has it all. She is willing to do it all for you to make sure you leave satisfied and exhausted. I started with with a long session of DATY and DATO and transitioned to a BBBJ. We then had a FS session in multiple positions before exploding. She then did an outfit change for me and we talked for a bit and cuddled before she went at me for round two. She then went for a long, spirited BBBJ, mish and a failed attempt at greek followed by more BBBJ for cup three. What amazed me is that after I had said that I was spent after she had taken three cups from me, she decided that we were not done and went at me like a teenager that had just met me. She had managed to coax me into a fourth cup. I don’t know how I was able to leave her apartment without being wheeled out. Thank you Jewels for an amazing day. For you out there, make sure you see her before, like all good things, it ends.

A Complete Knockout

She came to my hotel as asked, high spike heels and a sophisticated white leather jacket covering her short pink dress. I was stunned when I saw her. Incredible model looks, extremely tall, thin with huge breasts. A complete knockout. I see a lot of beautiful women but she is a one and only — no one else anywhere has her ultra sexy look and is this tall. At 5’11’ plus 4 inch heels even if you are six feet tall she is way taller than you. That and her tiny waist with DDD boobs blew my mind. On top of that as sweet as can be!

The Juicy Details

As soon as we got in the elevator I wanted to touch her and I could sense her hypersexuality — she just oozed sex. I watched her walk down the hallway in front of me and I thought what a dream girl! In my suite, it was stunning how fast she turned into a wild sexual partner — elegant – but also completely wild. I pushed her gently against the wall while dropping to my knees. At my request i dined at her shaved pussy until she breathed faster and faster and her first of many 0’s. Oh we did have champagne first but she drinks lightly. It was just 10 minutes into our date and she took her dress off, stood there in her garter belt and said, I want you in my ass. Seriously, I had not even fucked her little pussy yet. She just loves sex. Then she said well you could put it in my pussy first. So we covered up and she spread her legs, standing, and I felt how tight she was, doing her standing up. What a sight in the mirror. She had me near the edge of coming and she said do you want to fuck my ass? Amazing. Seriously we had just met 10 minutes ago. I turned her around, she stuck her ass out, I slid a finger in and I said you are so tight am I going to hurt you? And she smiled and giggled and said I want it. What a sight, her standing, slightly crouched, ass elevated, back arched, watching this beautiful, stunning ultra big titted beauty taking my cock in her ass and her going completely crazy on it. I came quickly – wow! Then she played with herself and I stuck my fingers in her, and soon she started squirting! She must have come four times or more for me that night.

That was just the beginning. We drank some champagne and I asked what outfits she brought and she showed me that black leather dress that she has on her sight. I can barely describe how incredibly sexy she is in it, just so tall, the longest legs I have ever seen. She teased me and then got on her knees and gave me an incredible BBBJ, then I covered up and did her from behind again with her leaning over, after I sucked on her sweet clit for a bit. I pulled out and she stroked me and talked dirty to me. Then more BBBJ and I came number 2. I was just crazy about her. Then after a rest another wild episode. I told her to dress up in a bra and panty set — she is just incredible, tiny little waist, thin, with just hot, hot 36DDD boobs. There is no one else like her. She danced for me, wow, I loved that. Soon she was stroking me, then soon rimming me on the bed, then more BBBJ, more hand job, and she made me come number 3. Unbelievably after another rest, the did that again for my fourth O. That is rare, amazing girl! I am seeing her again in 2 days. Absolutely a once in a lifetime girl! I’m extremely happy to have me her, she literally defines “a pleaser”, she is extremely motivated to please you, very, very committed to your pleasure. She is also safe, I felt she was very healthy and took care of herself, is smart and sweet. Just the perfect wild date!


In the age of embellishment when hype makes most things impossible to live up to my time with Jewels was one of those rare occasions where the experience was actually far better than advertised. This was no easy chore considering her stellar reviews are littered with perfection. I thought to myself, could Jewels really be this good? Well, she is and then some. Her beauty, elegance, and grace are second to none and her eagerness to please was enlightening. One attribute Jewel’s possesses that hasn’t been mentioned is her gift of staying in the moment. She is there with you the entire time, awesome. The whole process was flawless and professional and if you have the standard reference tools scheduling time with Jewel’s is attainable. I also liked the fact we had an email exchange prior to our date in which she inquired about my likes and dislikes to gauge whether or not we were even compatible. A woman of her stature doesn’t have to do this which says a lot about her commitment to her craft. Don’t hesitate. Go and see her, she is that good.

The Juicy Details

I scheduled an afternoon date with Jewels and we met at her fabulous incall location, what a view. She greeted me wearing an incredible black lingerie set and my jaw dropped when I saw what stood in front of me. Runway model material. Legs for days, immaculate skin, perfect body, gorgeous face, and what a smile. We chatted on the couch for a while about our world adventures. Smart, well traveled girl. Entire time I rubbed her leg and she mine. Soon enough we were making out and my hands explored every bit of silk, skin, and lace on her. She grabbed my hand and we walked towards the bed and before we reached our destination she dropped to her knees and had me in her mouth. How hot, her BBBJ was incredible. We finally made it to the bed where I returned the favor with DATY. She provided some direction and voiced her pleasure to the point of an O. On went the cover and I was on top in mish while DFK. She insisted I CIM and who was I to argue. We cleaned up and chatted some more and before long I gave her a most sensuous massage where I ended up in DATY from behind. Mish worked out so well we did it again. We chatted again after round two and started to figure out we had more in common than either of us thought. Time permitted us only and hour and a half. This woman requires more time. In fact next date will be a day long affair. Workout, shower, eat, sex, nap, sex, dinner, sex. That’s what I have in the works for next time Jewels. She insisted on round three and gave me another BBBJ with a CIM finish. What an afternoon, see you soon Jewels!

Stunned by Her Beauty

I was over joyed to discover on a local site that Jewels was coming to Los Angeles as part of a national tour from New York City.

She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen anywhere including the famous mens magazines.She looked like a super model, tall, athletic, super sexy. I read her blog about her desire to please her consorts to the max possible and the super healthy life style she lives. Her numerous all tens reviews confirmed that here was a woman who truly cares to please her partners as much as is humanely possible. I sent her my credentials and it helped that i had written reviews on ter and that I was white listed by several providers there. We sent several e-mails back and forth and I felt like we became friends in a way.[13
GhI was very impressed that she changed her already booked schedule to see me on her first day in town, because i was going to be away. In fact i was lucky to be her first appt in LA at her four star hotel in Beverly Hills.

She dressed up in the kind of outfit I said I liked and when I first saw her I almost could not catch my breath because I was so stunned by her beauty.

The Juicy Details

I was so overcome by her beauty that I was happy to sit down and talk to her first to get to know her a little. We talked a lot about her life and background and I felt she was very genuine and open with me. She liked the liquor I brought. She asked me what things I liked to do with her, and they were all on green light list. I had come to the right place. After some wonderful kisses, she

guided me to a wonderful position for deep throat with her leaning her head back over the edge of the bed for me. Her bbbj is amazing and It wasn’t long before I gave her a big cim which she swallowed. This was to be my first of four that day with her.

She is tireless in her sincere interest to please and make her partner as happy as possible, and I have never met anyone to equal her eagerness to do this. A condom is always a must for intercourse. We Then had wonderful 69, followed by incredible cow girl riding with her wonderful breasts dangling in front of

my face. So lovely to suck again and again. She rimmed me as i told her this was a personal thrill. I fingered her juicy pussy, and she asked if i would like to see her squirt. I said yes and she showed me how to help with my finger motion inside, and then I was able to help her to tw0 orgasms in a row in which she squirted quite a bit of a clear liquid on a towel which she put below her to start. We enjoyed missionary as a prelude to enjoying Anal together. I am rather on the thick side but she was a trooper and after preparing we had a great time which she said she really enjoyed. I told her I was probably falling in love with her.

Much more bbbj with cim. She was so generous and extended my time with out my asking for it. I told her I would miss her and she let me know she had plans to cum back in 3 months. I will be the first in line with my tongue hanging out .

Thank you darling for an incredible visit.

Ecstacy And Sure Bliss

Every man needs to be with a model and a sexy hot beautiful model in their lifetime and i am glad i met this gem in the city by the bay. Jewels will make you weak with ecstasy and sure bliss. I love everything about her so run like hell to see jewels now

The Juicy Details

My god she can sex like no other jewels is the playboy bunny you only dream of having will she is a bunny and she mates like one. I met her on a nice afternoon and must say after all those days of seeing pixxx and reading her reviews i was so excited to see her face to face. I make my way up the elevato and i am so nervous and a bit of anxiety hits but when i knocked at the door i was in heavens gate and i was invited in to be a guest of sexual fantasies. So she is built like a beautiful model but have the greatest curves like jessica rabbit and then some. She invites for a drink and i want to just go at it but we start a great convo on any topic. Shes a doll and smart woman with brains and those eyes can melt any man at anytime when gazing at those blues.

So we now are heading to the bed to get to the hot part of our date and we do such things like bbbj to a bit of bls and then i go for a wonderful daty time and she taste like strawberries and the we do 69 and its a beautiful sight then she gets a cover and i enter such a tight shaved pussy i am in heaven now we start cg then mish and i release and i release great. Round 2 features anal and a squirt to cum together show. Jewels can be a marathon sex woman. She can be the greatest woman i have the pleasure of being with. Shes from another universe a better place then here. She deserves a 20 score from me and she has it for performance and looks. Till then jewels miss your squirt that was amazing.

I Am Still Pinching Myself!

She met me at the door in the outfit I requested – a dress that showed her amazing body. The dress which was black latex, came up just below her ass and showed how awesome her legs were leading up to an amazing ass! Her breasts were perfectly wrapped in a way that gave a window pane view of them. Standing over six feet tall in heels she greeted me with a long deep french kiss and full body hug!It was incredible to see that this woman who’s pictures were hot , beautiful, sexy, etc., was even more beautiful, hot and sexy in person. I have pretty high expectations when it comes to physical appearance and she exceeded them. I am still pinching myself! She made me a drink and brought me into her living room where we sat down and got to know each other. After some great authentic conversation, she took me to the bedroom where the fun went from 0-60! The dress she had been wearing accentuated every asset of her body and when I took it off her, I was struck with the most perfect body I had ever seen – long lean legs reaching up to an ass that was a perfect heart shape, hips flowing into a perfectly flat and toned stomach that led to incredible breasts that were full and perky with great shape and feel, leading up to a face of an incredibly sexual, erotic and beautiful woman with amazing passion and sexual appetite in her eyes! I spent the next two hours exploring every inch of her body and at 5’11 she has a lot of inches. From her head to her toes, she exudes sensuality and sex! Her attitude is as amazing as her body and that’s still hard for me to believe and I spent two hours with her.

The Juicy Details

In the bedroom we took each others clothes off and after another long deep french kiss where she deep-throated my tongue, she dropped to her knees and deep throated my cock instantly. To feel her lips at the base of my cock was not only amazing but also unique as rarely do I find a woman who can not only deep throat but also loves doing it! We then went to the bed where I laid her down and began to lick, kiss and tongue her beautiful bald pussy. I spent a lot of time there as both she and I were really enjoying ourselves. This resulted in her squirting much to both of our enjoyment. I then worked my way up to her breasts and mouth where I covered every inch of them with my lips and tongue. I fucked her breasts and her mouth and she loved every second of it. From there she proceeded to go down on me again. Her oral skills are the ultimate in technique and attitude – she truly loves pleasing and being pleased and shows it. After extensive mutual oral pleasure that included a very passionate 69( couldn’t get enough of her beautiful sweet pussy, we went for the gold – excuse my language -but we fucked every way possible – slow, fast, soft , hard, …! I started out on top and focused on her pussy and seeing her beautiful face as I fucked her slow and deep. She pulled me closer and deep french kissed me as we fucked. We then got up and she bent over the bed as I fucked her pussy from behind. We then went greek and I had the opportunity to experience her very tight ass. With a two hour session, I can honestly say we covered a lot of ground and I got to experience every inch of her body. It was so hot and sexy to fuck her in every way and position. I can not wait to see her again as she is everything her pictures and reviews say and more.

Elegance and Sophistication

A Ter buddy who I share info mainly on high-end ladies first informed me that Jewels is coming to town. I checked her profile and photos only to be fascinated by her majestic beauty and raving reviews. We set the date and time, but it was still a month away. Jewels kept me entertained for this whole time with her sexy and fun emails and was getting me slowly horny and hornier as the date came closer.

She is a warrior. A tall one and she is so equipped with amazing weapons that will knock you down on your knees and make you barely breathe. But you only wish you had more time to be with her.

I met her in a nice luxury Century City hotel where I was able to feel at home very easily. This woman is built in every way for sex. I have never experienced the same sensation and I was simply blown away by her positive manner and high energy. Jewels has a very exotic look with a beautiful face that the camera can never capture. She is easily one of the top women I have been lucky enough to spend some time with, definitely a model material. Jewels dresses classy and carries herself her with elegance and sophistication, under the covers she remains an incredible nymph.

The Juicy Details

Jewels is about nothing but making you come. She actually counts how many times you have come during the session and wants you get out her door totally drained, spent and satisfied. She asks you about your fantasy and things you like to do with her, kind of music you listen to and she explains about the menu she is about to perform. She asked me about my personal record and said to me, “We will try to break it today.” Then, she goes to work and challenges with her unbelievably high energy and miraculous performance. She instructs you, partners with you and performs for you. At first, you think it is not possible cause you know more and better about yourself. But you are not a cum artist. Jewels is. It is not that she tries to make you come, it is rather that she knows how. Ask her about her Hungarian Special. It is her trade mark BBBJ she does twice in a row without quitting or stopping. Heard of it before? I just laughed and thought it wouldn’t be possible with me. But it did happen during the 2nd trial. Don’t worry about the first time failing because there are other ways to get around to it a little later. Jewels has the program. She has those amazing oral skills. Jewels was very patient and accommodating during our time together.

We started off with a great kiss and I got to feel the sensation of her wonderfully smooth skin against mine. I thought that my heart was going to beat out of my chest as she was running her perfect tits up and down my body. She started with a wonderful BBBJ, an oral experience of a lifetime with her magnificent techniques.

I just could not resist and had to come in her mouth in just a few minutes. Wow, the way she ran her tongue along my boys, and it was a surreal feeling of bliss! Now Jewels with the record breaking in her mind all along went back to work almost right away after she cleaned me up. She changed her outfits in front of me. She showed me different sets of dresses and asked me which one I liked the best as if she is my longtime lover and we were about to go out together to a nice restaurant to have a romantic dinner. We went through mish, doggy, CG and you name it and she will go for it. It was a mind blowing sexual marathon and we broke the record!

I can’t think of one provider who provides as well as Jewels. She is the girl you see in your fantasy. She is hotter than all of your previous hotties. Her tight body oozes sex without an ounce of fat. Her ass is big but, the best looking ass of all. Perfect ass, just so perfect… make sure you don’t forget to get to doggies, well however you want it. That perfect ass pointed up as I was thrusting in and out. We all know she likes to come in anal, but she also wants you to experience her amazing squirting event, too. Her kitty was tight and squeezing. 

Unfortunately, she had a dinner date with her Hungarian friends at a nearby famous restaurant after our date. Otherwise, we could have stayed together for more fun. We were saying goodbyes and giving parting hugs to each other. But the kisses with a just swirl of her tongue became such a turn on again for both for us. Since I had a feeling that her friends were waiting outside the hotel to pick her up, I tried to cool myself down and leave. What could we do? We had to stop and behave like adults. But, that is not Jewels. Jewels said to me, “Let’s fuck. Come one more time and make myself proud.” She naturally likeS sex and wants to enjoy it more than anything else. 

The sexual experience of Jewels exceeded my expectations. Far above! The email communications, naughty jokes and the process of getting to know her was also a wonderful experience. A stellar encounter with someone who is really rare, one of the best in my book. I hope to know her for a long time. I stumbled sort of dazed, finally back to my car to leave.

One of the Best There Is

Been meaning to write this for a while. Second visit with Jewels, and it was just as good as the first. We met at her incall in NYC, i usually see her in Boston, but I happened to be in NYC when she was there, so we planned to meet after the holiday break back in NYC as I was there for business. Set up via email, and the day of the appt, I was on my way down to NYC on the train. Got checked into my hotel, and she had texted me the address of her incall location. Next thing I know, I was knocking on her door. She was wearing a nice evening gown that I had asked for. We hugged and chatted for a while, catching up over drinks, telling me about her trip back home. After catching up, we moved to the bedroom and got comfortable. VIPs read on. for non VIPs she is one of the best there is.

The Juicy Details

We both helped each other get undressed, and were making out like to teenagers, she is a great kisser, and that is something I really enjoy. We went from making out to DATY, she seemed to enjoy my work down there as seemed to cum more than once. She wasn’t afraid to tell me what she likes, which I do appreciate. Half way through the second O, she flipped over and we 69’d which was just awesome. From there we put on the rain coat and started going at it, with all the position, mish, doggie, cowgirl, etc. Finally couldn’t hold it any longer and finished round 1. We layed next to each other for a bit, again chatting and catching up, while she started stroking me once again, getting ready for round 2. Much of the same as round 1, only we included some greek in there. Before long, again the rain coat was filled. Round 3 was offered, but I was spent, it was late and i had an early meeting. Next time, I will book an earlier appointment. She is the best, I see a lot of Adult stars offering, but Jewels tops them all. Highly reccomend.

A Wise Decision

I saw that Jewels was going to be in town and had to meet her given here consistent streak of stellar views. This was a wise decision on my part! Her stellar reviews are well deserved and I will certainly meet her again.

The Juicy Details

I am extremely impressed with how organized Jewels is. Her communication prior to the date was awesome and she was right on time which I appreciate. I sprained my jaw when laying eyes on her as it hit the floor…she is that gorgeous. I love tall athletic woman and in my eyes Jules is perfection. Her long fit body and huge tits are out of this world.

We started off with a drink and conversed a bit and I was even more impressed with her intelligence and love of travel. She can certainly hold her own on virtually any topic. Off to the shower I go feeling like the luckiest man alive.

Jewels greeted me with some amazing DFK and we headed to the bedroom for a superb full body massage which turned into and amazing BBBJ where she set her head on the side of the bed for extreme deep throat action while I played with her amazing clit. Her pussy is perfect and I had to be in it so on went the condom and I lost cup one very quickly in doggie due to my excitement level.

After round 1 we went back out and sat on the couch and chatted while we had another drink for a few when she said lets have some more fun. She started in which another BBBJ ad BLS play and outstanding rimming action. She then got on top for some greek and stimulated her clit with a little vibrator. She seemed to be really enjoying herself which got me going even more. I love greek but her pussy is to die for so I had to go again. Cup 2 was again lost quickly in doggie. At this point I am at the end of my time and Jewels asked me if I had another one in me. I still cannot believe I said no as I had another appointment. Kicking myself in the ass for that bonehead move!

To sum it up this woman is to die for. She is a goddess that offers a true GFE experience that sincerely cares about connecting with her clients. I get a very genuine vibe from her and can see her being my ATF! Thanks you Jewels!

Supermodell, Beautyful, Tall

Jewels Star is one of the love-ladies of the highest quality. Jewels was making her first trip to Philadelphia and I was excited to get a chance to meet the legend who had been on my bucket list since I came across her.

Jewels is a super model, beautiful, tall and slender with a toned body. She has beautiful long brunette hair, amazing breasts and ass but also an amazing personality. Her twinkling and piercing blue eyes and luscious full lips with an accent really melt my heart. She is sexy, intelligent, accommodating and a genuine person. Her sex skill is off the chart and definitely provides 100% GFE. She is addictive just like the video game “Jewels Star”. It is hugely entertaining to play with both the game and the real person Jewels Star. When we were together, I wished that time would cease to exist. As our passion for each other heightened, she was able to fulfill all my fantasy in a way I thought impossible with most of other love-ladies. She is a sweet loving woman and she knows how to treat me right. She treated me like a King. She is really the King’s Jewels. I can’t wait to see my colorful Jewels and shiny Star again.

The Juicy Details

It was a sunny morning when I met Jewels in the early spring. I got her room number and went upstairs. She greeted me with a big smile and a nice big hug followed by passionate DFK for a couple of minutes like long-lost lovers. Jewels is a world class beauty the likes of which you never see in this hobby. She has big boobs that had me rock-hard the second I saw them. Her ass is gorgeous, and as I already mentioned, she has a super model’s face that melted my heart. She had long, thick and silky dark hair and she looked prettier than her pictures. I brought her a ton of roses, chocolates and a Hawaiian Lei made of purple orchids which I wrapped it around her with the warmth of aloha always for my first date.

Jewels removed her bra and panties and let her beautiful boobs pop out. I removed all my cloths and let my rock-hard cock pop out too. Jewels moved towards me like a Flamenco dancer with grace, strength and sensuality. With twisting, circular and fanning movements executed with arms, wrists and fingers, she took small hops and glided next to me. She kneeled down on the floor in front of a full-length mirror and took my cock inside her mouth and then she rocked my rock-hard love stick. I could get a voyeuristic view of her deep throating my cock and playing with my balls. She took me to the starry sky and I didn’t want go down anytime. She got me so high and kept my cock up the whole time.

Jewels has a perfect pink pussy and an equally attractive pink starfish. They are fresh and clean. I moved my tongue slowly down to her swelling clit. It tasted so sweet. I gave her lots of sucking and kissing with quick swirling tongue motion around her swelling butterfly wings. I knew she was really enjoying it with her hands holding my head and her legs closing against it and her body going into an intense rhythm with my motion. She suddenly started to moan loudly and told me she is going to squirt! I stopped DATY right after she said that, I felt a stream of warm love juice flew out and her pussy grabbed my fingers inside her like a hand. She climaxed with her mouth wide open screaming and her head popping up from the pillow. She screamed so loud that she realized she had to cover her mouth with her hand.

We changed to 69 and she tried to concentrate on my cock, but soon got distracted by her pleasure and a series of intense squirting orgasms, as I licked her clit and stroked her G-spot with one finger and her tiny starfish with another finger. Her love juice smelled like rose and tasted like sweet nectar.

She asked if I would mind her rimming my asshole. I always like DATO and give rimming to the ladies but not the other way around…so I kinda hesitate a moment. She said I should explore and try new thing and she would do it passionately. I couldn’t resist and gave my nod. She asked me to lie down on my tummy and relaxed. She started to lick my asshole while making munching, gobbling sounds and stroking my cock. She gave me a world class rimming which went on for about 5-10 minutes with various postures and I could tell the chemistry was off the charts with us.

She made me want her now. She put a cover on me and wanted to have a CG joyful ride. She rode me up and down, forwards, backwards while grinding her G-spot and clit against my cock. I held onto her ankles for leverage and met each downward bounce with an upward thrust to drive my cock as deep into her as I could. She then switched to ACG which was even more enjoyable. I had a beautiful rear view of her with my big love stick plunging in and out her pretty and pink butterfly! Finally, she reached orgasm and I felt her pussy clench tightly around my cock. She pulled her pussy away from my cock and came with her love juice spraying over my belly and my cock and running down to my balls.

I wanted to get inside her from behind in doggie style. She put another hat on me and kneeled on the bed head down butt up. I positioned my big love stick between her spread legs and gently worked my entire shaft into her tight pussy. I started pounding hard in no time. Then Jewels turned around and asked me if I wanted to fxxk her ass. I pulled out and slowly pushed my cock into her backdoor. I let her move her butt back and forth while I simply watched my cock go in and out. Her ass was gorgeous and felt so good every time it slammed back into me as I thrust my cock deep inside her. After a while, I wanted to try Anal Mish the first time. She rolled around lying on her back and showed her dancer flexibility by bending her legs all the way to the back of her head. I was able to put it in all the way and started pounding my cock in and out of her ass. Meanwhile she was fingering her clit and I was caressing her swollen pussy lips with both hands. Both of us got into the same back and forth rhythmic motion. Finally I screamed I was ready to come. I lit up the Starry Sky with spectacular and dazzling firework like the 4th of July. I exploded and she kept rocking back and forth, trying to squeeze every drop out of me.

At this time most of the ladies would jump off the bed and get a towel to clean me up…but not Jewels. She threw my filled bag onto the floor and began to lustfully lick all of my remaining drops of cum off my sore and sensitive cock. She continued to suck and suck, fingered my ass, and licked my balls. After about 10 more minutes I finally cum in her mouth. I was shriving and surrendered my last drop to the mighty Jewels Star. I was lying on my back and felt the beautiful stars in the sky were falling all around by my sides. She had become more than just Jewels Star. She was my Perfect 10 Jewels. My time with Jewels was like no other experience that I have ever had in this hobby, and I realized as I lied there on my back that the Jewels Star experience was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I gave her a thankful kiss. We cleaned up, cuddled and did some pillow talk for a while. We hugged and kissed and said “Hasta la vista Babe” with a big smile. She is always my sweetheart. She is always in my heart.

Sexual Dynamo

I saw that the one and only Jewels Star was visiting my city, and based on all the pages and pages of 10/10, I knew that I had to schedule an appointment. I sent her an e-mail to schedule and provided all the necessary info. Fortunately I had seen a very good friend of her’s making the screening process much easier. I let her know what I wanted her to wear and she was very accommodating with my request. The day of my appointment, Jewels requested that I call her as soon as I arrive at the hotel to get the room number. The anticipation was building and I could not believe the moment had finally arrived. I am about to see one of the hottest looking woman I have ever seen in my entire life. 

For the non-VIP’s, not only is Jewels gorgeous, she provides a very relaxed atmosphere and is an excellent conversationalist. She is also a sexual dynamo. I would have to say that she truly lives up to her reputation as the 10/10’s are completely legit. For the VIP’s, once I got the room number, I immediately went up and knocked on the door and as soon as I got in the room and saw this beauty all I could say was…..

The Juicy Details

OMG!!!!! This girl is an absolutely knockout!!! Even better looking than her photos. Her body is pure perfection. She is also nearly 6 feet without heels, and I am short guy at 5’7″ so she towered over me. We immediately started to DFK. Wow, is she an amazing kisser. She was wearing this skin tight gold dress I had requested from one of her photo shoots. She had texted me before my arrival that she was having issues trying to tie the back of the dress and wanted my help. Of course, I gave up early as I could not wait to get that dress on the floor. Jewels then asked if she could wear another something else and I had no problems with it. She then went to the bedroom and changed into another dress. Afterwards she sat down and offered a drink and we started chatting. She also showed me photos from her Playboy International spread. We then started to DFK some more and she wanted to change into some lingerie. As I waited for her on the couch, she came out wearing this incredibly sexy lingerie and literally pounced on me as we DFK’d some more. I was incredibly hard, so it was time for the main event.

She took my hand into her bedroom and I immediately undressed. She proceeded to give me one of the best BBBJ’s I have ever had. Lots of spit, wild tongue action along with lots of DT. I was in heaven. After awhile, Jewels asked that I get in the doggy position for some rim job action while she stroked my cock. Wow. A few minutes later, she requested that she give me a BBBJ in front of her mirror. What an amazing sight! I so wanted to cum in her mouth as BBBJCIMNQNS was available, but it just wasn’t happening. Jewels then asked that I fuck her in the ass in front of the mirror. Who am I to say no to that? I put the cover on as she bent over and her amazing ass was ripe for the taking. I didn’t last much longer and finished in her ass for cup #1. Jewels then took the condom off and was very pleased with how filled it was my cum. She then poured the cum from the condom into her mouth for a taste. Incredibly hot.

We got to chatting some more about her country of Hungary, various strip clubs, her favorite porn stars, provider friends, as well as her travels around the world. She had been stroking my cock for most of the time and I was so ready for round 2. I put on the cover for some CG action which led to cup #2. We did some more chatting and I really wanted to see her squirt. She happily obliged and grabbed a pillow to put under her ass so I can fuck her in the missionary position. The pillow raises her ass in order to hit the g-spot. I got on top and she grabbed a small vibrator for her clit as I started pounding away. After several thrusts, I started feeling a very warm sensation as she was squirting all over me. I could not take it anymore and filled cup #3 while she squirted. The bed sheets were absolutely soaked.

I needed to cool down so we chatted some more. After awhile, I had to see her squirting up close and personal. She wanted to show me how to make her squirt. She grabbed the vibrator and started playing with herself. I then inserted my finger and Jewels guided me to find her g-spot. This caused her to squirt several times and all over my hand. The squirting was non-stop for several minutes, and what an incredible sight it was! I was totally spent from this entire experience so I had to call it call it a day. We kissed goodbye and I left with a huge smile on my face.

In closing, Jewels is a true sweetheart and an absolutely amazing provider. She wants to make sure that you expand all of your sexual horizons, and she certainly did so with me. She is definitely not a clock watcher as I stayed well past my time. She certainly lives up to her reputation as the VIP Elite, and I stress on the word ELITE. Jewels, you are incredible!!!

Really The One In A Million

I have been in this hobby for many years and have never written a review. I want to write my first review for the date with Jewels, because our date last time was so amazing that I still recall it everyday! Jewels is a beautiful and smart woman and has the perfect body shape. More importantly, she is very talented and makes a lot of efforts to accommodate your needs and requirements. She sets up a very comfortable environment and knows exactly what you need before the date. I feel very relaxed and comfortable talking to her, just like talking to an old friend even if it’s the first time of meeting her. Every time I see her, I feel the time flies by so quickly and know for sure that I will come back again. Making an appointment is very easy with some good references and she replies her emails promptly. Be patient with the long review because this was my greatest experience ever!

The Juicy Details

This is the second time I see Jewels, she gave me a DFK right after I got behind her door, just like two lovers haven’t seen each other for a long time. We then sat down and had a short chat before taking a shower. Before our date, I requested to have some role play of being a patient seeing a doctor and a customer with a massage therapist. We started the fun with the doctor and patient role play. The beautiful doctor checked my temperature, mouth and heart rate. Then she asked me wether I’m married. She said she broken up with her boyfriend several months ago and find me very attractive, meanwhile, her hands started gently sliding on my naked body. At that time, my cock was already rock hard. She started to kiss me, my nipples, my neck then my cock. The feeling was so intense because of her fantastic BJ skill. We then switched to 69 and she had an orgasm while I was licking her clit. I like that she has a really sensitive body. She then asked me to turn over and started to give me a rimming. I could feel her warm tongue goes in and out and circles around quickly. That was the best rimming I have ever had in my life and I could not stop moaning.

After a playful foreplay, I was ready for the most fun part! I told jewels that I’m a big fan of squirt in the email and I know she’s good at it from all the amazing reviews she has. She guided me to her bedroom and put a towel under her. I knew I was gonna have a lot of fun! Cover on, we started with cowgirl, and then she told me that it’s easier to squirt with missionary. I flipped on top of her and started hard working. Not long after we started missionary, she suddenly started to moan loudly and told me she is going to squirt! Right after she said that, I felt a stream of warmth flew out from inside and grabbed my cock like a hand. The feeling was so amazing that my cock became even harder and I kept fucking without stopping. Within the next five to ten minuts, she kept squirting and after the first one. She told me that it’s easier to squirt after the first one! I couldn’t really tell how many times she squirt before we took a short break and rehydrated. Done with the break, she told me that if I pull out right after she began squiring, I can see a fountain! Cover on again and we started with missionary. This time, I pulled out right after she squirted and she was right! Omg, I saw the stream shooting up high and then fell on her belly, I then immediately liked her pussy and tasted the squirt! The scene was so hot and I could only see it in porn movies, but today I had a chance to be in it! We then kissed each other while I slide my cock in again. She still kept squirting and I also pulled out every time she squirted. After several times of squirting, I could not really tell whether it’s my sweat or her squirt on my body! But I was sure that her body was covered by her squirt and my sweat! The towel and bed sheet were all soaked! By that time, I was already feeling exhausted but I just wanted to keep letting her squirt. That was crazy!

We took a short break again and after the break we played the role play of a customer and a massage therapist. The role play unsurprisingly ended up with giving each other BJs. I couldn’t wait to start fucking again! We started off with doggy this time. Only shortly after we started, she squirted again! She told me that I’m among only a few who can make her squirt with this position. We then changed to missionary again and I had my first Greek experience! It felt also great although im not a very big fan of Greek. Changed cover and started again. I’m not sure how she did it, it seemed that her squirt never ended! We made love like no tomorrow and the whole towel was completely soaked by her squirt!

I finally couldn’t hold and came. She then took my cover off and gave a nice BJ again with 69. I used my tongue to give her another orgasm! We then kissed each other for a long time while holding each other tightly. She told me that I made her squirt 22 TIMES!!! OMG! I never thought I could do that but she counted for the whole time! She said I broke her record! Here is the brief statistic: the loving making lasted for more than 2.5 hours, took 2 short breaks for rehydration, she came 4 times with my tongue, squirted 22 times!!!! I came once, but it was a blast! This was truly a record for me too!!!!! We cuddled for a little and kissed goodbye before I left.

Jewels is really the one in a million! I like her kindness, her passion and personality! I truly recommend her and I’ll keep coming back to her.

Capable In, So Many Dimension

She easily beats all the expectations that you have, she is just that good. Her looks, attitude, personality and energy are all phenomenal and easily worth your time. You will not regret it, and she will leave you coming back for more.

The Juicy Details

It is rare to be surprised that someone looks better in real life than pictured, but that’s her plus coupled with her energy and spunk makes her easily one of my ATF. Time very well spent.

Once she could tell I was relaxed, she took charge and let me lay back and literally enjoy the ride. I wanted it, and she wasted very little time in getting to the DT BBBJ. Her oral skills could write a book. If you want, she can take you to the edge and back as much as you want before you finish, which when you do, she doesn’t stop. She keeps going, keeps you in her mouth, swallows and swallows and swallows and takes you all the way down until you are fully complete. Then, we spent time alternating between 69 (easily the sweetest, cleanest, best shaved I have experienced), sex in whatever position you want (never once felt like she was getting tired, uninterested or bored) and finished with an amazing ride to the Greek islands.

Simply put, I have not met anyone who is as capable in so many dimensions.

Every Man's Desire

What else is there to say about this amazing woman that hasn’t already been written on her many excellent reviews. I thought I’d give an update on Jewels, someone I’ve spent many sensual evenings with and will do so in the future. She is every man’s desire and a provider who loves to please her clients. Being with her never gets tiresome because she is genuinely interested in trying to please you. This time I meet her at her upscale hotel and have a hot evening planned of endless possibilities. Vips read on…

The Juicy Details

She opens the door for me and is in her usual sexy lingerie which is an instant turn-on as you soon as you walk in the door. The sight of her makes me realize how much I miss being with her and the ridiculous fun we are about to have. We take some time to sit down in the guest room of her suite and catch up on eachother’s lives with drinks in hand. She is always engaging in conversation and her personality is not at all fake which is also appreciated. You get the sense that she truly enjoys being with you. Soon we are caressing eachother and she coaxes a DFK between us which I love doing with her because her lips are so full and she really knows how to work her tongue. Since the last time I saw her she had her breasts redone to a bigger size and I must say they are spectacular. Her bra is undone to reveal those huge breasts that somehow feel so natural. I go at with her breasts as I can’t help but be drawn to them. We then move the fun to the bedroom were she proceeds to give me one of her mind-blowing BBBJ. Her technique is flawless and it will take everything from you not to bust immediately. We then switch to 69 which is one of my favorites with her and she cums 3 times in this position. We then put a hat on and I go straight to anal doggie with the sight of her perfect ass making me cum pretty quickly. Afterwards we enjoyed our calm down period by watching some porn together which makes me ready to go at it again with her. What else can I say about this woman except that she is an ATF and someone you guys should be yearning to meet. Until we meet again…

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